Undefeated God of War - Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

Chapter 037 – The Power Of Doubling The Crane Body

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Translated by: BerrryBunz .

Edited by: Robin

Tang Tian felt this round of victory was careless .

Until the judges announced that he was the winner, he was still in a daze . By the time he regained his consciousness to ask Di Han why he conceded defeat, Di Han was already far away, leaving only his back view . Not knowing why, Tang Tian felt that Di Han had a problem, that there was something off about him .

But this came from his instincts and his mind . To understand such a complex situation was practically impossible .

This match amused the majority of the audience .

But, the most important thing was, Tang Tian won .

Anyone who did not understand Di Han, was shocked by the powers he revealed . On the contrary, Tang Tian’s powers were very quickly approved by everyone else, especially the elders who were rating at the back of the competition spread this through every means .

Tang Tian was indeed full of potential!

There was nothing to doubt about that, but right now the problem was that no one could completely see clearly where Tang Tian’s powers stood .

As of now, Tang Tian merely used the rank two Flash Fist and Aerial Wood Stake martial techniques . What he displayed was limited . Everyone acknowledged at most two aspects of him, one was that his foundation was rock solid to extent it was perverted . And the other was his Flash Fist, his perfect Flash Fist!

Even Wang Zhen complimented his Flash Fist continuously . Tang Tian took a new lease of life and became the number one Flash Fist Practitioner in Star Wind City .

But that was it .

In the previous match, the opponent was too weak . Tang Tian claimed victory swiftly and easily . In this match, Di Han’s strength forced Tang Tian to display much more power, but for no reason, Di Han suddenly conceded defeat .

In comparison, Di Han’s power, calmness, and decisiveness had made everyone reconsider this eccentric talent .

When compared to Tang Tian’s amusing victories, Ah Mo Li’s victories did not raise any conflicts . His powers encroached all other opponents he had met, and he only used three blades to finish them off .

After two rounds of preliminary competitions, the two entered the main competition .

Old Fart Wei could not contain his happiness and was mocked by the two of them .

It was merely two rounds and the main competition would be held one week later . The two had one week’s worth of rest time .

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Tang Tian sat with his legs crossed, the surrounding energy continuously flowed into his body and turned into True Power . His third tier Dantian pool could hold twice as much as when he first started out in the third tier .

Behind the Cross Door, the energy was thick . The Crane-Style Manual Qi was an ancient mental cultivation technique, and was much more powerful and efficient than most of the mental cultivation techniques available on the market . Especially, when Tang Tian cultivated the Crane Body, the Crane-Style Manual Qi’s efficiency doubled and even tripled .

As Tang Tian continued to strengthen the Crane Body, the Crane-Style Manual Qi started to burst with energy . Now, he only sat for about half an hour, but could recover his usual energy levels . This has caused him to cultivate at a faster speed .

He had cultivated the [Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada][Broken Shadow Palm][Succeeding Loop Technique],[Minute Collapsing Fist] and [Eagle Claw] to maturity levels .

Amongst them, Tang Tian spent the most time on [Minute Collapsing Fist], and was very close to reaching the killing technique, [Great Avalanche] .

But today, he did not cultivate [Great Avalanche] like how he did before behind the Cross Door . Instead, he sat down with his knees crossed and instigated Crane-Style Manual Qi continuously . Suddenly, he felt that his body’s True Power was off .

The True Power followed through the meridians to form the crane body . The flow was slow and steady . The True Power continuously flowed into those obsolete meridians that were not yet opened before . It had been quite some time since he started cultivating the Crane-Style Manual Qi . In addition, he cultivated daily, throughout the day and night, and the energy behind the cross door was very thick . The third tier Dantian pool connected with all the meridians, as if the True Power from all corners of his body was connected .

In between the Qi Channels, the Crane Body appeared vivid and lifelike .

When outlined, the Crane Body looked young as if it was a chick whose feathers were not yet abundant .

The True Power was continuously used, and flowed to form layer and layers of True Power . It was as though the baby crane was moving its wings . An indescribable and intoxicating sensation followed as it flowed through this meridians . Clank! Tang Tian only felt as though something opened all of a sudden . Unknowingly, his third tier Dantian pool was overflowing and was actually flowing downwards, back into the second tier Dantian pool!

Not good!

Tang Tian was startled . Usually, the True Power would only flow upwards and never downwards, hence, it was termed as climbing the Heaven Stairs . Tang Tian had never heard of True Power flowing downwards from above?

And at this point in time, no matter how Tang Tian instigated, the True Power increased and flowed downwards continuously .

Tang Tian’s mind was blank . The third tier Dantian pool contain third level True Power, and so the second tier Dantian pool would contain second level True Power . This was a fact .

For third level True Power to flow into the second tier Dantian pool, what would happen next?

Compared to the third tier Dantian pool, the second tier Dantian pool was a lot smaller .

Very quickly, the second tier Dantian pool was also overflowing . What happened next stunned Tang Tian even more .


The third level True Power started to freeze like ice as it followed the walls of the pool and started to grow crystals quickly . In a blink of an eye, the walls of the second tier Dantian pool were twice as high as before .

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The growth of the crystals never stopped, as it continued to overflow and continued to grow .

The entire process went on for an hour .

When it was all over, the capacity of the second tier Dantian increased by five times .

