Undefeated God of War - Chapter 89

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Chapter 89

Chapter 089 – Silver Flame

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Translated by: Ting

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

The Training Spirit Device lit up with a dim glow, the energy that kept gushing out from the crevice was attracted by the device and floated towards it .

Tang Tian looked on curiously as each ray continuously floated towards the device at his feet .

The energy was absorbed by the device continuously, and the glow from the device became more dazzling and fiery . Suddenly, poof, a wisp of flame drifted out from the device . Tang Tian was shocked by the flame that appeared at his feet, but he soon calmed down, for the flame was unexpectedly not searing .

Tang Tian lowered his head, and gazed curiously at the cold flame at his feet that appeared from the device .

“The biggest function of Training Spirit Device is to transform energy into flames which can be used to cultivate martial spirits, and these flames are known as Spirit Cultivation Flame . ” Bing lightly said, “You have already congealed your martial spirit, so you can now try to use the martial spirit to hold up the Spirit Cultivation Flame . ”

“Hold up the Spirit Cultivation Flame?” Tang Tian was stunned, “How?”

“Focus all your attention on your martial spirit and imagine that your martial spirit is like a palm, holding up the Spirit Cultivation Flame . ” Bing’s tone became serious, “The first touch of the Flame is going to be very painful, but remember, no matter how painful it is, you must never throw the Flame down . The moment you throw it away, you would have failed completely . ”

Tang Tian’s expression became serious as well, “Failure once it is thrown down?”

“That’s right . ” Bing glanced at Tang Tian, “Let’s start . ”

Tang Tian closed his eyes and focused all of his attention on the martial spirit . This was Tang Tian’s first time concentrating so hard to observe his own martial spirit . His martial spirit was a faint flame, as though it would extinguish at any moment . According to Bing’s method, Tang Tian started to imagine the martial spirit as a palm, desperately .

Sure enough, following the changes in his thoughts, the flame-like martial spirit slowly changed its shape .

Very soon, an almost translucent palm appeared above Tang Tian’s head .

The palm slowly floated to Tang Tian’s feet, and the Spirit Cultivation Flame on the device floated to the translucent palm as though it was attracted by a magnet .

The moment the Spirit Cultivation Flame descended on the translucent palm, a drilling pain attacked Tang Tian’s brain, and he could not help but groan . The palm holding the Spirit Flame trembled, and the Flame almost fell from the palm . Tang Tian reacted quickly and hurriedly held his breath with utmost concentration, stabilising the flame .

Tang Tian’s face was contorted in pain .

The drilling pain almost made his mind go blank . He even felt, distinctly, that the palm molded from the martial spirit was scorched sizzling by the Spirit Cultivation Flame . The martial spirit was connected to the mind, and this excruciating pain was so deep in the bones that there was no way of escaping . He was not allowed to escape or divert his attention either . Not only could he not be distracted, he also had to be extremely focused, Thus, the pain from cultivating the martial spirit was even more unbearable .

“Okay, you will slowly adapt to these sufferings . Don’t you think that it doesn’t hurt as much now? This is because a portion of the impurities in your martial spirit have been dissipated . ”

Uncle Bing’s reassuring guidance went into Tang Tian’s ears . Although he was not sure if it were due to Uncle Bing’s hypnotism, or if the impurities really dissipated, Tang Tian felt that it was indeed less painful .

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“Very good . You have done well, and crossed the most crucial hurdle . Next, you need to control your martial spirit to attract another portion of the Spirit Cultivation Flame, not too much though, and we will proceed step by step . ” Bing’s calm voice gave him a strong sense of security, and Tang Tian instantly calmed down .

According to Bing’s guidance, Tang Tian carefully drew in another wisp of flame, sizzles, Tang Tian shuddered . An indescribably excruciating pain seemed to be hammered into his head in a shot .

Tang Tian’s martial spirit trembled again .

“Stabilise it! Stabilise it, no matter how painful!”

“Okay, not bad, you have started to adapt, and your martial spirit has become more pure!”

“Once you get sufficient rest, we will start another round of cultivation . To you, this is not a problem at all . Good, like what you have done just now, attract another portion of the Spirit Cultivation Flame . ”

… …

Bing started to control his speed of talking . He tried to slow down his speech as much as possible, so Tang Tian would not feel the passing of time .

An hour passed .

Bing’s attention was highly concentrated throughout, and his eyes never left Tang Tian .

He kept talking during the entire hour .

Tang Tian’s brain started to become fuzzy, as everyone has a limit for endurance . He robotically followed Bing’s guidance, continuously attracting the flames, one round after the other . He totally had no idea how long he had been cultivating .

The Spirit Cultivation Flame had grown to the size of a table, and Tang Tian’s martial spirit was totally engulfed within .

Bing was fixated on Tang Tian’s martial spirit amidst the flame . When he saw the martial spirit turning translucent gradually, there was a flash of agitation in his eyes .

An hour and a half had passed now .

The energy within a radius of 33 m was akin to sharks which smelt blood, and swarmed towards the fireball above Tang Tian . The Spirit Cultivation Flame became even more fiery .

Bing’s hands were now full of spirit nuclei, which included the ones that Tang Tian accumulated, as well as the ones obtained from the bodies at the base . Bing flicked his finger, and a spirit nucleus disappeared straight into the Spirit Cultivation Flame .

The impurities were rapidly refined, leaving a polished martial spirit .

Tang Tian’s martial spirit immediately sensed the polished martial spirit and subconsciously engulfed it .

