Undefeated God of War - Chapter 61

Published at 21st of June 2016 06:16:14 AM

Chapter 61

Chapter 061 – The Spirit General’s Tunnel

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Translated by: BerrryBunz .

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Biao Ge was awakened when he was splashed by a pail of icy cold water . After which, he regretted that he woke up .

“Tell me, where did you hide all my treasures?” Tang Tian’s voice crawled into Biao Ge’s ears .

Biao Ge still in a daze: “Your treasures?”

“That’s right!” Tang Tian stood up, arms wide opened and said with a face that was proper and to be expected: “You’re now my captives, all your treasures will naturally be mine . ”

Biao Gen then reacted, between laughters and tears: “It’s all there . Your methods… are very thorough…”

“Don’t play me!” Tang Tian looked at Biao Ge in despise: “In this big pile of things, there isn’t even one bronze treasure or any silver grade spirit cards! Liar! How can the Honourable Martial Group be so poor? Let me tell you, don’t just think I’m an outsider . Regarding the Honorable Martial Group, I know they are filthy rich!”

Tang Tian thought about the luxurious carriage Master Kong had, and the wall filled with fourth rank silver grade spirit cards and Tang Tian was blazing with passion .

Seeing Biao Ge remaining silent, Tang Tian said arrogantly: “Even I have bronze treasures on myself, yet you have nothing . How is this possible? Let me tell all of you, you better spit out your treasures obediently . Whoever dares to hide, oh, then if you’re missing something on your body, don’t blame me for being merciless . ”

Tang Tian repeated Biao Ge’s words .

Tears were streaming down Biao Ge’s face . Who said all who were in Honourable Martial Group were money makers?

“We really don’t have…” Biao Ge said as his voice shook .

Tang Tian cringed his face, he looked unfriendly . He kneaded his fists with sounds ‘ka ba ka ba’: “It seems like I have to make you remember!”

Biao Ge panicked and suddenly, he thought of a place and said hurriedly: “I’ve remembered it! Remembered it! There’s a place that has treasures!”

Tang Tian’s was invigorated .


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Tang Tian looked at the tunnel up front in shocked: “This place looks like it’s a bit old . ”

“There used to be a senior who made a mistake and was cast out here to grow old . This tunnel will lead you to where he was closed in . ” Biao Ge explained: “He used to leave a will . As long as you can reach the deepest of the tunnel where he was closed in, you will be able to take all his items . ”

“Sounds incredible!” Tang Tian was excited . He suddenly thought of a question: “Why don’t any of you go in?”

“There’s a powerful Spirit General in there . We’ve all tried but we could not defeat him . ” Biao Ge explained .

“I see…” Tang Tian squinted and nodded: “Ok, I’ll try . ”

Baldie was not lying to him . He could feel somewhere deep within the tunnel there seemed to be a faded qi . Although this qi was fading, it revealed a gush of danger .

Joy showed on Biao Ge’s face . Let this bastard go in, and if he gets killed by the Spirit General, hehe…

All of a sudden, his smile froze . Looking at Tang Tian, his voice quivered: “You, you, you… What are you doing?”

Tang Tian whipped out a rope and tied up this bunch of rascals . The rascals witnessed their hands and legs being tied up and were bundled up like a dumpling . Tang Tian clapped his hands and looked proud: “This way, none of you can create trouble for me! Wait till I come out, then I’ll let all of you go . ”

“Hey, if you can’t come out…” Biao Ge asked in a shaky voice .

Tang Tian smirked: “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely get out!”

After that, he did not bother about these people anymore . He turned and walked towards the tunnel

The tunnel was not at all dark . On the contrary, it was well lit . from the deepest part of the tunnel floated our air, bringing with it a stench . Tang Tian’s face congealed and he continued forward carefully . The tunnel was completely made out of rocks, the end could not be seen . The energy was very thick and it was only slightly inferior to what was behind the Cross Door .

It had been a long time since anyone came through this tunnel, as it was covered with a thick layer of dust . Spider webs could be seen everywhere . The tunnel was dark and deep . Tang Tian’s footsteps echoed throughout the tunnel . If a coward came through, he probably might run off immediately . But other than Tang Tian’s face being congealed, he had no fear .

As he continued deeper into the tunnel, the rocks around him started to show sporadic signs . These signs did not seem like words, they were very random, but Tang Tian was so engrossed in it that he started to mutter to himself . The rocks around him were tough and strong . It was not a difficult thing for him to punch his fist through to crush everything, but to carve words as one pleases was something he definitely could not do .

How much finger strength did that take!

Tang Tian’s heart was filled with admiration especially when he saw the markings that showed randomness, it was as if they were thoughts with regards to a martial technique .

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A senior who was devoted to martial techniques immediately came through Tang Tian’s mind .

Tang Tian respected such people .

As he walked, he clasped both hands together and muttered: “Senior, whatever items, treasures, and martial techniques, please give them to me! I will not let senior down . A godlike young lad is the best descendant . I will continue to bring glory…”

Not knowing if it was because he heard Tang Tian’s words, a dull silhouette suddenly formed in front of Tang Tian .

Spirit General!

Tang Tian was agile, and he quickly stopped his footsteps, taking precautions .

The spirit general was a frail and skinny elder . His body was slightly bent and his arms were long .

