Underdog Versus Boss - Chapter 75

Published at 17th of January 2016 05:45:36 PM
Chapter 75

The clients on the third floor were envious of Da Tian Ting for snagging a man like Feng Kai Ze .

‘Do you think so?’ Da Tian Ting asked .

Da Tian Ting didn’t notice the clients’ envious looks . She was happy to hear Feng Kai Ze say he was satisfied with her new look . If what he said was true then she wanted to strut in front of Da Ming Sheng .

‘Yes,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

Da Tian Ting looked at her reflection in the full length mirror . She couldn’t believe how smooth her skin looked after a facial, and the light makeup made her face look flawless .

Da Tian Ting liked the knee length lavender dress she wore with black heels . Her new hairstyle and jewellery matching the lavender dress made her look like an elegant young woman .

Da Tian Ting felt the waxing, plucking and pruning were worth it . She felt like a beautiful swan .

‘Keep your head high and be confident,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘Then you’ll be even more beautiful . ’

‘I will,’ Da Tian Ting said .

Feng Kai Ze linked arms with Da Tian Ting .

‘What are you doing?’ Da Tian Ting asked .

‘You’re my girlfriend,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘You need to stick close to me when we’re in public . ’

‘Oh,’ Da Tian Ting said .


Da Tian Ting believed Feng Kai Ze because she had seen Shang Duan Hua and Da Ming Sheng linked arms together on the streets like other young couples .

Da Tian Ting thought she and Feng Kai Ze looked like a beautiful couple .

‘Beautiful,’ Da Tian Ting said .

‘This is nothing,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘Wait until their wedding . I’ll help you look your best . ’

‘Is it possible for me to look more beautiful?’ Da Tian Ting asked .

‘Yes,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘Let’s go . I want to take you shopping . ’

‘OK,’ Da Tian Ting said .

Da Tian Ting thought Feng Kai Ze wanted to take her grocery shopping . She was wrong, he took her to an expensive women’s clothing shop . The price tag of one lingerie was a four figure amount . He had spent a lot of money on her makeover . She didn’t want him to become homeless if he bought her expensive outfits .

‘Mr Feng, let’s leave,’ Da Tian Ting said .

‘Why?’ Feng Kai Ze asked .

‘Just buying one lingerie set here will make me bankrupt,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘Let’s leave . ’

‘Da Tian Ting, this is my last warning,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘If you mention money again, I’m taking you to the sea right now and throw you over a ship . ’

A shop assistant greeted Feng Kai Ze and Da Tian Ting .

‘Sir, Miss, how can I help you?’ the shop assistant asked .

‘I want you to choose ten casual outfits, ten formal dresses and ten lingerie sets of the best quality for my girlfriend,’ Feng Kai Ze instructed .

‘Yes sir,’ the shop assistant said .

The shop assistant was grateful toward Feng Kai Ze, she was going to receive a big sale commission . The cost of one outfit in the shop was a six figure amount . Most rich people could only afford to buy one outfit . But Feng Kai Ze wanted to buy twenty outfits and lingerie for Da Tian Ting .

‘Mr Feng, do I look like I can make money fall out of the sky?’ Da Tian Ting asked softly . ‘Tomorrow I’ll become a homeless beggar if I buy that many outfits here . ’

Da Tian Ting wanted to pay Feng Kai Ze back for her makeover and new outfits after she got a new job . If she bought even one outfit from the expensive shop, she would owe him money for the rest of her life .

‘I told you, I’m paying for your new wardrobe,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘Stop worrying about money . ’

‘I don’t want to owe you a cent,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘Whatever you spent on me today, I’ll pay you back in the future . I can’t afford to shop here . Let’s leave . ’

Feng Kai Ze held Da Tian Ting’s hand, and didn’t let her leave the shop .

‘I changed my mind,’ Feng Kai Ze said to the shop assistant . ‘I want you to choose fifteen casual outfits, fifteen formal dresses and fifteen lingerie sets for my girlfriend . ’

Da Tian Ting thought she was right about Feng Kai Ze being coo-coo . Why else would he burn money?

‘Sir, the sum of the outfits you want to buy your girlfriend is an eight figure amount,’ the shop assistant said . ‘Sir, do you still want me to choose that many outfits for your girlfriend?’

Feng Kai Ze took out his bank card and passed it to the shop assistant .

‘Miss, follow me to the change room,’ the shop assistant said .

‘Hey…’ Da Tian Ting said .

The shop assistant whisked Da Tian Ting to the change room before she could ask Feng Kai Ze about the bank card he passed to the shop assistant . She wanted to know what was special about his bank card that made people dance to his tune .

Feng Kai Ze sat on a chair outside the change room, and read a magazine .

Da Tian Ting showed Feng Kai Ze the first outfit she changed into .

‘Not bad,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘I’ll take it . ’

‘Mr Feng, the outfit I’m wearing, including heels, accessories and handbag is three hundred thousand dollars,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘Do you still want it?’

Da Tian Ting wanted to give back the outfit she wore . Three hundred thousand dollars was worth more than the apartment she rented .

‘Three hundred thousand dollars is nothing,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘Change into the next outfit . ’

The shop assistant suspected Feng Kai Ze was the heir of Feng’s company, which meant three hundred thousand dollars was lunch money to him .

‘Miss, I’ll help you choose your next outfit,’ the shop assistant said .

Da Tian Ting changed into the next outfit, and prepared herself to be embarrassed when Feng Kai Ze’s bank card was declined at the counter .

‘I like it,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘I’ll take this one too . ’

Da Tian Ting liked the formal dresses from the shop . If she wore one of the formal dresses to the wedding, it would make Shang Duan Hua and Da Ming Sheng’s eyes pop out . But before the formal dresses were paid, she didn’t let herself get attached to the formal dresses .

One hour later, Da Tian Ting had changed into fifteen outfits and fourteen formal dresses . She didn’t have much left in her tank . She told herself after she changed into one more formal dress, she could leave the shop .

Feng Kai Ze sat while Da Tian Ting changed into different outfits so he wasn’t tired .

‘Kai Ze?’ Hong Shi Na asked . ‘Why are you here?’

Hong Shi Na didn’t know why Feng Kai Ze was sitting outside the change room of a women’s clothing shop .

‘None of your business,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘And you don’t have my permission to call me by my name . ’

Feng Kai Ze didn’t know why Hong Shi Na had to show up when he was out with Da Tian Ting . He didn’t know what to explain to Da Tian Ting if Hong Shi Na exposed his identity .

‘Mr Feng, what do you think of this last dress?’ Da Tian Ting asked .

Da Tian Ting noticed the beautiful woman standing next to Feng Kai Ze, and she smiled politely at the woman .

‘If you’re satisfied with this dress then we can leave,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘I’m hungry . I want to go eat dinner . ’