Underdog Versus Boss - Chapter 46

Published at 17th of January 2016 05:29:55 PM
Chapter 46

Da Tian Ting didn’t expect to see Shang Duan Hua and Da Ming Sheng to barge into her hospital room .

Da Tian Ting didn’t want Shang Duan Hua to be the man who saved her last night . She didn’t want a man who betrayed her to touch her lips .

‘Why are you two here?’ Da Tian Ting asked .


‘Big sister, this is your bag,’ Da Ming Sheng said . ‘We came here to return your bag . ’

Da Ming Sheng gave the bag to Da Tian Ting, and she linked arms with Shang Duan Hua .

Da Tian Ting’s eyes were wide opened . She saw Da Ming Sheng’s true colors behind Da Ming Sheng’s innocent facade .

Da Tian Ting looked at her bag, and felt disgust . She didn’t want Shang Duan Hua to be the man who saved her . She got a headache thinking about her life being saved by the man who betrayed her .

Da Tian Ting laid back on the bed, and used the bedsheet to cover her body . She didn’t want to see the lowlife people standing in her hospital room .

‘Tian Ting, you’re old enough to know you shouldn’t blackmail another person,’ Shang Duan Hua said . ‘I don’t care if you used your life to blackmail me . I won’t fall for your trap . Stop hoping I’ll marry you . ’

‘When did I use my life to blackmail you into marrying me?’ Da Tian Ting asked .

Da Tian Ting thought about what Shang Duan Hua said, and knew that people would have mistaken her accidental fall as her jumping off a bridge .

‘Think about your own pathetic actions,’ Shang Duan Hua said . ‘If you continue to be this way, I never want to see you again . Ming Sheng, let’s go . ’

Da Tian Ting threw a pillow at Shang Duan Hua’s Mr . Know It All head .