Tang Tian’s eyes landed on the hands of the Spirit General . The palms were shrivelled, the fingers like hooks and the nails, the nails were razor sharp black, it looked terrifying . Tang Tian’s face congealed, the elder was lurking of gloomy qi and it caused Tang Tian to break out into a cold sweat and his hair stood .

He finally understood why Baldie and his friends dared not come in .

Seeing the nails of the Spirit General and the carvings he saw on the wall, Tang Tian knew, the Spirit General in front of him was probably the senior who had turned into a Martial Spirit before he died .

Tang Tian bowed seriously and said: “Senior, I have come to retrieve your treasures . Although you are still guarding your treasures, you must not be happy . They’re all covered in dust and are not showing their value like before . It’s a pity they cannot shine on battle fields!”

The Spirit General stared right at Tang Tian in silence .

Tang Tian looked at Spirit General and said: “Senior, if you need to test me, come right at me! I’ll prove to you my capabilities, and I will not humiliate them!”

Tang Tian’s expression turned solemn and said in a low voice: “Fornax!”


The blazing fire enveloped both his fists . Now, the flame on the black metal gloves had a tinge of green colour to it .

After countless hours of training, the Martial Spirit of the black metal gloves transformed quietly . Tang Tian always had a feeling that the transformation of the black metal gloves was coming soon .

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But right now, in his eyes, there was only Spirit General whose body was changing slightly .

A ball of icy cold light burst out of Spirit General’s eyes . Tang Tian only felt a flash of a silhouette before him . He then quickly followed the traces of the Spirit General!

So fast!

But when Tang Tian was in the recruit training camp, he was always trampled by balls of light . Slowly, he trained his agility in intuition . Many a time, the eyes were not reliable enough, as it was hard to capture sometimes . Sometimes, the opponent deliberately created an illusion .

When Tang Tian was in the midst of ‘take a beating training’, he faced the balls of lights that came like a storm . If he wanted to solely rely on his eyes to catch them, it was practically impossible .

Tang Tian’s method was to train up his own intuition .

This method was not something that Bing had taught him . It was something he figured out himself . He realised that as long as he maintained his calm, his intuition would become super agile . Once he found out the benefits of intuition, Tang Tian was more compelled to begin the torturous training . ‘Take a beating training’ was not only applicable to refine the True Power in the body, it was also good in refining his intuition .

The intuition was just like crude bronze . As it continuously got refined, it became shinier . Whatever it could capture would be greater .

This was why Tang Tian could hold on so long in ‘Take a beating training’, and progressively endure longer and longer .

Almost without any hesitation, Tang Tian leaned, and his fingers acted like hooks . He immediately went left .


A piercing sound rang . Tang Tian could sense a thin thread of True Power penetrated in through his fingers .


If not for his Crane Body having the capabilities to turn damage into True Power, he would have suffered a great blow like any other ordinary martial artist who was confronted with such an unusual True Power! Although the Spirit General’s power was at the fourth level, with such a style of attack, it was way too weird . As for its power, it was much stronger than a regular fourth level Spirit General .

Tang Tian recognised such power . He dared not delay any longer and he pulled out his Eagle Claws towards Spirit General like a raging storm .

The whistling sounds covered the tunnel as if water was gushing through .

There was one word to describe Tang Tian’s Eagle Claw: Fast! It was superbly fast! During the ‘take a beating training’, if he slowed down even just slightly, the balls of light would hit him heavily, leaving him bruised . And every day, he had to withstand the balls of lights attacking him like a raging storm for more than six hours . With such an insane way of training, the Eagle Claws that he had fine tuned would, of course, be extraordinary!

Tang Tian’s Eagle Claws might not be the strongest among the different versions of the Eagle Claw, but it definitely had the fastest rate of attacking . It had reached the maximum limit of the Eagle Claw .

But Tang Tian never thought that the Spirit General’s attack would not at all be inferior to his own .

His ten fingers were like ten sticks of iron chains . When it flew in the air, it brought along with it shrilling whistles .

The opponent attacked fast . Innumerable fire bodies were released between them .

Wave after wave of True Power flowed to Tang Tian’s fingertips, continuously entering Tang Tian’s body, but it was all absorbed by the Crane Body .

The frequency of attacks between both parties was astonishing . In the short period of time, there were already over three hundred waves of True Power, like oxens running into the ocean, disappearing into the Crane Body inside Tang Tian’s body .

The Spirit General did not expect that there was somebody who was capable of absorbing other people’s True Power .

The result of wearing and tearing his True Power away was very clear . The Spirit General’s attack speed was beginning to slowly decline . Tang Tian’s intuition was very sharp, and immediately noticed the changes .

A long hiss came out . Tang Tian’s offense got increasingly fierce, but he did not bother about his True Power depleting, and went all out to attack .

A concentrated and unprecedentedly sharp, mournful hiss was heard . Suddenly, a fierce aura burst forth, hitting onto the rock walls . In the blink of an eye, the rock walls had countless more scratches, finger holes and pieces breaking . One human and one spirit’s battle, had caused the four rock walls to be riddled with scars .


A light rang, Tang Tian’s palms enveloped with blazing red fire turned into green .

The blazing green fire was less ferocious, but more elegant!

Tang Tian could only feel a strong surge of energy gushing from his fists!

Tang Tian was overjoyed!

The black metal gloves had evolved!

Fornax bronze gloves!