Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 1398

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Chapter 1398: 1398

Qin Tian’s brow furrowed, suddenly feeling that it was somewhat amiss .

He abruptly turned around, suddenly feeling that the clothes worn by that person were rather familiar!

Recalling the scene of him killing just now again, that person … seemed to be Qin Yu?

“Big Brother Qin Tian, killed … killed the wrong person! It … It’s Little Yu!”

Qin Pei and Qin Zheng’s actions were one beat slower than Qin Tian’s, but saw a little more clearly .

Qin Tian’s sword just now infused all of his strength . It was incomparably fast, not planning on giving ‘Ye Yuan’ any chance to catch his breath at all .

Under such swift speed, even he himself also did not see clearly what the other party looked like .

However, Qin Pei duo did not have time to yell yet and Qin Yu was already dead!

Qin Pei duo’s quivering voices abruptly startled Qin Tian awake .

“Impossible! How could it be Little Yu? How could it possibly be Little Yu? Uncle Yuanlong clearly planted the Child-Mother Heart Linking Bug onto Ye Yuan . Why … Why is it Little Yu?”

Everything was arranged seamlessly . But why was the one who came to deliver himself to death was Qin Yu?

Qin Tian racked his brains and could not think of a reason too .

Until now, he was not willing to admit killing the wrong person, this fact .

But he knew in his heart that he really killed the wrong person!

Qin Pei and Qin Zheng, the two people, exchanged a glance, both with dazed looks .

They also did not know why such a blunder would happen!

This Qin Yu was different from Qin Shao . He was also a Qin Family’s lineal descendant, his bloodline relation very close to Qin Tian .

Furthermore, this Qin Yu relationship with him was normally pretty good as well, calling him Big Brother Qin Tian front and back; completely different from Qin Shao’s coldness and pride .

Now, he actually personally killed his own younger brother!

This outcome, Qin Tian could not accept it no matter what!

“Big Brother Qin Tian, could it be that Ye Yuan detected Uncle Yuanlong’s Child-Mother Heart Linking Bug, then deliberately grafted it onto Little Yu?” at this time, Qin Pei suddenly said out loud .

Clearly, this was the most likely situation to occur .

“Impossible! Uncle Yuanlong’s expertise in Bug Dao has reached the acme of perfection . Even Teacher Thundercry didn’t notice it when he planted the bug, so how could Ye Yuan possibly know? Moreover, even if he really knew, how could he possibly transfer Uncle’s Child-Mother Heart Linking Bug onto Little Yu?” Qin Tian said furiously .

It was precisely because he was very confident in Qin Yuanlong’s bug arts that Qin Tian would deal out the killing blow so assuredly .

Furthermore, when Qin Yuanlong planted the bug, even Thundercry, this Origin Deity Realm mighty expert did not detect it . How could Ye Yuan, a Grotto Profound Realm rookie, possibly discover it?


Under Qin Tian’s fury, he smacked a palm out, directly sweeping out a piece of open space in the dense forest!

Although he was unwilling to believe, he also knew that this was the most likely situation .

Except, how in the world Ye Yuan did it made him very puzzled .

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Ye Yuan, I must tear your corpse limb from limb!”

The current Qin Tian changed and became incomparably irritable from his former proud and aloof character .

He was unable to accept that a Grotto Profound Realm rookie toyed with him in the palm of his hands!

The Hall of Fame that time was like this . This time, it was still the same!

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That stifling feeling accumulating in his chest made him virtually about to explode .

He could clearly kill Ye Yuan with a wave of a hand, but the carefully planned killing trap actually became him killing his younger brother .

This outcome practically drove him nuts .

Qin Pei and Qin Zheng, the two of them were silent like cicadas in winter, not daring to say much either .

They knew that Qin Tian already reached the brink of eruption . They did not dare to go and set off this catalyst .

No idea how long had passed either, Qin Tian finally calmed down .

It was just that Qin Pei and Qin Zheng felt that Qin Tian seemed to be even more somber than before .

“Bury Little Yu! I’ll go and contact Uncle Yuanlong, tell him that the assassination failed! We’ll go do the mission first . I don’t believe that this guy can keep on not show up!” Qin Tian’s tone was icy-cold, not containing a trace of emotion .

In a certain corner of the mystic realm, Qin Yuanlong suddenly trembled, his gaze revealed a look of astonishment .

Just earlier, he received the news Qin Tian transmitted .

The assassination failed!

Ye Yuan saw through his Child-Mother Heart Linking Bug and even transferred it onto Qin Yu!

This … How was this possible?

“Yuan Long, what’s wrong with you?” Thundercry’s voice sounded out at an inappropriate time, interrupting Qin Yuanlong’s shock .

“N-Nothing!” Qin Yuanlong’s expression was not quite natural .

They also had the mission of harvesting spirit medicines when they entered the mystic realm . These places were very dangerous . Ordinary disciples could not come over .

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It was just that along the way, Thundercry was just like a dog-skin plaster; eyeing him at all times, leaving him no chance to leave at all .

Previously, Qin Yuanlong was still secretly sneering at Thundercry . He already planted the Child-Mother Heart Linking Bug, but the other party did not know .

But now, all of the mocking became astonishment .

Ye Yuan did not die . It was his nephew, Qin Yu, who died!

“Since it’s fine, the spiritual energy of that area ahead is very rich . There might be spirit medicines . Let’s go over,” Thundercry said .

“Mn, let’s go . ” Qin Yuanlong feigned an appearance as if nothing was wrong and followed Thundercry away .

It was just that he was already cudgeling his brain for a plan to leave .

Time passed day by day, various places inside the mystic realm played out the fighting and killings among the various cities’ disciples .

But Ye Yuan hid in a concealed cave to refine a One Transformation Profound Gold Pill .

One Transformation Profound Gold Pill was the body-refining pill formula that Dustless gave to Ye Yuan .

With his current strength, Tier 1 divine pills were basically nothing difficult .

He spent half a year’s effort to research the One Transformation Profound Gold Pill’s array formation thoroughly, finally refining this medicinal pill a few days ago .

Inside the dark cave, golden light radiated, illuminating the entire cave akin to daytime!

After another month of refining, Ye Yuan’s Nine Transformations Golden Body’s first transformation was finally achieved!

At this time, Ye Yuan’s entire body was molded like a golden body, the entire body assuming a golden color, looking very strange .

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No idea how long had passed either, the light faded . Ye Yuan’s skin finally recovered to its normal appearance .

But his current fleshy body was filled with strength .

Ye Yuan had a feeling that right now, by just relying on the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, he could have a battle with Qin Shao .

“Unfortunately, my fleshy body hasn’t broken through to the second transformation yet . Otherwise, my Atavism Dragon Soul should be able to awaken for the second time, right?” Ye Yuan pondered rather regretfully .

Ye Yuan’s Atavism Dragon Soul’s first awakening was ahead of schedule . But this second awakening kept failing to arrive .

But after reaching the Heavenspan World, Ye Yuan also discovered that even one of the dragon race’s paramount martial techniques, the Voice of the Dragon God, was also not considered a top-notch cultivation method in this place .

This move could not possibly be like it used to be in the Immortal Grove World, being ever-victorious .

At least, the Sundering Stars that he currently comprehended was more than a magnitude stronger than the Voice of the Dragon God .

However, the Voice of the Dragon God was still a very incisive martial technique in the end .

Furthermore, once he awakened for the second time, he could directly comprehend the power of laws to the limits of the second level . Helping him to leap realms to battle was also nothing difficult .

“It’s almost time . I should also go out and settle scores!” Ye Yuan slowly got up and walked towards the cave entrance .

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