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Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 1502

Published at 14th of June 2020 05:50:09 AM

Chapter 1502: 1502

Chapter 1502 Attracted by Fame

Even with Bloodeagle’s shrewdness, he nearly jumped up .

He was simply too excited . A single fight actually earned back two to three years of profit!

This money was simply swept over by the wind .

The Blood Battle Stage was the most profitable hall among the halls within the Blood Yama Hall . It could be described using the phrase bringing in bushels of gold daily .

But earning money like this today had never happened in history before!

Deducting those who bet on Ye Yuan’s victory, the Blood Battle Stage crazily pulled in 100 billion low-grade fiend essence stones today alone .

“Hahaha! It’s still Lord Hall Master who had foresight . This money was earned too easily! I really didn’t expect, really didn’t expect! Before today, who would have thought that a middle-rank Fiend General could defeat the King of Blood Battle, Ka Xin?” Bloodeagle said excitedly .

Today, the Blood Battle Hall reaped a huge earning . He, this hall master, felt like his back was straightened .

You Ming was clearly not as excited as Bloodeagle and said indifferently, “Yea, it’s still Lord Hall Master who had the foresight! This boy is absolutely not a creature that belongs in a shallow pond . His talent, methods, are all too terrifying!”

A few families rejoice and a few families are in sorrow!

Compared to Bloodeagle’s excitement, wailing sounds echoed outside .

“It’s over! This time, it’s thoroughly over! Was I freaking stupid? Why would I pledge all of my assets? With this, I lost everything!”

“My fiend essence stones! Sniff sniff … Your Father went through fire and water for several thousand years before saving up these few tens of thousands of fiend essence stones . Now … returned to before liberation overnight!”Visit website our Listnovel . com

“Damn Ka Xin, to actually cause me to lose so badly! Ahh, ahh, ahh, I’m going crazy!”

“Hahaha … Profit! Earned big profits! I wagered 50 thousand fiend essence stones and it flipped 15 times all at once! 15 times! Hahaha …”

That person was immersed in excitement but did not notice that there were already many pairs of eyes staring at him .

Those mucking around the Blood Battle Stage, the majority were martial artists mucking around at the bottom-level .

Now that they lost all of their assets, they were already anxious until their eyes turned red .

This fellow who bet on Ye Yuan’s victory earned money but did not know how to restrain himself . Later, he would not even know how he died .

However, there were always some people who were exceptions .

Fan Lin was hugging Li Ji at this time, wishing to hold her with his everything .

He had never felt that this daughter was so pleasing to the eye .

Ye Yuan was the Fan Family’s special-grade retainer . Fan Lin naturally would not bet on Ka Xin’s win like the others .

However, he was not optimistic about Ye Yuan at all .

Harboring the idea of cheering Ye Yuan on, Fan Lin bet on Ye Yuan one million fiend essence stones .

He never thought that in a blink, Ye Yuan earned him 15 million fiend essence stones!

Even to a large family like the Fan Family, 15 million fiend essence stones were absolutely not a small sum as well .

More importantly, there was excitement on his face!

The name of Source Night would reverberate throughout Capone Capital City tonight . His Fan Family would naturally benefit from association with it too .

“My good daughter, you’re really too discerning! This treasure, you have to help me keep in the Fan Family no matter what! Hahaha …” Fan Lin said with a loud laugh .

Starting from just now, there was no idea how many Capone Capital City nobles coming over to congratulate him .

He, this Fan Family’s family head, immediately felt radiance on his face .

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However, Li Ji was clearly not as optimistic as Fan Lin .

She kept feeling that Ye Yuan was neither friendly nor aloof to her . Regarding her active pursuit, he also seemed very perfunctory .

Sigh, can only take it one step at a time, Li Ji thought in her heart .

When the entire capital city was discussing how formidable Ye Yuan was and so on, Ye Yuan himself was not very aware of it .

Walking along the way, Ye Yuan had defeated too many geniuses, regardless of whether alchemy or martial arts .

Toward this kind of victory, he had long been able to treat it like a normal day .

