Underdog Versus Boss - Chapter 112

Published at 17th of January 2016 05:54:24 PM
Chapter 112

Hong Shi Chi was in a shitty mood by the time he returned home from Gu Wen .

‘Big brother, did you find Kai Ze for me?’ Hong Shi Na asked .

Hong Shi Na missed Feng Kai Ze . She called Yang Fei’s phone every day since she left Feng Kai Ze’s apartment, but Yang Fei didn’t know where Feng Kai Ze was staying . She regretted her direct approach scared off Feng Kai Ze .

‘Don’t mention the MF’s name in front of me again,’ Hong Shi Chi said .

Hong Shi Chi picked up a small sculpture and used it to break the glass coffee table . His family and the servants hadn’t seen him angry to that extent before .

‘Shi Chi, what happened?’ Hong Tian Fang asked . ‘Why are you this angry?’

‘Dad, do you know what Feng Kai Ze’s net worth is?’ Hong Shi Chi asked . ‘Who does he think he is? How dare he hit me? What makes me angrier is that he’s with another woman, and he declared in front of many people that he wouldn’t marry Shi Na . He’s going to make us a public laughing stock if he doesn’t marry Shi Na . ’

Hong Shi Chi omitted the truth about him kidnapping Da Tian Ting, and his men’s failed attempt to gang rape Da Tian Ting .

‘Big brother, you already know Kai Ze has a girlfriend,’ Hong Shi Na said . ‘Why are you still angry?’

‘I’m angry because… Feng Kai Ze insulted me and his girlfriend dared to hit me that day I went to meet you at Feng Kai Ze’s apartment . ’


‘Oh…’ Hong Shi Na said .

‘I went to teach that woman a lesson but I didn’t expect she’s Feng Kai Ze’s girlfriend,’ Hong Shi Chi said .

‘Why are you angry over a woman?’ Hong Tian Fang asked . ‘What an embarrassment . I don’t believe she would hit you for no reason . ’

‘Dad, why are you taking an outsider’s side?’ Hong Shi Chi asked .

‘Shi Chi, I’m your dad,’ Hong Tian Fang said . ‘I know how your brain ticks . You’ve only told me a half truth . Confess, what did you do in the last two days?’

‘Dad… I went to help Shi Na find Feng Kai Ze,’ Hong Shi Chi said . ‘Feng Kai Ze hit me . I didn’t expect to come home, and have my dad lecture me . ’

‘Big brother, I remembered you said you went out to teach someone a lesson,’ Hong Shi Na said .

Hong Tian Fang noticed the dagger Hong Shi Chi gave Hong Shi Na .

‘Shi Chi, if you keep making a public spectacle of yourself, sooner or later Hong Shi’s company will be destroyed in your hands,’ Hong Tian Fang said .

‘Dad, I just went to teach someone a lesson,’ Hong Shi Chi said . ‘Hong Shi’s company isn’t going to fall apart because I taught one person a lesson . ’

‘Shi Chi, I know how you operate,’ Hong Tian Fang said . ‘The way you teach someone a lesson, you’re bound to break many laws . One day, you’ll mess with the wrong person who’ll sue Hong Shi’s company for compensation because of you . Even without someone suing you, your bad reputation isn’t doing you any favors . How do you expect the executives at Hong Shi’s company to support you as their CEO after I retire?’

‘Dad, who cares what a bunch of old fuddy-duddies thinks of me,’ Hong Shi Chi asked .

‘Shi Chi, do you know what you’ve done now?’ Hong Tian Fang asked . ‘You’ve offended Feng Kai Ze and Feng Jia Yong . They’re not small fries . You’ve put Hong Shi’s company under jeopardy . ’

‘Dad, Feng Kai Ze is just a second generation like me,’ Hong Shi Chi said . ‘You don’t need to be scared of him . Soon Hong Shi’s company will surpass Feng’s company…’

Hong Tian Fang slapped Hong Shi Chi’s face, and spurred on Hong Shi Chi’s anger .

Hong Shi Na knew Hong Tian Fang was angrier than usual, because Hong Tian Fang rarely hit Hong Shi Chi .

‘If you continue to behave irresponsibly like this, get out of my home!’ Hong Tian Fang said . ‘I don’t need a son like you . ’

‘Dad, why are you scared of Feng’s company?’ Hong Shi Chi asked .

Hong Shi Chi wouldn’t accept losing to anyone .

‘Shi Chi, you only have a narrow perspective,’ Hong Tian Fang said . ‘Do you know why Feng Jia Yong wants Feng Kai Ze to marry Shi Na?’

‘Isn’t it money marrying money?’ Hong Shi Chi asked .

‘It’s not a simple case of pedigree,’ Hong Tian Fang said . ‘Feng Kai Ze is nearly thirty . If Feng Jia Yong cared about pedigree then he would have forced Feng Kai Ze to marry Shi Na years ago . ’

‘Then why does Feng Jia Yong want Feng Kai Ze to marry Shi Na?’ Hong Shi Chi asked .

‘I don’t know,’ Hong Tian Fang said . ‘But my intuition tells me, Feng Jia Yong wants to take control of Hong Shi’s company . ’

‘Dad, if that’s true then we can’t let Shi Na marry Feng Kai Ze,’ Hong Shi Chi said .

‘Shi Na, I don’t want you to have a loveless marriage with Feng Kai Ze and for Hong Shi’s company to be under Feng Jia Yong’s control,’ Hong Tian Fang said .

‘Dad, I love Kai Ze,’ Hong Shi Na said . ‘Dad, help me to marry Kai Ze . ’

‘Shi Na, I can’t make Feng Kai Ze marry you,’ Hong Tian Feng said . ‘You’ve heard Feng Kai Ze turned you down . ’

‘I don’t care,’ Hong Shi Na said . ‘Kai Ze’s father promised me that Kai Ze will marry me . I’m going to be Kai Ze’s wife!’

Hong Shi Na ran to her bedroom . She was going to be Feng Kai Ze’s wife, and no one was going to stand in her way .

‘Dad, perhaps you’re wrong,’ Hong Shi Chi said . ‘Even if Shi Na marries Feng Kai Ze, we’re Hong Shi Chi’s biggest shareholder so I’ll be managing Hong Shi’s company after you retire . ’

‘Feng Jia Yong will find a way to make Shi Na to be Hong Shi’s company’s successor,’ Hong Tian Fang said .

‘Dad, that’s impossible,’ Hong Shi Chi said .

‘Shi Chi, you don’t need to worry about Shi Na marrying Feng Kai Ze,’ Hong Tian Fang said . ‘If Feng Jia Yong can find a way to control Hong Shi’s company then I can find a way to control Feng’s company . ’

‘Dad, if that’s true then we don’t need to bow down to anyone anymore,’ Hong Shi Chi said .

Hong Shi Chi anticipated the day he’d get to see Feng Kai Ze begging at his feet .

‘Shi Chi, you need to look at the big picture,’ Hong Tian Fang said . ‘You need to repair your reputation, study and gain business experience if you want things to work out your way . ’

‘Dad, I understand what I need to do,’ Hong Shi Chi said .

Hong Tian Fang shook his head . He wished Hong Shi Chi was at least half the man Feng Kai Ze was . Hong Tian Fang would be a proud father if Feng Kai Ze was his son instead of Hong Shi Chi .