Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 1501

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Chapter 1501: 1501

Chapter 1501 Unfettered Souleater Powder

Hearing Ka Xin’s wild laughter, You Ming’s body suddenly trembled .

“This packet of powder is just in order to ensure that he and I fight under fair conditions!”

Ye Yuan’s words were still ringing in his ears . You Ming suddenly realized that that packet of powder was in order to prevent Ka Xin from forcefully breaking through at the last minute to the Fiend Commander Realm!

But could that packet of powder really do it?

“You Ming, what’s wrong with you?” Bloodeagle suddenly asked .

You Ming shook his head and said, “Nothing! I wonder if Ka Xin can succeed in breaking through or not . If he succeeds, Ye Yuan will be in danger . ”

Although Bloodeagle and he both belonged to the Blood Yama Hall, this kind of thing, the fewer people that knew, the better .

Ka Xin was the Ka Family’s number one genius after all . A junior who would definitely be able to inherit the position of city lord in the future .

Once the news leaked out, it would be a troublesome affair .

Therefore, this matter, the fewer people that knew, the better .

Killing people did not necessarily need to use weapons .

How powerful the Assassination Hall was, only he, the hall master, as well as the Blood Yama Hall’s hall master knew .

On the second day after Ye Yuan handed him this packet of powder, he had Ka Xin drink it in complete secrecy .

And now, it seemed like it reached the time for it to take effect .

But Bloodeagle’s expression was ugly as he said, “With Ka Xin’s strength, breaking through shouldn’t be an issue . It will depend on whether Source Night can recover fiend essence rapidly or not . ”

The two people had both reached the point of total exhaustion right now . Whoever recovers strength first would be the victor!

Ye Yuan did not bother with Ka Xin’s ridiculing . He took out a medicinal pill very indifferently, and started recovering fiend essence .

Everyone’s heart leaped to their throats, watching this scene extremely nervously .

The violent spiritual energy gathered over from all directions . Ka Xin let out a long laugh, laughing brazenly without any fear .

This powerful sidelong glance made everyone cast a sidelong glance .

As long as Ka Xin broke through a realm, spiritual energy would instantly pour into Ka Xin’s body, becoming his fiend essence!

The fiend race primarily cultivated the fiend soul . Ka Xin completely released the suppression of the fiend soul and let the fiend soul start getting into contact with Heavenly Dao .

As long as he obtained the recognition of Heavenly Dao, his fiend soul would be able to advance smoothly, becoming a Fiend Commander powerhouse!

Suddenly, Ka Xin’s expression changed drastically .

He discovered that his fiend soul seemed to have run into a barrier . He was actually unable to break through!

The realm of Fiend Commander was right under his nose, seemingly within grasp .

But, this last step, he was unable to take it no matter what .

That feeling was like the reflection of the moon in the water . He could see it, but it could not be touched, driving him crazy .

“Damn it! Break through! What’s going on?” Ka Xin cried out in his heart .

“Mn? What’s going on? His Highness Ka Xin … seems to be somewhat not quite right!”

“With his strength, breaking through the bottleneck should be something that happens naturally without extra effort . But why is the spiritual energy showing signs of dissipating?”

“No way, right? His Highness Ka Xin is actually unable to break through? This … How is this possible?”

Very soon, the crowd on the grandstand discovered something amiss .

The spiritual energy that gathered over failed to be absorbed by Ka Xin and had signs of dissipating instead .

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This discovery made everyone perplexed .

You Ming’s expression became intent, titanic waves set off in his heart!

It indeed came!

The function of that packet of powder was indeed in order to prevent Ka Xin from forcefully breaking through!

You Ming as the Assassination Hall’s hall master could be said to be experienced and knowledgeable .

He had never heard before that there was some kind of medicinal powder that could make people unable to break through realms . Furthermore, the party still did not have the faintest inkling .

This packet of medicinal powder was truly unknown to Gods nor ghosts!

Moreover, Ye Yuan said back then, this packet of medicinal powder would have an effect on his level of powerhouse .

If he did not believe in such heresy and tried it, would it be impossible for him to break through to the Fiend Lord Realm in this lifetime too?

Extreme horror after long deliberation!

The grandstand’s third level, Yi Han looked at Ye Yuan who slowly stood up . A hint of a smile flashed across her eyes .

“Looks like the outcome is a foregone conclusion! City Lord Ka Long, you wouldn’t blame me, right?” Yi Han said to Ka Long with a smile .

But Ka Long seemed very indifferent and said with a smile, “Hall Master Yi Han is too kind! Reaching our realm, those below Fiend Lord are all ants . Ka Xin losing to Source Night is his strength being inadequate . How could I blame you? Merely a junior, just groom another one will do . ”

If Ye Yuan heard this, he would definitely get a huge shock .

Yi Han who teased and flirted with him that time was actually the incomparably mysterious Blood Yama Hall’s hall master!

And she was actually a Fiend Lord powerhouse, the same as City Lord Ka Long!

Hearing Ka Long say this, Yi Han covered her mouth and smiled as she said, “It’s good that City Lord doesn’t blame me! You rest assured, I owe you a favor this time . ”

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Ka Long’s brows raised up . Looking at Yi Han rather surprisedly, she said, “Hall Master Yi Han’s favor is much more valuable than a junior . ”

Ye Yuan slowly walked towards Ka Xin and said nonchalantly, “I said before, your winning streak isn’t anything remarkable . You see, nobody is cheering for you anymore . ”

A hint of panic finally flashed across Ka Xin’s face .

“No, impossible! Why, why would I fail to break through? This … This is impossible!”

Helplessness was written all over Ka Xin’s face . He completely never thought before that he would fail breaking through the Fiend Commander Realm!

Let alone that Ye Yuan had long planned this scheme a year ago, in order to prevent him from breaking through his realm .

Everything was long already destined at that moment when he decided to kill Ye Yuan .

Ye Yuan had witnessed before Qin Tian breaking through at the last minute . So how could he possibly give him the opportunity to break through?

That packet of powder was called Unfettered Souleater Powder, a medicine specially made to target the fiend race’s fiend soul .

As long as fiend race martial artists consumed it, the Unfettered Souleater Powder would directly act on the fiend soul, making the fiend soul unable to perceive heaven’s secrets, unable to advance an inch further in this lifetime!

The Unfettered Souleater Powder was colorless and odorless and also would not cause any harm to a martial artist’s strength .

But, as long as they succumbed, they could forget about breaking through again in this lifetime .

Until death, they would not know what was going on .

Although the Unfettered Souleater Powder that Ye Yuan refined could not affect You Ming to the point he could no longer advance an inch further for life, but for him to advance to become a Fiend Lord this kind of thing, he could forget about it .

“Impossible! I’m the King of Blood Battle! How can I lose to a high-rank Fiend General? Argh! I’ll fight it out with you!”

Ka Xin roared, pouncing over toward Ye Yuan .

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However, in his current state, he was unable to pose any threat to Ye Yuan at all .

Ye Yuan looked at him with pity and said coolly, “When you were immersed in the glory of the past, you were already doomed to today’s outcome . You are not irreplaceable . The King of Blood Battle is it? What a ridiculous honor!”


Ye Yuan’s long sword swung, directly crushing Ka Xin’s fiend soul, not giving him any chance .

All those present were dead silent .

Although they had long already known the outcome, when this instant arrived, they still could not quite believe it .

The King of Blood Battle, the legend of the Blood Battle Stage, was defeated just like this?

Just what kind of terrifying existence is that handsome young man on the ring?!

“This battle, Source Night wins, Ka Xin loses!”

Finally, the referee’s announcement shattered this silence .

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