Underdog Versus Boss - Chapter 41

Published at 17th of January 2016 05:29:55 PM
Chapter 41

Yang Fei was in the middle of dinner when he received Feng Kai Ze’s phone call . He didn’t know why Feng Kai Ze wanted to find Da Tian Ting, but he spread the word on the underground streets and contacted all TV broadcasting stations in the city .

In a short period, Da Tian Ting became a famous missing person in the city .

Da Qing Feng was watching a drama on TV . The drama was interrupted by an emergency broadcast . The blurred photo of the missing person looked like his niece, Da Tian Ting .

‘Qing Feng, is our Da Tian Ting the missing person on TV?’ Ning Kan asked .

Ning Kan didn’t believe anyone would waste money to broadcast Da Tian Ting was missing, and offer a reward of one hundred thousand dollars .

‘I don’t know,’ Da Qing Feng said . ‘I’ll call Tian Ting’s phone . ’


Da Qing Feng called Da Tian Ting’s phone, but her phone was switched off .

‘Her phone is switched off,’ Da Qing Feng said .

‘You don’t need to worry,’ Ning Kan said . ‘Tian Ting is nobody important . No one would waste money to find her . It must be another person with the same name and age as her . ’

Ning Kan switched the channels, but Da Tian Ting’s name was on every channel . She hated being reminded of Da Tian Ting so she switched off the TV .

‘Where are you going?’ Ning Kan asked .

‘I can’t just sit here if Tian Ting’s missing,’ Da Qing Feng said . ‘I’m going out to look for Tian Ting . ’

Ning Kan hated Da Tian Ting for taking up Da Qing Feng’s mind . For ten years she and Da Ming Sheng had endured being second best to Da Tian Ting in Da Qing Feng’s eyes . She was happy Da Ming Sheng stole Shang Duan Hua from Da Qing Feng .

At the Shang family home, everyone saw Da Tian Ting’s blurred photo on TV too .

‘Does someone want to find Tian Ting?’ Shang Ming asked .

‘Tian Ting just left,’ Lam Shu Pan said . ‘No one would want to find her . It’s probably someone with the same name as her . ’

Da Ming Sheng replaced Da Tian Ting’s place in Lam Shu Pan’s heart .

‘Ming Sheng, in the future you need to come visit aunty often,’ Lam Shu Pan said .

‘Yes aunty,’ Da Ming Sheng said sweetly .

Shang Ming didn’t approve how nonchalant Lam Shu Pan and Da Ming Sheng were while Da Tian Ting was missing . He called Da Tian Ting’s phone, it was switched off .

‘Duan Hua, go look for Tian Ting,’ Shang Ming said .

‘Dad…’ Shang Duan Hua said .

‘Go and find Tian Ting!’ Shang Ming said .

‘Fine,’ Shang Duan Hua said . ‘I’ll go look for her . ’

‘Uncle Shang, aunty Lam, I’ll go with Duan Hua to look for big sister too,’ Da Ming Sheng said .

Da Ming Sheng didn’t want to give Da Tian Ting an opportunity to expose the truth .