Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 1376

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Chapter 1376

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1376 Only Through Madness One Can Achieve Greatness

What made Ye Yuan somewhat surprised was that Qin Shao did not enter the Sword Tomb .

He seemed to be … waiting for him .

“Ye Yuan, let’s have a match, how about it?” Qin Shao said with his back to Ye Yuan .

Qin Shao, this guy, was rather cold and rather proud . Him taking the initiative to open his mouth and speak made Ye Yuan somewhat surprised .

But Ye Yuan felt that this Qin Shao did not seem to be the same type of people as the Qin Peiyu he encountered before .

At least, he did not disgust him .

At this moment, he sensed a thick fighting intent from Qin Shao’s body!

Clearly, this top dog already viewed Ye Yuan as a formidable adversary .

Ye Yuan took a step forward and stood side by side with Qin Shao and said, “How to compete?”

“In the Sword Tomb’s 18 levels, the deeper in, the more powerful the sword intent! Let’s compete and see who lasts longer in this first level region! If we both persist for one month, it’s considered a draw!” Qin Shao said .

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Since it’s a bet, I wonder what the wager is?”

Qin Shao said, “The loser will pay the winner the points to enter the Sword Tomb next time!”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Small gambling is entertaining, big gambling is harmful! Huhu, this idea is not bad . ”

Qin Shao’s expression turned stiff, recalling the matter of Jia Chong and Ye Yuan betting, losing his entire fortune .

This matter already became a laughing stock among their batch of students .

Presumably, Jia Chong would have headaches because of points for a very long period of time .

At that time, he also thought that Ye Yuan lost for sure . He did not expect that Ye Yuan casually charged to 18 scale lines .

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It was precisely because of this round that it made him have immense dread toward Ye Yuan .


Qin Shao leaped and directly entered the Sword Tomb .

Ye Yuan was not slow either, following closely behind .

Upon entering the Sword Tomb, it was as if entering another world!

A world of swords!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Caught unprepared, Ye Yuan immediately had several holes opened up on his body .

Countless chaotic sword law fragments flooded within this space .

Qin Shao was not much better than Ye Yuan either . Although he was not immediately injured, he was kept busy too .

“What powerful sword laws! Every sword here probably has a story . In this place, they repel each other but formed an organic whole! This place is really a superb place to comprehend the sword!” Ye Yuan said with vicissitudes of emotion .


Another sword law sliced past, nicking a cut on Ye Yuan’s face .

On the other side, Qin Shao already brought out his sword, dancing airtight, and started clashing with those sword laws .

Qin Shao’s strength was indeed powerful . It was only to see sword energy crisscrossed around him and was actually almost on par with these sword laws .

“Kid, if you still don’t draw your sword, you’ll be dismembered by a flurry of swords by these sword laws,” Dustless warned .

But Ye Yuan looked in Qin Shao’s direction as if deep in thought .

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“Rejecting these sword laws outside the door, how to comprehend the sword? I want to … test the swords with my body!” Ye Yuan said .

Dustless could not help choking when he heard that . He said, “You lunatic!”

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Only through madness one can achieve greatness!”

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Those sword laws were not the slightest bit courteous, learning behind streaks of sword scars on Ye Yuan’s body .

Ye Yuan revolved the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art frenziedly, repairing those streaks of sword marks .

Ye Yuan discovered that this was a violent world of swords .

Comprehending swords here was different from comprehending cultivation methods and martial techniques .

Each sword here, each sword law fragment, they were all the condensation of a martial artist’s lifelong painstaking effort .

For Ye Yuan to want to learn the strengths of everyone and create a Sword Dao belonging to himself, he had to go and understand these laws of sword .

Confronting these sword laws like Qin Shao, one would forever be unable to comprehend where the true meaning of these sword laws lay .

Hence, he chose to test the swords with his body!

Want to learn how to beat people, one had to first learn how to take a beating .

It was this logic .

Although the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art was strong, the sword laws here were too many and too strong . Ye Yuan’s expenditure would become greater and greater, and his wounds would also be deeper and deeper .

Time passed day by day, Qin Shao’s consumption also became greater and greater, gradually falling short .

I heard that the first time the previous season’s top dog entered the Sword Tomb, the result was 23 days . I’ve already persisted for 26 days . This result is already very good, right? Ye Yuan’s true combat power definitely can’t handle this, so he must have long failed to hold out already, right? Qin Shao thought .

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The sword laws here were too powerful . After it started, Qin Shao could not pay attention to Ye Yuan, devoting all his attention to dealing with them .

Ye Yuan’s first round and third round’s performance in the test were very astonishing . But the second round was relatively ordinary .

Hence, Qin Shao determined that Ye Yuan’s true combat strength should be poor .

In a blink, Qin Shao persisted 26 days, already reaching the point where a lamp’s fire was dying and oil ran dry .

Continuing to hold on, he would be dismembered by a flurry of swords .

Qin Shao leaped and withdrew from the Sword Tomb .

His figure had just steadied itself when his eyes suddenly turned intent!

Ye Yuan was actually still in the Sword Tomb!


A ray of sword energy directly hewed open a tear on Ye Yuan’s body, deep until bones could be seen!

Ye Yuan’s body was long stained by fresh blood already .

“This guy, he … How in the world did he do it? Could it be that these 26 days, he stalled it out like this?” A look of disbelief revealed in Qin Shao’s gaze .

He was very clear about these sword energies’ might . Even if it was him, if he was like Ye Yuan, he absolutely could not persist three days too .

But Ye Yuan actually hung on for a full 26 days!

“This guy wouldn’t be doing it in order to win the points for entering the Sword Tomb next time, right? No, absolutely impossible!”

Qin Shao’s first reaction was that Ye Yuan was trying to win against him .

But very soon, he denied this idea of Ye Yuan .

Although he did not know much about Ye Yuan, he could feel that Ye Yuan absolutely would not do such a thing for the sake of this kind of lame reason .

Moreover, Ye Yuan’s points were not few .

Qin Shao’s expression was very ugly . He did not expect that he actually lost in such a way .

“Ye Yuan, you already won!” Qin Shao said in a clear voice .

However, Ye Yuan seemingly could not hear his words at all, and still forcefully held on .

Qin Shao could sense that Ye Yuan was already an arrow at the end of its flight . But he could not figure out what the hell Ye Yuan was hanging in there for .

Continuously enduring the swords like this, could it be that it was helpful towards cultivation?

Qin Shao felt that apart from aggravating his injuries, there were no benefits at all!

He did not leave right away but quietly watched Ye Yuan outside .

He discovered that the speed Ye Yuan’s fleshy body recovered was very fast!

Although this speed got slower and slower, Qin Shao could still sense it .

Qin Shao knew that Ye Yuan relied on this skill to hold out until now .

Ye Yuan doing so definitely has a deep meaning to it! This guy is really hard to fathom! It looks like I was too arrogant in the past! This Ye Yuan might very likely be my greatest opponent in the future! Qin Shao thought .

On the 30th day, Ye Yuan dragged his injury-laden body and walked out of the Sword Tomb’s first level region .

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