UNEXPECTED - Chapter 3

Published at 19th of June 2019 03:21:48 PM
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Chapter 3

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Taner stood there speechless for more than twenty minutes before she came back to her senses and started laughing like a crazy person .

Mia: 😓😓, Taner are you OK?

Mia was ready to run for her life in case her friend has gone crazy .

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"you are such a good joker, I almost fell for this one" . Taner said still laughing . Mia was confused cause she wasn't joking, she looked at Taner seriously and said; "I'm not joking, I'm serious" .

Taner once again started laughing . Passerby started staring at them . Suddenly Taner exploded; "what the heck are you staring at, get lost all of you!!" . Everyone was shocked and scared so they stopped watching and left hurriedly .

Once again she turned and looked at her friend . This time she wasn't laughing but was staring at her coldly and angrily . Mia silently prayed 'oh God I've always follow the right path and do your will, I only have one request and that's for me not to die young' .

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"why the heck would you arrange a date for me?" Taner asked looking at her coldly . Mia gulped loudly before replying, "I know this is not an excuse but I was scared to go alone and I wanted you to go with me so I won't do anything stupid, also I was thinking about you too, I know you don't believe in love after that incident but you can't keep living your like this, I swear I only had good intentions" .

Taner stared at her friend for a long while before refusing to go on a date . Mia started whining like a little child and thought 💭 'at this point I'll use my last option' .

Mia looked at Taner, and with tears coming out of her eyes she said "if you don't go . . . I will not go too and I'll disfriend you and travel out of this country and never return" .

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Taner looked at Mia surprised at her sudden outburst and she knows she's going to regret the next word she's going to say .

Taner: fine I'll go

Mia: where will you go? (smiling deviously) 😈😈

Taner: I'll go on this stupid date

Mia was very happy, she carefully took her phone and message someone saying "operation convince Taner was a go now it's your turn" . Mia happily entered the boutique with Taner behind her . Immediately the store personnel saw Mia, she left what she was doing and ran to welcome her .

"we are going on a date so I want something lavish for myself but get something simple and cute but stands out for my friend" . Mia told the staff . Immediately the staff nodded and disappeared looking for her request .

Taner was already regretting her decision but she can't do anything now it's too late so she must go along with it until the end .

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