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Chapter 24

Time went back to when Mu Qin and the others were by the ladder by the back door of the church .  

At that time, they saw that the door of the utility room was opened and it was turned upside down with the ladder missing, Mu Qin guessed that Zhou Yue first took the exit key .  So Mu Qin intended to change their plans . Mu Qin decided that he and Xu Fu would attract the killer’s attention and let Qiu Zijia go to find hidden exit, but Xu Fu must give his chariot card to Qiu Zijia .  

“Give the chariot to Qiu Zijia!” Xu Fu, who first heard the proposal, looked at Mu Qin with a look of mental retardation . “Are you crazy? What is the use of his card? He just went to find a hidden exit . It’s not a killer! He has no body and no guts, it only wastes the value of the chariot!” 

“So you think you won’t waste the value of this card?” Mu Qin calmly refuted Xu Fu, and also looked Xu Fu up and down, focusing on the legs of Xu Fu, “Look at your legs, Xu Fu… Even if you use this card, the effect of the chariot will not restore your legs immediately . Injured, even if the tank increases your physical ability, your speed may be slightly inferior to the killer under the influence of the injury . This means that you are easily caught up . It is not only impossible to protect your life with the chariot, it may even be counterproductive . ” 

“My legs are not yours!” Xu Fu was a bit gnashing . He couldn’t understand Mu Qin’s thoughts . “And… well, even if you are right, the value of this card is mine . There is no way to fully use it, but Qiu Zijia can use it? You might as well use the card best!”

“No, I can not . “Mu Qin thought Zhou Yue, sighed, shaking his head, “The killer was not chasing me . ”

“Why did he not on?” Xu Fu felt that Mu Qin’s insistence was very weird .  

Mu Qin knew that his words were very suspicious . He thought about it and decided to open the subject quietly: “Now we all know that we only have two choices, we will either take back the keys from the killer, or find the hidden the exit . ” 

Xu Fu felt very confused: “I don’t understand . How does the killer know that the key is on the second floor of the church? Does he also have a fool’s card?”

Mu Qin thought of an excuse: “Cheng Guoxu also has a fool’s card . After you killed him, did you take his card?” 

“I won’t take anything from that scum!” Xu Fu heard that Mu Qin mentioned that Cheng Guoxu, he was angry and gnashed his teeth . “I only care about the whip, God! He really died too easily, I can hardly let go!” 

Mu Qin said with the trend: “So you didn’t take the card from Cheng Guoxu, then it is likely that the killer took it . ” 

“Can the killer use the humans tarot cards?” Xu Fu was not a very veteran player, he only knew that humans could compete for each other’s tarot cards, but that the killer could not steal the human card he had not seen or known .  

Mu Qin said: “I don’t know if he can use it, but let’s make the worst assumptions first and just assume that he can use it . ” 

“Assume that he used the tarot card to find the exit key on the second floor of the church, then went up . On the second floor, he got the key . At this time, he has a great possibility . He will choose to wait for the prey on the second floor of the church . Because we will definitely go to the church to find the key, he does not have to waste time to come to us . Just wait for us to be there . ” 

Mu Qin began a series of analysis: “In this case, we need to think of a way to deal with him . As I said earlier, we only have two roads, one is to recapture the key, and the other is to find the hidden exit . ” 

Xu Fu honestly listened to Mu Qin analysis and interrupted: “But the two roads are very difficult . ” 

“The degree of difficulty is not the same . ” Mu Qin continued the analysis, “First of all think about the hidden exit this path, I don’t know enough about hidden exits . Moreover before you said that to open hidden exits, certain harsh conditions need to be met, we are not sure about this condition . In the absence of so many innate conditions, we will use Qiu Zijia Fool’s card to find hidden exit . We finally may still not open the hidden exit door, with a hidden exit there is very little hope of escape, full of unknown and uncertainty, I do not recommend this way of escape . ” 

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Xu Fu frowned: “What do you mean by taking the road to take back the key?”

“Yes, it’s better than to go directly to the difficult problem of not knowing where it is, to satisfy the harsh conditions that we don’t know . It’s better to deal directly with the problems in front of us . We want a simple and effective way to recapture the exit key directly from the killer . ” 

“How do we recapture?” Xu Fu still felt it was very unreliable, mainly because the chance of taking the key from the killer was too low .  

Mu Qin raised his eyes and stared at Xu Fu: “I am very curious . How did you ‘kill’ the killer before? I mean, the killer was bloody in the stairwell and the wound on his body should be your masterpiece, right?” 

“I don’t know . ” Xu Fu simply explained the downside of the dragon . “I picked up a knife in the church . When I was looking at the knife, he came out and attacked me . I instinctively turned back and blocked it with the knife . The result was that it inexplicably cut the other’s face . After we both got up, there were several wounds, that angle… it was his own collision with my knife . ”

“Did you come up with your knife? It turned out to be the case . ” Mu Qin thought for a moment and said, “So your knife is also right in the church at that time? Why not explain it to us at the beginning, instead of choosing to go to Han Li?” 

