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Chapter 16

After graduating from high school that year, Mu Qin hesitated for a long time with the application form for enlisting .

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He did not think about the happiness he might get with Zhou Yue . Zhou Yue was a thoughtful person . When he was with him, Mu Qin could understand the best and most irreplaceable time of his life . However, it was precisely because of cherishing this time, that Mu Qin finally chose to give it up .

He had long seen how huge the gap between himself and Zhou Yue was .

Zhou Yue’s Zhou family was the most famous family in the province and city . It was said that the family history could be traced back to the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty . His ancestors used to have a jade business, and the wealthy source was called a rich enemy .

Since the Qing Dynasty did not lag behind, Zhou Jia was declining for a period of time due to the turmoil of the war at that time . However, Zhou’s family started from scratch, and they started to do real estate business, and established a first-class enterprise, which was famous in China and the world .

As the only son of Zhou’s parents, Zhou’s family had given Zhou Yue heavy expectations . From small to large, he had to undergo a strict elite education . He needed to learn a lot of things, business finance, business management, etc . , because he would sooner or later take over the business from his father . His life was arranged from the moment that he was born, and his path was paved, he only needed to advance on this road without hesitation, and keep moving forward .

The piano was just a hobby that Zhou Yue’s fairly enlightened parents allowed him to learn . Even if Zhou Yue’s talent in music was higher, even if this was Zhou Yue’s own dream, in the end, he still couldn’t pursue his favorite music as he pleased . He couldn’t be a musician on the stage .

Mu Qin asked Zhou Yue about his plans for the future . He thought that Zhou Yue would resist the life that he had arranged at home, but Zhou Yue shook his head and said, “That’s it . ”

“You don’t think it’s a pity?” Mu Qin was disappointed looking at his beautiful hand, “You should stand on the stage, sitting in front of the piano, shining in the spotlight, winning everyone’s applause . Isn’t this your dream?”

Zhou Yue said: “So good to achieve, it’s not a dream . I’m taking over the business of my father’s generation . It’s good, I can make a lot of money, and I can take you around the world!”

Zhou Yue said this very happily, but Mu Qin vaguely saw the gloomy future between himself and Zhou Yue .

He and Zhou Yue were secretly together for three years, and he had a detailed understanding of Zhou Yue’s family . Zhou Yue’s parents were those who were sleek and actually very old-fashioned, from the time they were born in Zhou Yue . He could arrange everything and you could see it .

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There were some strange rules in their family . They were not allowed to contact Zhou Yue and ordinary students in the school . They said that Zhou Yue’s friends must be children with wealth and status .

They were not allowed to make Zhou Yue’s performance lower than the top ten of the grade, otherwise they would put pressure on him to find various tutoring classes until his grades improved .

They were still not allowed to fall in love with Zhou Yue, but let him have more contact with some socialites .

Mu Qin could see that Zhou’s parents were actually laying the foundation for Zhou Yue’s future road . He had been in contact with some people or things in the society since high school, and had formed a wide range of interpersonal circles to wait until the university and Zhou Yue could be an intern in his own business . His achievements in high school and his extensive personal connections would make him quickly stand firm in the company . When he graduated, he could officially take over the company .

Therefore, Mu Qin could guess that the savvy Zhou family parents would never allow Zhou Yue to embark on an inexplicable evil martyrdom . It was a ridiculous thing to be with a person of the same sex . It would only destroy Zhou Yue’s reputation and let others hold on to him . Prejudice had become a stain on his life path .

Zhou Yue’s future must be bright . He would sit on a world-famous big company, earn the money that Mu Qin couldn’t make in this life, and go to the marriage hall with a noble and beautiful rich family . There would be one or two children .

This was very good, it was simply the life of many people who dreamed of wanting it .

It was only at that time that Mu Qin, who was young and sensitive, always thought that Zhou Yue’s future life would not have his own existence . Mu Qin felt unwilling .

He thought about fighting, even if the two people’s status was very different, the difference was huge, but Mu Qin felt that his ability was not bad, no matter how the future looked, as long as Mu Qin insisted on his efforts, he might be able to get to the same position with Zhou Yue, stand at the same height, always got everything he wanted .

However, Mu Qin was afraid .

At that time, he was poor and white . The old man squandered all of the money in his family . Even the house was smuggled and sold without Mu Qin’s knowledge . Mu Qin had nothing but a high tuition fee for university . He could not afford to pay the money . Zhou Yue went to the same university, but if Zhou Yue helped him, Mu Qin was worried that Zhou Yue would pay double the tuition fee, which would cause doubts in his family .

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So at that stage, Mu Qin was always afraid, and he couldn’t help thinking about it . If he finally failed, what should he do?

If he was not able to be with Zhou Yue, if they were separated, if all the efforts were gone, would he have to watch Zhou Yue and himself drift away, forgetting about the rivers and lakes?

Mu Qin had always been alone, no father, no mother, no care, no relatives, no friends, young and old, Mu Qin had pinned all of his feelings on Zhou Yue . The existence of Zhou Yue was Mu Qin’s hard work . The motivation to go down .

If he couldn’t get it, it was not as good as it was at the beginning .

So Mu Qin left .

Despite making such a decision, now that he wanted to come, Mu Qin felt that the original decision was both sloppy and rather weak, and it was a foolish decision . Mu Qin had always regretted this for many years . He should not have said goodbye, at least he should have said something to Zhou Yue .

But he left the world where Zhou Yue existed .

Mu Qin could almost imagine how sad Zhou Yue would be . Unlike the perfect maturity that was pretending to be superficial, Zhou Yue was as fragile as Mu Qin . When he was with Mu Qin, Zhou Yue liked to be very fond of Mu Qin .