“That’s right, that’s the way to go . Okay, you can feel that your martial spirit is growing stronger . Continue attracting the flame . ”

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Bing encouraged Tang Tian while he continuously flicked spirit nuclei into the flames . Tang Tian’s martial spirit rapidly strengthened, and the now stronger martial spirit had a stronger attractive force . The energy surrounding Tang Tian gushed in wildly like the high tides .

The Spirit Cultivation Flame boomed .

Bing became more and more nervous . There were still ten minutes left to two hours . The record of the Southern Cross Army back then was created by Bing, which was two hours .

Having experienced it personally, Bing knew far more than the others . At this stage, the Spirit Cultivation Flame will become unstable, and will gradually collapse in the middle . The energy gushing out from the energy crevice may not be high level, but it will continuously decrease, which will break the level four barriers of energy .

In other words, this meant that the fireball of the Spirit Cultivation Flame would break through level four .

The higher the level of the flame, the more thorough the cultivation of the martial spirit would be .

The flame began to change colour, from the initially faint blue rays, it turned green .

The excruciating pain kept hitting Tang Tian in waves . His head felt like it was roasting over a bonfire . The excruciating pain became stronger and stronger until he needed to fully exert, that’s right, fully exert himself and his willpower, to hang on desperately .

Bing’s voice, in Tang Tian’s ears, became fleeting and vague, far and near . Tang Tian no longer had any strength left in him to listen to Bing .

He was on the verge of collapsing, the waves of attacks, caused his defense to crumble .

Two hours!

The flame completely turned green .

Bing’s expression was peaceful, but his insides was in turbulence . Two hours! Tang Tian actually withstood it for two hours . This presumptuous, opinionated fellow… …

He actually withstood a full two hours!

Two hours, in the army back then, no one else besides him had ever achieved it .

But at this moment, Tang Tian was almost exhausted! His body tremors started to increase and become stronger . His pained expression was even more obvious now, as his face began to turn pale .

Bing was flustered, but this was not the time to be distracted . He knew that once he broke through two hours, every second that followed would be extremely precious . Every second now, would prove its worth by a hundredfold in future .

He took a deep breath and roared suddenly, “Tang Tian!”

Tang Tian’s body paused in the fireball .

“Have you forgotten your dreams? Have you forgotten your vows? Have you forgotten that you wanted to become the strongest?!”

“Tang Tian! Have you forgotten the taste of failure!?”

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“Tang Tian! Have you forgotten the banter you received all these years!?”

“Tang Tian! Have you forgotten the times when you were too powerless to change anything!?”

“Are you giving up!?”

“Tang Tian, are you willing to give up like this!?”

“Are you willing!?”

With the last few words, an extremely agitated Bing exhausted his whole power and roared .

Tang Tian’s body paused, and then started to shudder tremendously, a tinge of colour appeared on his pale face, while his fists were clenched tight from goodness knows when!

“Tang Tian!” Bing paused, and shouted, “Just ten minutes! Just hang in there for another ten minutes! The last ten minutes!”

“You will be able to realise your dreams!”

“You will be able to become the strongest!”

“You will be able to carry through your vows!”

“Tang Tian!”

“Ten minutes! Just ten minutes!”

“You can definitely do this!”

Bing almost gritted his teeth and exhausted his energy in roaring, his fists were similarly clenched tight from goodness knows when, his gaze was fixed on Tang Tian . Bing, who finished roaring, suddenly felt as though he was emptied out . He surprisingly felt tired .

Hang in there, godlike young man… …

Bing’s whisper was barely audible .

Tang Tian’s body shuddered even more strongly, akin to a sifter on the verge of collapse at any moment .

Bing was extremely anxious, two hours and three minutes!

The colour of the Spirit Cultivation Flame completely turned green, a dark green similar to bronze . The cold air seemed to vanish, and an aggressive chill replaced it! All the energy within radius of 66 m was attracted, and was absorbed into the flame wildly, like snowflakes in a gale .

The green colour of the flame continued to darken .

Tang Tian’s body continued to tremble . The shocking, excruciating pain of the attacks was far more savage than before, and more frequent than ever .

But Tang Tian’s mind was completely filled with those few phrases .

Are you willing?

Are you willing to give up like that?

Give up?

Give up… … No way, I don’t want to… … How can I give up… … How can I… … Never! Even if I die, never… …

A surge of strength from goodness knows where flooded through him . Under the excruciating pain on Tang Tian’s contorted face, the corners of his mouth curled up with much difficulty, and an unruly and wild smile appeared which looked extremely ghastly!

I am a godlike young man!

How can I give up?

I am going to be the strongest man!

How can I give up?

How can I!

Amidst the crackling sounds, the green flame turned dark green, and became darker until it became completely black . By now, the fireball of the flame had shrunk to the size of a bamboo basket . Suddenly, a spot of silver light exploded within the flame .

In the blink of an eye, the silver colour spreaded everywhere . The silver flame brought about a cold and awe-inspiring feel .

The energy within the entire crevice was stirred, and Jing Hao was alarmed . His shocked gaze took in just a sky of energy, which turned into numerous blue rays, all converging towards one direction .

Hang on, that is the spot where Tang Tian is practising!

Jing Hao was terror-stricken and bolted towards that spot, and was rooted to the ground when he saw the sight before him .

Under the dense silver flames, the kid’s silhouette was untamed and unbending .

[Leo: Godlike Young Man, Haaah!]