Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 1397

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Chapter 1397: 1397

“Heh, thanks a lot, Brother . I was just in need of this!” Ye Yuan said with a laugh .

“Still saying this with me? These few years, I’ve eaten god knows how many of your medicinal pills . Want to really thank, I can’t even thank enough for ten years . Better talk about what we have to do next!” Little Fatty said without a care .

Ye Yuan said, “Uh, there’s a guy who just happens to be nearby . Just nice to deal with it together . ”

Little Fatty was stupefied, not understanding what Ye Yuan was saying .

Ye Yuan brought Xie Jingyi along and flew all the way, quietly walking into a dense forest .

Suddenly, Ye Yuan made a shush hand gesture . The two people slowed down and quietly approached ahead .

Not far away, a sound of a bout of fierce fighting came over .

Little Fatty focused his eyes and looked over, immediately recognizing who was that person currently in a fierce battle with someone .

That was a Qin Family’s outer-court disciples called Qin Yu .

He was a season ahead of Qin Shao . But his talent was clearly inferior to Qin Shao’s, still remaining in the outer-court .

Little Fatty looked at Ye Yuan, quietly doing a throat-swiping motion .

Ye Yuan smiled and shook his head, the divine essence within his body silently revolving .

Before long, a flesh-colored little bug appeared on Ye Yuan’s palm .

Little Fatty was startled, immediately recognizing that this was a bug . It was just that the functions of bugs were infinite in variety . He also did not know what it was used for .

But he saw Ye Yuan mutter away under his breath . That bug actually flew off Ye Yuan’s palm and flew over towards Qin Yu .

Qin Yu was currently in the midst of fierce fighting with someone else . How would he notice that a bug already silently attached onto him?

Done with these, Ye Yuan made a gesture at Little Fatty and ran far away .

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Although Qin Yu’s talent could not compare to those true geniuses, his strength was not common either . After a bout of bitter fighting, he finally forced the other party to crush his jade pendant .

He picked up the storage ring dropped by the other party . Investigating it a bit, his face revealed a satisfied smile .

“Heh, what did you do just now? What use does that bug have?” Little Fatty asked with a curious look .

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Just giving them a dose of their own medicine . That Qin Yuanlong planted a Child-Mother Heart Linking Bug on me and still thought that I didn’t know . Heh heh, what expression do you think Qin Tian they all will have when they expended a tremendous amount of effort but found their own family’s people?”

The Child-Mother Heart Linking Bug was naturally not discovered by Ye Yuan, but discovered by Dustless .

Dustless had existed for millions of years, so what had he not seen before?

Qin Yuanlong thought that it was seamless, but under Dustless’s surveillance, nothing could be hidden at all .

Not only Dustless knew that he planted the Child-Mother Heart Linking Bug on Ye Yuan, he also knew the method to resolve this and to transfer it onto other people .

Little Fatty’s eyes lit up and he said with a sinister smile, “Ye Yuan, I discovered that you’re really damn bad! When you scheme, it simply makes people impossible to guard against! Haha, I can already imagine the expression on Qin Tian’s face right now . ”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Heh, one must not have malicious intentions, but also must not be without caution against others . I don’t harm people, but I can’t be harmed by others either, don’t you agree?”

Little Fatty deeply felt that way too as he nodded . Back then when he got into big trouble, Ye Yuan directly came forward to shoulder the blame .

This code of brotherhood was not what anybody could do .

“Oh, right, that Xiu-er of yours, what’s going on? I didn’t know that she’s actually our Wu Meng Academy’s number two person, an existence second only to Qin Tian! Such a proud daughter of heaven, she can take a liking to you?” Ye Yuan scoffed .

The moment Little Fatty heard, he was indignant and said unhappily, “Tch, no matter how proud the daughter of heaven, she can’t escape Lord Fatty’s fiendish palms either! Kaka!”

Ye Yuan was very curious . Although that Lin Xiu was very cold and proud, she clearly treated Little Fatty differently from the others .

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Even if she did not care about Little Fatty a lot, she did not push him a thousand miles away like the rest either .

In between this seemed to have some inside story .

Hearing Little Fatty say so, Ye Yuan felt even more that there was something fishy .

Lin Xiu had already entered Wu Meng Academy for several hundred years . She was clearly not a figure in the same generation as Little Fatty .

But in the martial artist world, this bit of age did not count as a gap either .

Especially to Deity Realm powerhouses, they all belonged to young people .

At the very most, Lin Xiu could only be counted as Little Fatty’s big sister .

“Just what the hell is going on, let’s hear it . ” Ye Yuan had his curiosity stirred up too .

Little Fatty said with a boastful look, “Xie-er and I were engaged before we were born . It’s just that she was born several hundred years earlier than me . Now, I chased after her footsteps and entered the Wu Meng Academy, how can she still run? Uh, of course, all of this was thanks to you . When Xiu-er and I become a done deal, I’ll definitely thank you properly!”

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he came to a realization . No wonder Lin Xiu was icy cold to Little Fatty, but she also looked very surprised .

Clearly, she looked down on Little Fatty in the past . But she did not expect that not only did Little Fatty pass the entrance examination, he even took part in the Hundred Cities Smelting Trial!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan also saw through that Lin Xiu did not seem to be overly averse towards Little Fatty .

This point was a very good start .

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several figures appeared in the dense forest . It was precisely Qin Tian trio!

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“This place’s terrain is good; it’s suitable for an ambush! He’s currently approaching in this direction . There’s still an hour’s journey . We’ll set up an ambush here, wait for him to walk into the trap!” Qin Tian said .

“Yes, Big Brother Qin Tian!” Qin Pei and the other person responded .

“This brat is sly and cunning, you all mustn’t reveal a hint of aura! When he enters my certain-kill range, I’ll personally take action . The two of you support through coordinated action, understood?”

Qin Tian arranged the specifics of the ambush in an orderly manner; scrupulous in every detail .

He had never wanted to kill a person so intensely before . Starting from when Ye Yuan killed his younger sister, he already entered his must-kill name list .

And the humiliation that Ye Yuan brought to him when he entered the Hall of Fame was even buried in his heart constantly these few years, unable to shake off for a long time!

Therefore, this time, he must kill Ye Yuan personally .

Regarding this, he did not permit any slip-ups!

Arranging the ambush positions, the three people each concealed themselves, just like becoming one with the surrounding environment .

Looking from outside, it was really indistinguishable .

Sensing the Child-Mother Heart Linking Bug getting closer and closer, Qin Tian’s emotions actually became excited unconsciously .

Must be calm!

Must not reveal any flaws!

Qin Tian continuously warned himself in his heart, letting his mood calm down .

With his strength, killing Ye Yuan was but a matter of waving a hand .

But this matter was hard in that Ye Yuan had the jade pendant in his hands!

Ye Yuan just had to crush the jade pendant and he could instantly teleport to the altar .

Hence, he had to make Ye Yuan not react, killing in one blow!

If he was slow by a bit, the Qin Family’s few years of effort would be completely wasted!

Closing in!

Even closer!

Just a bit more and I would have sufficient assurance in killing him!

Right at the instant Ye Yuan’s figure stepped into the range, Qin Tian moved!

He unleashed this sword with a momentum like a sudden peal of thunder which left no time for covering ears!


How powerful was Qin Tian’s sword? This sword passed through Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness without any resistance .

Qin Tian was overjoyed in his heart . Finally finished off this damn fellow!

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