Returning to the Fan Family to recuperate his wounds, Ye Yuan was not in a hurry to cultivate but spent all day in the Fiend Medicine Hall .

His prestige was like the noonday sun currently . Everyone in the Fiend Medicine Hall, including the hall master, all treated him with the courtesy of a teacher .

Such a good resource, Ye Yuan did not wish to squander .

He worked as a teacher in the Fiend Medicine Hall while making use of the Fiend Medicine Hall’s resources to comprehend the Alchemy Dao .

Ye Yuan’s research on Two-star divine pills had not reached the level of grand completion yet . It still required a great deal of practical work before it could attain grand completion .

The Fiend Medicine Hall’s resources were abundant and they also had the greatest esteem for him . It was naturally the best place for Ye Yuan to study Alchemy Dao .

Therefore, Ye Yuan became the Fiend Medicine Hall’s attending fiend apothecary, granting all demands .

Anyone who came to the Fiend Medicine Hall to request for pills, he would accept it all .

Of course, Ye Yuan studying Alchemy Dao still had a very important mission: to develop the pill formula to repair the divine sea!

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Regarding Little Fatty Xie Jingyi, Ye Yuan had always kept him in mind .

No matter what, he had to let Fatty Xie restore his divine sea and cultivate anew!

But Ye Yuan also knew that this was not something that could be done overnight .

The study of Alchemy Dao required accumulated practice and research . The higher the grade of the divine pill, the harder to comprehend, let alone talk about developing new medicinal pills .

Half a year was about to pass in a twinkle . The matter of Ka Xin being killed by Ye Yuan had long faded away already .

But now, the title of Capone Capital City’s number one Fiend Apothecary rose in the capital city .

Every day, the martial artists who surrounded the Fiend Medicine Hall’s front door to request for pills lined up like a long dragon .

The fiend general powerhouses in Capone Capital City all took pride in getting one of Master Source Night’s medicinal pills .

The medicinal pills that Ye Yuan refined were hiked to an extremely high price in the black market .

It was inevitable . The medicinal pills that Ye Yuan refined, the quality was high, and the medicinal effect was strong . Others could not compare to Ye Yuan’s pills at all .

However, through this half a year of training, Ye Yuan corrected all the bad habits of Meng Qi and the others . This made their pill refining standard improve greatly .

The five elders were all shedding tears of gratitude .

On this day, Meng Qi approached Ye Yuan and said carefully, “Master Source Night, our Long Ping Capital City, Blackjade Capital City, and Purple Nether Capital City’s Fiend Medicine Halls’ associates heard that Master’s alchemy standard is extremely high and came attracted by your fame, hoping to listen to master preach on Dao . Wonder what is Master’s opinion?”

Ye Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly and he said indifferently, “Did you all listen too much and feel that my preaching isn’t worth money? Anyone can come and listen?”

Meng Qi’s heart thumped and he hurriedly said, “This … Master’s words are too serious! Master’s preaching, every phrase is a gem, causing us to be enlightened at once . How could it be something cheap?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “The reason why I stay here is that I owe your Blood Yama Hall a favor, not because I have nothing better to do . As for the other capital cities’ Blood Yama Halls, I’m not acquainted with them, and I don’t want to be acquainted as well . Let them go back where they came from!”

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Meng Qi had an awkward look and withdrew helplessly .

After Meng Qi went out, Ye Yuan gave a cold snicker .

Did the Blood Yama Hall really take him to be a free labor force?

Not hemorrhaging any blood at all and wanted him to preach on Dao for them . Dreaming too beautifully .

Regarding those people coming to listen to the sermons, Ye Yuan did not have objections .

But they must repay it with a favor!

In this half a year, although Ye Yuan borrowed the Fiend Medicine Hall, this platform, his alchemy strength improved a lot .

But what the Fiend Medicine Hall obtained from here far exceeded what they paid .

Disregarding others, it was still very promising for the five elders to step into the realm of Three-star Fiend Apothecary in the future under his guidance .

Just this alone was already above their money’s worth .

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