From small to large, Zhou Yue basically did not have room for coquetry . The strict tutoring and heavy academics of his parents forced Zhou Yue to mature early . He told Mu Qin personally that he saw other children that parents spoiled when he was young . Sticky together, his heart was very envious . However, when he wanted to be spoiled or close to his parents, his parents’ indifference and tough attitude always made him unable to do but sneak into his room and cry .

So when with Mu Qin, Zhou Yue was very sticky . As long as there was an opportunity, Zhou Yue would rush to hug Mu Qin and bury his face in Mu Qin’s neck . He would find every opportunity to be close to Mu Qin, would hold Mu Qin’s waist, would kiss Mu Qin’s cheeks and lips and eyes, once Mu Qin was too annoyed with him, waving his hand away from him, Zhou Yue would swing the look of grievances squinted at Mu Qin until Mu Qin was soft and waved him back .

Zhou Yue’s attitude of being so sticky was initially converging . However, as time went by, it became more and more intense . In the last year of the third year of high school, almost no moment went by when he couldn’t see Mu Qin, Zhou Yue would call Mu Qin’s mobile phone . Indiscriminate bombing, filled Mu Qin’s mobile phone memory with various incoming calls and messages .

Every time he saw Zhou Yue’s text message, Mu Qin actually had a bit of reluctance to delete them .

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Zhou Yue, who was infinitely gentle and beautiful in that memory, Zhou Yue, who let Mu Qin always remember and never dared to look for it .

Now he appeared in front of Mu Qin’s eyes, and his blood was dripping and ruined .

He should be a nobleman who lived in a luxurious mansion, enjoying the process of being surrounded by people . His road was bright and broad, so he should not be here . This orphanage filled with killing and darkness should not be where Zhou Yue was .

“Why are you here?” So Mu Qin would feel uncomfortable . “You shouldn’t be here . ”

Zhou Yue, who had been silent for a while, finally broke the silence . He spoke and his voice was very low and hoarse . It was because of the knife on his neck that his voice was not very good, but Mu Qin could still hear the familiar voice… After a long time, he finally heard Zhou Yue speak to him again .

Zhou Yue said: “I am dead, so I am here . ”

“Impossible!” Mu Qin couldn’t believe it . He looked at the man in front of him . “How did you die? How can you die?”

“Death will come at any time, today, tomorrow, and even now . ” Zhou Yue said humming . He took the hand pressed on Mu Qin’s belly and received it . At the end, it seemed that there was still some reluctance . Then he half-squatted in front of Mu Qin, put his hand on Mu Qin’s thigh and looked up at Mu Qin’s eyes, his movements were like the knight who swore to the princess before the temple .

Mu Qin looked at him, he was stunned, and suddenly there was some unspeakable sadness in his heart . Mu Qin realized that if Zhou Yue was really dead, then think about it carefully . Ten years ago, it was a farewell .

If they didn’t see each other again in this game .

Mu Qin felt that the heart of his chest was dull and painful, and it was subtle and long . The pain caused Mu Qin to breathe a little . He couldn’t help but ask Zhou Yue: “How did you die?”

Zhou Yue did not answer immediately . After a long silence, he raised his head and smiled at Mu Qin, but the bandage on his face his his smile . He said to Mu Qin: “Before… when you disappeared, I was in a hurry . I was looking for you everywhere . ”

Mu Qin heard this and opened his mouth . He wanted to apologize to Zhou Yue . When he left without saying goodbye, Zhou Yue was very sad .

However, Zhou Yue still had a very good grasp of Mu Qin’s mind like before . Zhou Yue shook his head gently: “I know that you want to apologize, but you don’t need to . ”

“On the contrary, the apology should be by me… actually I was very aware of the tremendous pressure you were under . Your family was in a bad situation and the economy was so urgent . The gap between you and me made you feel that you couldn’t see hope . I knew that you may want to give up . Your departure was also expected in me . ”

Zhou Yue continued: “But I was too confident, I thought I could get you back . ”

“To tell the truth, when I heard that you applied to join the provincial army, I was very happy, because I always wanted to find a chance to get rid of the control of my parents . Enlisting is a good reason . So I also proposed to my parents . I wanted to enter the army for two years . At first, my parents didn’t agree, but I said that for my future, training in the army would make me stronger . My parents felt it made sense, so they agreed . ”

Hearing what Zhou Yue said, Mu Qin was surprised and wide-eyed and looked at Zhou Yue: “But I haven’t seen you in the army . ”

“Of course you haven’t seen me . I really wanted to go into the same company with you, and I also specially asked a superior officer to help bridge the line, but the middle link was a bit wrong, it seems that my father intervened, so I was sent to a more advanced force training base . ”

“I stayed there for two years, you know… troops this kinds of places, if you go in, it is equal to the people of the country . Unless you retire, you won’t come out easily . I was so anxious to be trapped there, I was anxious to find you every day, but there were a lot of training waiting for me every day . The training instructors told me that only completion of the training would lead to a approved vacation, so I was training very hard …… ”

“So your hand became so?” Mu Qin felt sorry and distressed . Zhou Yue looked at the hand, not the memory of that double can play the piano hand beautifully .

“It doesn’t matter . ” Zhou Yue saw that Mu Qin was sad for him, and in turn he comforted Mu Qin . He couldn’t help it . He reached out and touched Mu Qin’s cheek carefully . “I can’t make these hands right, not again . I can’t play the piano either . ”

After that, Zhou Yue looked at Mu Qin with his only right eye . “Mu Qin, you are as good-looking as you were then . ”