In the past, the second tier Dantian pool was only one tenth the size of the third tier Dantian pool . Now, it was actually half the size of the third tier Dantian pool .

Suddenly, Tang Tian realized: Didn’t this mean his True Power would be much greater than in the past?

With such a thought, Tang Tian was overjoyed .

The increase of True Power solely relied on the increase of volume overtime . Such a sudden burst in True Power, Tang Tian had never seen it before . He started to work on the Crane-Style Manual Qi, when the crisp cry of a crane rang in his ear, ever so slightly . The True Power started working when there was an intention to use it .

The energy kept on flowing into his body and through the meridians to become True Power . The thread-like True Power continued to pour into the expanded second tier Dantian pool .

Gradually, the second tier Dantian pool started to get full . Just as Tang Tian desired to end this miraculous cultivation, the True Power within the second tier Dantian pool started to flow into and through the connected meridians .


The third level True Power flowed straight into the second tier meridians, as if the pearls were rolling in a pile of oil . A series of ferocious explosions burst out with an irresistible force .

Each explosion caused Tang Tian’s body to tremble .

As if Tang Tian was having fits, his body trembled like a sieve .

When the third level True Power flowed in the lower rank meridians, it swept through everything before it without an ounce of obstruction .

Tang Tian’s mind was blasting, he could not react to anything .

Only after a minute, the second tier meridians were all fully opened . Even the most obsolete channels were activated by the True Power .

The True Power started to settle down .

Tang Tian returned back to reality . As his mind returned back to the meridians in his body, he was stunned .

All the second tier meridians were opened and they formed another Crane Body!

Was this a Crane Body too…?

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Heavenly Crane Constellation .

In the distant parts of the Crane Peak, there was an old wooden hut . An elder whose hair was white sat on the floor with his legs crossed . He opened his eyes suddenly, his muddy eyes suddenly beamed with radiance .

He muttered: “the second Crane Body… the power of duplicating the Crane Body… someone actually managed to cultivate the power of duplicating the Crane Body!”

He stood up all at once, his clothes moved and had an astonishing aura .


The wooden door opened on its own . ,

He took a few steps and walked out of the wooden hut .

The sun shone on his body . It was warm and the mountain valley was filled with a grassy smell . He suddenly realised his eyes were peaceful again . He started walking along the small roads of the mountain valley and walked towards the valley .

At the mouth of the valley stood two disciples in white clothes . When they saw the elder, they were shocked .

After a few movements, the disciples regained their mind and was excited . They bowed respectfully: “Elder Crane, you… you are going out!?”

“Announce the White Crane Order, All who are at least an elder or higher, come to the Crane Hall for a discussion . ” The elder spoke .

The two disciples face turned pale . The White Crane Order was the Crane’s Sect emergency order . Unless it was something that could relate to life and death, it was not to be used .

Unless there were other powers who wanted to attack the Heavenly Crane Constellation?

The two dared not ask too much and replied, “Yes!”

After that, they used their qi and flew to Tian Tai . There were a few extremely handsome white cranes on Tian Tai . The two turned into cranes with a crisp cry that resounded through the mountains and valleys . Then, the two cranes spread opened their wings and disappeared into the clouds .

Right after that, the peaceful clouds started to boil . One by one, the white cranes soared from the air and into the clouds in all directions . On the back of each crane sat anxious looking disciples .

The peaceful Heavenly Crane Constellation was immediately filled with a nerve wrecking atmosphere .

The elder made his way down step by step, keeping his composure calm .

Three days later .

All the disciples were gathered at the magnificent Crane Hall . Everyone had a stern look . The huge Crane Hall was dead silent and filled with a nervous atmosphere .

On top of the Crane Hall, the Elder Crane sat with his legs crossed . At the bottom, the elders were all nervous and agitated .

After closing himself up for ten years, he came out of all a sudden . The entire Crane Sect seemed to have found their owner . But for the Elder Crane to come up and use the White Crane Order to gather them for a discussion, there must be something huge that had happened .

The Elder Crane opened his eyes and gazed at all the elders of the Crane Sect and said slowly .

“Three days ago, I had a reaction in my heart . There’s someone who managed to cultivate the power of duplicating the Crane Body . ”

All the elders’ faces congealed right at this moment .

The awkward silence was maintained for about ten seconds before an explosion burst out below .

“How is that possible!”

“The power of duplicating the Crane Body!”

“Legacy! This is the Legacy of our Crane Sect!”

All the elders were agitated . A commotion broke out as this news was shocking to them and beyond their imagination .

Looking down at all the seniors being agitated, the Elder Crane sighed silently . Up till this date, the legacy of the Crane Sect had been lost . The current situation of the Crane Sect was hence affected by this . The key point of the Crane Body was the secret of the Crane Sect, and it had been lost for a whole nine hundred years .

Every generation of the Crane Sect’s disciples had attempted to master the original Crane Body, but not one of them had succeeded .

To turn into the Crane Body, no one managed to break through .

They had not seen the Crane Body for a total of nine hundred years .

But right now, someone managed to cultivate the power of duplicating the Crane Power . The power of duplicating the Crane Body was the highest rank of cultivation of the Crane Body as it required a person to cultivate two Crane Bodies .

The power of duplicating the Crane Body!

It was a name that could invigorate anyone no matter how far it was…

The Elder Crane raised his palm and all the voices disappeared immediately, but their faces were flushing red .