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Chapter 461: 461
You obtained 01 status points .

Congratulations! The skill Ice Resistance has leveled up .

You obtained 01 status points .

Congratulations! The skill Curse Resistance has leveled up .

You obtained 01 status points .

Congratulations! The skill Earth Resistance has leveled up .

You obtained 01 status points .

. . .

Leon finished another 'training' session with Ilyana wondering if something was wrong with him . Ilyana could even use curses, and even though it wasn't painful being cursed, it was very unpleasant . Still, he didn't feel all that bothered by it . . . Although he didn't trust her completely, Leon didn't imagine that she would attack him while he was in such a state . If she wanted, she could burn Leon to a crisp, after all .

"I'd better not overthink it . . . Efreet," Leon shook his head and then materialized Efreet . "You are up now, teach me some useful OFFENSIVE spells . "

" . . . Why did you have to say it like that?" Efreet frowned . "I'm not Undine . If you become stronger, our duels will become more fun!"

It was refreshing to talk with a spirit that wasn't so troublesome . . . Although Efreet was noisy, he wasn't as difficult to deal with like Undine . . . maybe it was because he wasn't that smart, but Leon was thankful for it, anyway .

"You are not a melee fighter, but the first skill that I will teach you will help you surprise your enemies," Efreet said and then punched the ground, causing an explosion that could be compared to the explosion of a grenade . "This skill is called Explosive Touch; you create a dense but small sphere of fire in front of your hand and then attack the enemy . You already know Fire Explosive Arrow, so this should be easy for you . "

"Don't you think that spell is a bit weak?" Leon frowned, looking at the small hole on the ground . "

"I adjusted the strength," Efreet explained . "If I had used all my strength, I would have destroyed all your plantation . Bahahaha!"

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"That is not funny, but it sounds like a powerful spell," Leon said . "Why didn't I see you using that before?"

"I tried to use on you," Efreet laughed . "But you never let me get too close . "

"Were you trying to kill me?" Leon raised his voice . "Don't use something so dangerous!"

"It won't be fun unless we fight serious, so it can't be helped," Efreet laughed again .

Leon sighed again . . . it was amazing how every single spirit made him changes his opinions about them so frequently . Regardless . . . Leon started his practice . Although he soon managed to replicate the effect, he also damaged himself .

"Ouch . . . " Leon was shaking his hand, trying to decrease the heat he was feeling just like that . "Why the skill damaged me?"

"Hahaha, that is what you get from trusting Efreet too much," Undine laughed .

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Leon shook his head and sighed . . . it was a very troublesome way to train skills, but since his elemental armors were at a low level, Leon decided to practice to obtain those extra status points .

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Explosive Touch .

Cost: 50 mana

You obtained 01 status points .

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Fire Arrow Shower .

Cost: 50 mana per second .

You obtained 01 status points .

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Although it caused some problems, Leon felt pretty cool when he punched the air and caused explosions by activating that skill . The skill was very convenient, and it became much more powerful when Leon used alongside Fast Conjuration . Even though he couldn't punch that fast, every single punch caused at least five explosions . . . it was an excellent way to cause damage while surprising his enemies and train his elemental armors . As for Fire Arrow Shower, Leon didn't have many difficulties since he already knew the others, the only difference was the element of the spell, after all .

"I have some information for you," Ilyana said, using Telepathy .

"All right, I will use Transfer and . . . " Leon said .

"You don't have to," Ilyana interrupted Leon . "I just want to inform you that Yuki sent some of her soldiers as ambassadors to talk with Gisela and Hector . Neither side is showing any ill feelings until now . It looks like they will ignore each other and just strengthening their soldiers for the time being . That is all . "

It was weird . Usually, Ilyana would be too friendly, but now she was quite unsocial . Leon didn't expect her bad mood would last for so long, given their previous conversations he concluded that such things wouldn't bother her all that much . After all, if Earth gets destroyed and its inhabitants end up dead, nothing would change for her .

"No . . . maybe she is hoping that by helping me, the people of Earth would eventually become an ally . It doesn't matter how much powerful she is . . . it is crazy to hope that she alone can take down hundreds of other individuals like her . Individuals that perhaps have been fighting for far too long . "

Leon could only keep imagining such possibilities, even though he wasn't good at deciding what was possible and what wasn't, he was pretty sure that the wasn't far from the truth . Besides, it was a fact that Earth and the people of Earth wouldn't find genuine peace unless they get rid of every single enemy and monster .

"I can only hope that such a thing can be achieved . . . Still, I can't imagine myself nor anyone else reaching such a level of strength in order to make that happen . The only where I can see myself doing that is by defeating a harvester and use Summon Zombie to obtain control over it . "