“I didn’t know if you were there . When I used to, I saw that the woman was screaming at the body . At that time, my heart was very flustered . I was afraid that I was mistaken for the killer, so I just grabbed the woman .  Well,” Xu Fu said . “I learned from the woman’s mouth that she used to be an employee of this orphanage . So I thought of my sister who died here . I was very angry and started to kill this woman . ” 

Mu Qin commented on him: “You are really cruel, just because you don’t know the possibility of true and false, you want to kill others . No wonder you were jailed for manslaughter . ” 

“The problem we are discussing now is not that I am cruel, this kind of thing!?” Xu Fu was a little impatient . He knew his own character defects, and he was not prepared to change himself . He admitted his bad character . He still did his own thing . From this point of view, Xu Fu was this person . It was a bit of a bone .  

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Xu Fu was impatient to Mu Qin . “Don’t waste time, reveal your plan!”

“After listening to your statement, I think we should hand over the chariot card to Qiu Zijia . ” Mu Qin looked back and looked at Qiu Zijia, who was quiet and silent . “He is the best candidate for us to break through the puzzle . ” 

“Why!?” Xu Fu still didn’t understand .  

“This killer is very thoughtful . ” Mu Qin said, “He will die to confuse our sights, and will blame you for harassing our thinking . He even takes the key to the door before us, he will still lie on the church to guard us in the past… Do you think he will not see that we are deliberately attracting his attention?” 

Xu Fu seemed to understand Mu Qin’s meaning; “You mean that even if we run to attract his attention, it still won’t be ours, right?” 

“Yes, he won’t be fooled . ” To be precise, Zhou Yue would not go to Mu Qin . Zhou Yue knew what Mu Qin wanted to do . Zhou Yue knew Mu Qin .  

It was precisely because of mutual understanding that Mu Qin must take extraordinary measures . He must make things that were unexpected to Zhou Yue . Unexpectedly, it was always a weakness .  

Mu Qin said: “The matter of taking the key from the killer, whether you or I do it, will cause the killer’s vigilance . Once he is alert, he will not easily approach us . If you can’t get close, you can’t take the key . There is no way to talk about it, but Qiu Zijia is different . ” 

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Mu Qin said that as he also reached out and pulled Qiu Zijia, who was standing behind him . Qiu Zijia listened to them and had a white face and cold sweat . The partiality of Mu Qin seemed to be fixed . The idea was: “We first give the chariot to Qiu Zijia, and let Qiu Zijia look for the hidden exit . Then we will attract the attention of the killer, not too deliberate, but the killer must be able to see that we are tempting him, so he won’t be fooled . He won’t come and chase us, but will continue to patrol around the church, and then he will find Qiu Zijia, who will regard Qiu Zijia as a soft egg with no hands and no effort killable existence . ” 

Qiu Zijia’s scared face turned from blue to white, trembling he began to ask Mu Qin: “Mu Qin …… you …… you want me to talk to the killer … “

“Just let you go . ” Mu Qin seriously looked at Qiu Zijia . “I want you to pretend that there is no effort to fight back . The killer has no knife on his body . In order to kill you, he may choose other ways . The simplest and quickest is to break your neck . In order to break your neck he will approach you, and you can also take the opportunity to approach him and grab the key on his body . Grab the key and use the chariot to escape the killer, run directly to the exit gate . Running in this direction, we will pass you to block the killer to delay the time!” 

“No… no! I can’t do it!” Qiu Zijia felt that he was suffocating while listening to Mu Qin’s explanation, especially in Mu Qin . When the intention was to break his neck, Qiu Zijia even instinctively reached out and grabbed his neck .  

“You can do it . ” Mu Qin looked at Qiu Zijia intently . His eyes contained confidence in Qiu Zijia . “Only you can do it . ” 

After that, Mu Qin looked at Xu Fu and extended his hand to Xu Fu, asking him to give the chariot card in his hand .  

Xu Fu listened to Mu Qin’s entire plan . He had to say that Mu Qin’s plan was almost seamless . He had a good grasp of the killer’s psychology . It’s like he was the killer . Extremely deep understanding .  

Was it my illusion? 

Xu Fu’s heart was vaguely thinking . He always felt that there was something wrong with Mu Qin . He felt that Mu Qin seemed to be hiding something, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong and what was hidden, and Mu Qin’s plan… was really good .  

“Okay . ” Xu Fu was not very good at thinking . He liked to act on his own instincts most of the time . He saw Mu Qin’s serious and focused vision . He decided to believe in Mu Qin, so he reached into his pocket and took out his chariot and handed it to Mu Qin .