Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 1503

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Chapter 1503: Chapter 1503 - Congratulations, You“ve Already Been Blacklisted

Chapter 1503 Congratulations, You“ve Already Been Blacklisted

After leaving Ye Yuan, Meng Qi had a bitter smile on his face .

He knew that it would be this result .

It was just that the hall master made him come over . So he had no choice as well . He could only come and give it a try .

The Fiend Medicine Hall underwent an earth-shaking transformation under Ye Yuan’s hands in this half a year .

Recently, these few days, Meng Qi faintly felt his realm that had yet to loosen for a long time actually have signs of going to break through .

This discovery made him extremely agitated .

Meng Qi had already stopped at this realm for 10 thousand years .

He knew that he had long exhausted his potential and that there was basically no hope of breaking through in this lifetime .

But now, he actually had hopes of breaking through to the legendary Three-star Fiend Apothecary . How could this result not make him wildly ecstatic?

But Meng Qi knew, for him to be able to break through, it was entirely Ye Yuan’s credit .

In this half a year, Ye Yuan opened another window for them, letting him see a whole new world .

The few little tricks that Ye Yuan imparted to them could be said to have polish up their alchemy skill, making their strength advance by leaps and bounds .

Meng Qi refining the Devil Dragon Flame Crystal Pill currently was basically all middle-grade as the start . There was a very large chance of being able to refine high-grade .

To be able to have this kind of improvement in half a year, it could simply be described using riding a rocket .

If it were before, Meng Qi never dared to think that he could still have such rapid improvement in alchemy!

He knew that the other four elders also obtained varying degrees of improvement .

And all this was all thanks to Master Source Night!

Meng Qi even knew that the hall master’s improvement in this half a year was similarly very great . He already flung the other two Three-star Fiend Apothecaries in the city far behind .

The current Ye Yuan was already revered by them akin to a god!

The Fiend Medicine Hall’s change was so great, but Ye Yuan never opened his mouth to ask for anything before .

Even with him being present and refining pills, it was the customers that prepared the required spirit medicines themselves for refinement . The Fiend Medicine Hall did not need to do much .

It was the Fiend Medicine Hall that owed Ye Yuan greatly .

Now, the other capital cities’ people are coming to seek experience . This was clearly the interaction between the upper echelons .

The Blood Yama Hall treated Master Source Night as someone that could be squeezed dry . It would be weird if he was happy .

Kong Xiao was Blackjade Capital City’s Fiend Medicine Hall’s hall master . Regarding upstairs making him bring people over to listen to people preach on Dao, he was actually very disdainful in his heart .

Fiend Apothecaries were all proud . He, a Three-star Fiend Apothecary, how venerated was his status? Ordinary Fiend Apothecaries, he did not pay any attention to them at all .

His alchemy strength was also a first-rate existence among the hall masters in the nearby few capital cities .

What made him even more gloomy was that he heard that this Fiend Apothecary preaching on Dao was actually just a Two-star Fiend Apothecary .

How to make him accept this?

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“Yi Mo, this master has such airs . Even you, a hall master, can’t invite him?” Kong Xiao said unhappily .

A Fiend Medicine Hall’s hall master wanting to meet a Two-star Fiend Apothecary actually still had to pass on a message . Wasn’t this a joke?

Yi Mo was Capone Fiend Medicine Hall’s hall master . Out of fear of losing face, that was why he made Meng Qi go and invite Ye Yuan .

Actually, he also knew that Ye Yuan most likely would not agree to meet these people .

“Kong Xiao, this place isn’t the Blackjade Capital City . If you don’t care about it, you can immediately leave, I didn’t invite you to come!” Yi Mo said with a dark expression .

The moment Kong Xiao heard, he was delighted and said with a smile, “Yo, became courageous huh?! If not for my hall master asking me to come, do you think I’ll come to this lousy place? What master still, pooh! A Two-star brat also dares to come out and show off! It’s just your lousy standards that you call anybody your master when you see them, right?”

