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Published at 30th of December 2018 09:21:35 PM

Chapter 96

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Stepping out to the patio of the restaurant, Yue Ling felt like she had just walked into an oil painting .

A huge green lake came to view, in the center was a running fountain . With gray and blue sky in the back ground, the view could take one's breath away . Surrounding the lake were other restaurants, but just like the one she is in, there was not a lot of people sitting outside .

Sitting down, she hurriedly place her order and sat quietly as she waited for her order .

Staring at the lake, she suddenly thought about Lu Tian . Glancing at the empty chair across from her, she thought, how great would it be if they could enjoy the view together while having lunch . . .

Uhh . . . . .

Realizing she had thought about the shameless man, she smiled a small smile .

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'Am I . . . . falling for him?'

Thinking of it, the face of a man smiling appears in her mind . The man's smile was one that can shake one's heart . His face was one that can make any woman fall in love with him .

Being reminded of her Shin, the smile in Yue Ling's lip disappears . Looking at the empty chair, she turn her head and stare out to the lake again .

It's been three years since any man had enter her heart, let alone, get her attention . . well, it was more like she didn't let them .

It was not that she didn't want to move on . . . She just couldn't bring herself to . . . she has love Shin for ten years and he was with her when life had her at her lowest . . . He helped her see a new light in life . .

He was the reason why she smiled . . .

After he passed away, she couldn't bare to betray the man she loves, even after his death .

Others may say for her to move on, but what do they know . . Have they've experience the heart wrenching pain of losing someone they love?

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Whenever she closed her eyes, she couldn't help but remember him . She had wanted to forget, so she couldn't feel the pain in her heart . Like a dream, she prayed to be woken up from . . but in the end, it was reality .

Losing someone you love can really change a person's view in life . Even if the person is gone, the memories and love will remain deep inside the heart .

How can the person who was left behind even move on?

Shin had once told her, time will heal, but . . .

Was it really okay for her to find her own happiness? Can she find happiness or will it be taken away from her again?

Can she love again . . . . ?

Staring out to the lake, she let out a small whisper, "Will you be mad if I fell in love with another man?"

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"Miss, your order is ready . "

Yue Ling woke up from her thoughts by the waiter's voice . She did not know if he's been there calling her or had just arrived, but it didn't matter to her .

Standing up, she follows the waiter to pay for her order . Swiping her gold bank card, she takes the bag of packed food and leaves the restaurant .

Seeing Yue Ling come out of the restaurant, the same valet worker who parked her car greets her .

"Miss, please wait here while I go bring your car . "

"Mm . "

Yue Ling nod her head and waited . She didn't mind that her car wasn't in front of her the moment she stepped out of the restaurant .

It was nice to catch a little breather from time to time .

"Excuse me Miss . " a woman's voice sounded next to Yue Ling .

However, Yue Ling didn't know who the woman was referring to, so she didn't bother to look . Minding her own business, she continue to wait .

Next to Yue Ling, three woman stood waiting for their car too . Zhao Ya'Er felt like an idiot . She had spoke to Yue Ling but the goddess didn't even give any attention to her . Then again, who would?

Planning to speak again, she was suddenly interrupted .

"Ya'Er, why are you talking to her? We don't even know her . "


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