Underdog Versus Boss - Chapter 82

Published at 17th of January 2016 05:45:36 PM
Chapter 82

Shang Duan Hua stood at the altar with the priest . The church was full, but he didn’t see any signs of Da Tian Ting . He knew Da Tian Ting was bluffing . Of course she couldn’t attend the wedding with her imaginary boyfriend .

The musicians played the wedding march music . Da Qing Feng escorted Da Ming Sheng up the aisle .

Da Qing Feng asked Shang Duan Hua one last time if he wanted to marry Da Ming Sheng .

‘Shang Duan Hua, can you promise me that you’ll make my daughter happy?’ Da Qing Feng asked .

Da Qing Feng didn’t need to hear Shang Duan Hua’s answer to predict what would happen in the future . A man who betrayed a loving fiance wasn’t capable of being a faithful husband .

Shang Duan Hua looked at his beautiful bride and smiled .

‘Dad, I promise I’ll make Ming Sheng happy,’ Shang Duan Hua said .

Da Qing Feng reluctantly handed Da Ming Sheng over to Shang Duan Hua .

‘I hope you’ll keep your promise today,’ Da Qing Feng said .


Da Qing Feng walked to the seat next to Ning Kan, and sat gloomily .

‘Put on a happy face,’ Ning Kan said .

Da Qing Feng put on a fake smile .

Shang Ming was on the same page as Da Qing Feng, he felt their children’s marriage was doomed to fail .

The wedding guests forced themselves to congratulate the bride and groom, because they betrayed the bride’s cousin .

The wedding guests listened attentively to Shang Duan Hua and Da Ming Sheng exchange vows .

‘The groom and bride can now exchange rings,’ the priest said .

After Shang Duan Hua and Da Ming Sheng exchanged their wedding rings, Feng Kai Ze escorted Da Tian Ting into the church .

The wedding guests’ eyes dropped out of their eye sockets . Da Tian Ting wore a knee length white dress . She outshone the bride because she looked beautiful and gave off a pure aura that the bride lacked .

Da Tian Ting’s heels were white, her jade bracelet was white and a white ribbon was used to part her long hair to the side . The wedding guests thought the groom chose the wrong bride . If they were in the groom’s shoes, they would have chosen Da Tian Ting .

Feng Kai Ze wore an ordinary suit, because he wanted Da Tian Ting to be the main attraction . But the wedding guests all agreed that Feng Kai Ze and Da Tian Ting were the star attractions instead of the bride and groom .

Da Qing Feng had to do a double take to recognise his niece . His niece looked more beautiful than that day she introduced her boyfriend to him .

Ning Kan was envious of Da Tian Ting’s beauty . She couldn’t believe an ugly duckling like Da Tian Ting could transform into a heavenly beauty .

Shang Ming was happy to see Da Tian Ting was alive and healthy . He was right about his son choosing the wrong bride .

Lam Shu Pan wasn’t deceived by Da Tian Ting’s beauty . She knew Da Tian Ting outshone her daughter-in-law for revenge .

Shang Duan Hua was angry Da Tian Ting never showed him her true beauty . Da Tian Ting looked a thousand times more beautiful than Da Ming Sheng in the white dress and light makeup . Da Tian Ting’s smile was hypnotizing like moonlight . The man accompanying Da Tian Ting wasn’t her imaginary boyfriend, but a distinguished handsome man .

Da Ming Sheng was jealous of Da Tian Ting’s beauty . She hated Da Tian Ting for ruining her wedding day by looking more beautiful than her . She was the bride, not Da Tian Ting . She could spot a rich man from a mile away . Where did Da Tian Ting find a richer and better looking man than Shang Duan Hua?

Feng Kai Ze walked together with Da Tian Ting toward the bride and groom .

‘I’m sorry I’m late,’ Da Tian Ting said in an angelic voice . ‘I wish both of you happiness . ’

Shang Duan Hua thought Da Tian Ting looked even more beautiful up close .

‘Tian…’ Shang Duan Hua said .

‘Big sister, what are you doing here?’ Da Ming Sheng asked .

‘Ming Sheng, have you forgotten my promise?’ Da Tian Ting asked . ‘I promised I would bring my boyfriend to attend yours and Duan Hua’s wedding day and wish you two happiness . ’

‘Big sister, if you’re here to wish me happiness, why are you wearing a white dress and looking more beautiful than me?’ Da Ming Sheng asked . ‘Big sister, why did you come here to ruin my wedding day?’

Shang Duan Hua was taken back by Da Ming Sheng’s tone of voice . It was the first time he heard Da Ming Sheng spoke like a shrew . Was Da Ming Sheng’s gentleness an act?

Da Tian Ting turned to Feng Kai Ze, and acted worried .

‘Kai Ze, did I wear the wrong dress?’ Da Tian Ting asked .

‘Tian Ting, you’re wearing an appropriate dress,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘I helped you wear your dress myself . You look beautiful . ’

‘Kai Ze, I meant if I’m breaking the rules by wearing a white dress,’ Da Tian Ting said .

‘Tian Ting, you don’t need to follow another person’s rules,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘If I say you’re wearing the right dress then you’re wearing the right dress . ’

Da Ming Sheng hated Da Tian Ting for finding a better man than Shang Duan Hua . She wished Da Tian Ting didn’t exist in the world, because she was meant to be the most beautiful bride in the world on her wedding day, not Da Tian Ting .