Capone Capital City’s Fiend Medicine Hall was indeed ranked near the bottom of the few capital cities in the vicinity .

From numbers to strength, they were all far inferior to the other few cities .

Hence, when Kong Xiao saw Yi Mo, he had his head held high, not taking the latter seriously at all .

Yi Mo was livid with rage and said, “Good! Very good! Since you don’t care for Master Source Night’s preaching the Dao, then please go back!”

Kong Xiao was just about to speak when Meng Qi came out from inside and said to Yi Mo with a bow, “Hall Master, Master Source Night said, let them go back where they came from!”

The two people’s conversation just now, Meng Qi heard all of it .

He originally wanted to say it a little tactfully . Now, he did not give face at all, directly reiterating Ye Yuan’s words as it was .

When Kong Xiao heard this, he directly lost it and said furiously, “Ha, what high-sounding sentiments! A measly little Two-star Fiend Apothecary actually dares to speak to this hall master this way! I’ll go and meet your hall master straight away . I want to see what she says! Wu Hao, Metalheart, they are kneading us here . Let’s go find their hall master together then!”

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Wu Hao and Metalheart were respectively Long Ping Capital City and Purple Nether Capital City’s Fiend Medicine Hall’s hall masters .

When Kong Xiao said finish, he turned around and was about to leave .

But walking a few steps, he discovered that Wu Hao duo did not follow after .

He could not help stopping and said with a frown, “Didn’t the two of you hear? They are having us go back to where we came from? You guys still want to drag out your stay here to look at people’s countenance?”

But Wu Hao chuckled and said, “You leave then . Our Long Ping Capital City came over harboring the attitude of learning . How can we sweep away the host’s face? Since he’s a master, he naturally has his pride . We should bring out some sincerity . ”

Metalheart also smiled and said, “Why not Brother Kong Xiao go and find Lord Hall Master? Perhaps we’ll be able to meet Master Source Night . ”

Kong Xiao’s brows furrowed, countless question marks flashing across in his heart .

What was with these two people?

He knew that these two people also looked down on the Capone Fiend Medicine Hall .

When they just entered the city, the three of them even met up and discussed together that they could not let Yi Mo become intoxicated by success, and had to extinguish their prestige properly .

Why did their attitudes have a 180-degree major change now?

There must be something that he did not know in-between this!

His face fell and he said, “The two of you, what’s the meaning of this?”

Wu Hao smiled and said, “No meaning . We came to Capone Capital City without paying heed to the distance . We naturally have to have an exchange with Brother Yi Mo more . Brother Yi Mo, this Wu had some queries recently, let’s … explore it?”

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Yi Mo had yet to speak when Metalheart also smiled and said, “Brother Yi Mo, I brought quite a few people this time . We’re brothers, so we need to interact more!”

Yi Mo was confused, but one could not reach their hands out to hit a smiling face . He clasped his hands and said with a smile, “That is, of course!”

Kong Xiao’s eyes narrowed slightly and he gave a cold snort as he said, “Humph! I don’t believe that a Two-star Fiend Apothecary can actually defy the heavens? He’s not meeting us, right? I’ll make him crawl over to see me!”

Done talking, Kong Xiao was just about to flick his sleeves and leave .

Right at this time, Ye Yuan slowly walked out and just happened to hear this sentence . He said with a smile, “Is that so? Then congratulations to you, you’ve already been blacklisted and can head back home . ”

Kong Xiao suddenly turned around and said in a cold voice, “You’re that whatever bullshit master? Heh, I was wondering who it was, turns out that it’s a brat still wet behind his ears! Yi Mo, you all are really declining with the passing of time! Kid, you rest assured . I’ll head back home . But you need to be on your knees and give me three kowtows first!”

But Ye Yuan did not even bother with him and said to Yi Mo, “Hall Master Yi Mo, this recent half a month, I want to return to the Fan Family for closed-seclusion . This half a month, don’t send people to come and find me . ”

Finished talking, he did not wait for Yi Mo to answer either, directly walking past from Kong Xiao’s side and left the Fiend Medicine Hall .

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