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Chapter 1: 1
Leon had just woken up in the middle of the flight since he had spent the entire night preparing in the airport, he was quite exhausted and decided to take a nap soon after the plane took off . All the seats in the aircraft were being used; despite that, the place was utterly silent due to the fact that it was 05:00 AM . Although he was tired and wanted to sleep more, he didn't . It was probably thanks to the fact that he was finally going to return to home after four years . He was so eager to see his parents and little sister after such a long time that he couldn't contain his excitement . Seeing them up close and seeing them through a small screen was different, after all . Besides, he finally would have the chance to mend his mistakes of the past . . .

While Leon was thinking about that kind of thing, he suddenly felt his body being pushed forward . He felt the air leaving his lungs when he hit the seat in front of him . After that he finally heard the sound of the alert, it looked like the plane had hit something, but no one could imagine what, they were flying above the pacific ocean, nothing was blocking their path . Regardless, the impact hadn't been all that powerful, so nothing happened to the passengers .

"Ouch . . . what happened?"

While some people were trying to recover from the surprise, Leon looked to the window and saw a weird object flying alongside the plane . It looked like a bird, but it was too big to be one . Besides, Leon had no knowledge of animals that could fly at that speed . Suddenly, the creature approached, and Leon noticed that the creature looked more like a lizard than a bird . Without thinking, he immediately sat down and put on the seat belt, if he had to explain why he did that, he wouldn't be able to do it . He only did it automatically as if he was a robot . Regardless, the answer to what that has appeared in his mind when that thing spits fire and hit the plane .

"Dragon . . . "

That was the last thing Leon thought before the fire of that creature instantly melted the center of the plane, killing dozens of passengers and making the rest of the aircraft fall .

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Fear Resistance .

You obtained 01 status points .

Leon was dizzy; he was in the back of the plane, so he clearly could see what was happening despite his dizziness . The two parts of the aircraft were falling, and the altitude and lack of oxygen were making his consciousness wane . At a fearsome pace, all parts of the plane were disconnecting . He wanted to scream, but he couldn't due to the pressure of the air .

"What is going on . . . "

Leon was forcing himself to stay conscious because his mind and body were telling him that it wasn't a dream . Although a small part of his mind was telling him to give up because that way would be less scary and painful, but he resisted .

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Mental Fortitude .

You obtained 01 status points .

It looked like he was already losing his mind, Leon heard voices even though he couldn't even hear the screams of the other passengers . He forced himself to look to the sides, but he saw no one . All the passengers at that point in the flight weren't using seat belts . They had long gone when the dragon had attacked the plane .

Leon was alone, but it looked like soon he would join them in the free fall to their deaths, or with some luck, he would be hit by a piece of the plane and die before noticing . He noticed that soon would happen because his seat started to tremble uncontrollably .

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Perception .

You obtained 01 status points .

When the dizziness he was feeling decreased a little, his seat had finally been throw out of the plane . Without being able to control his body or his movements, Leon started to spin uncontrollably . The dizziness returned with full power, and this time it also brought a companion: migraine .

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Pain Resistance .

You obtained 01 status points .

At that point in time, it was too weird if that was a hallucination, that voice was real, and once Leon recognized that fact, he knew what he had to do . He thought about a status screen, and something indeed appeared in front of him, but thanks to the spinning, he couldn't see anything . Leon moved his arms to unlock the seat-belt, and when he did that, he finally noticed that his seat was also long gone . There was nothing holding him; little by little, his spin decreased until his body stabilized in mid-air as if he was a parachutist, but then . . .

"Oh, shit . . . oh, shit!"

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Now Leon could see a game-like screen in front of him, but he also could see the plane falling toward the ocean in thousands of pieces, he could even see the passengers falling and parts of corpses nearby . He didn't know how much time had passed since that monster attacked the plane, but by his altitude, he knew that he hadn't much time left .

Health: 10 +Mana: 10 +Stamina: 10 +Strength: 06 +Dexterity: 08 +Speed: 07 +Intelligence: 09 +Endurance: 06 +Control: 05 +Mentality: 08 +Luck: 01 +Recovery: 01 +Willpower: 08 +Coins:00Status: 04

Leon started to wonder why he was staring at that screen; it wasn't like he would find anything that could help him survive the fall from that height . The voice he heard made him remember the notifications he heard in some games, but it wasn't like he had played a game where his character could survive that .

"Oh, God . . . I'm going to die . "

Fear gave place to despair in Leon's heart, once he recognized that fact, his heart got cold like ice . Something messed up was happening, but he would die without knowing what or why a dragon suddenly appeared . He wanted to do so many things, and he wouldn't be able to do any .

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Rage .

You obtained 01 status points .

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Despair gave place to rage, that wasn't fair . Why the hell did Leon had to die like that after working hard for so long away from his family and friends? Why the hell had a monster appeared out of nowhere and attacked the plane he was in? It was unfair; it didn't make sense . However, the fear returned when Leon saw several bodies falling into the ocean and breaking like twigs .

Congratulations! The skill Fear Resistance has leveled up .

You obtained 01 status points . Congratulations! The skill Fear Resistance has leveled up .

You obtained 01 status points . Congratulations! The skill Fear Resistance has leveled up .

You obtained 01 status points . Congratulations! The skill Fear Resistance has leveled up .

You obtained 01 status points . Congratulations! The skill Fear Resistance has leveled up .

You obtained 01 status points .

Leon's body gave up and accepted the imminent death, but his mind didn't do the same . His eyes focused on the screen, and he put all his status points in health; it probably wouldn't change a thing, but at least on the other side, Leon would be proud of himself because he at least tried to survive . He hit the ocean and felt like he had been run over by a cargo truck .