Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 1824

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Chapter 1824: 1824

What was that Treasure Pig?

With Chai Zhen not saying anything, no one knew either .

But the people knew that this pink cute piggy definitely had an extraordinary background .

Except, no idea why this pig was so close to Ye Yuan . This made all of the sects extremely envious .

Returning to the Spirit Medicine Hall, Chai Zhen ordered people to go prepare the spirit medicines on the list straight away . He instructed that no matter how difficult, they must prepare it by today, and then deliver it to Upper Groove Court .

Finally, he returned to his residence, wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and let out a long sigh of relief .

“So close, so close! Du Rufeng this damn thing, almost scammed Your Father! But why would Treasure Pig appear here? Could it be that … that lord is also here?”

Thinking of this, Chai Zhen could not help being alarmed into breaking out in cold sweat .

Upper Groove Court, Ye Yuan’s residence, Treasure Pig was lying on the bed, sleeping soundly . Saliva even hung off the corners of its mouth, as if it was still eating delicacies in his sleep .

This little thing was really like a pig, apart from eating, it was sleeping .

Xu Yan looked at the asleep Treasure Pig and said with a look of awe and asked Ye Yuan softly, “What background does this little thing have, for both Du Rufeng and Chai Zhen to actually be afraid of him!”

Ye Yuan smiled bitterly and said, “How would I know? But shouldn’t you be more concerned about that child?”

Xu Yan was taken aback and said uncertainly, “You mean … Little Tong? Isn’t he just a kid? Even though he knows spatial law, his strength seems to be ordinary, right?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “His strength indeed isn’t strong, but don’t you forget the words he said to Treasure Pig . He might be the disciple of Treasure Pig’s master or descendant . And Treasure Pig’s owner is the true big shot!”

Xu Yan’s face changed, he clearly did not think as deeply as Ye Yuan .

Currently, through Ye Yuan’s tip, he was immediately startled into breaking out in cold sweat .

To be able to make two great True God elders so fearful, then what kind of existence was the important person behind him?

“This important person …”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “Although the gap between True God Realm and True God Realm is similarly extremely great, to be able to make them so afraid at seeing a pet, that important person is very likely an Empyrean powerhouse!”

“Hiss …”

Although he was long mentally prepared, Xu Yan was still taken aback with fright by Ye Yuan’s statement .

Empyrean powerhouse!

Even in the Heavenspan World, Empyrean powerhouses were absolute sovereigns in a region, an existence that rode above all life .

True Gods and Empyreans, both were existence from two completely different worlds .

Although Xu Yan was strong, barring no accidents, Empyrean this realm, was cut off from him .

In the Bamboo Groove Void Realm, practically no one had seen before Empyrean powerhouses .

This was an extremely mysterious bunch, gods standing high above the masses, existences that all life looked up to .

How could Xu Yan not be shocked?

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Actually, Ye Yuan was also deeply moved in his heart .

As early as in the Immortal Grove World, he had already heard of Empyrean powerhouses .

All the way until today, it was his first time being so close to an Empyrean powerhouse .

Back then, Kun Wu and Dustless both predicted that it was absolutely impossible for him to reach the realm of Empyrean .

But now, he did not seem to be that far away from the Empyrean Realm anymore .

“But I can’t figure out why Treasure Pig would stick to you? It should be its first time meeting you!” Xu Yan suddenly said .

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Most likely, it’s aiming for the medicinal pills on me . ”

Xu Yan said in puzzlement, “The medicinal pills on you? Elder Du is a Six-star Alchemy God, could the medicinal pills he refines be worse than yours? Moreover, the temple’s alchemists are also not just Du Rufeng alone . Some people’s strengths are even above his . Why would this Treasure Pig pick you?”

Ye Yuan laughed when he heard that and said, “Elder Xu, how do you want me to answer your question?”

Xu Yan said, “Of course it’s to answer truthfully!”

He was indeed very curious about what unique aspect Ye Yuan had, to be able to make Treasure Pig not scruple to fall out with Little Tong .

Ye Yuan was helpless and could only say, “Of course it’s naturally because the quality of my medicinal pills is better than theirs . ”

Xu Yan was stunned and scolded laughingly, “You punk, not coming up with a draft when you’re bragging! How can a Six-star Alchemy God’s strength be what you can imagine? Forget it, forget it, this kind of thing, maybe it’s fate . ”

Ye Yuan smiled and shrugged his shoulders, and did not say anything .

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Chai Zhen’s efficiency was very high, he sent over all of the rank five spirit medicines on that very day .

When Ye Yuan saw the dazzling array of spirit medicines, he was also beside himself with joy .

He had always worried about the problem of spirit medicines after rank five . Wanting to become a qualified Five-star Alchemy God naturally needed large quantities of spirit medicines to practice .

Now, with Treasure Pig, this matter was resolved with ease .

There was still around half a month from the Bamboo Groove Martial Conclave . Ye Yuan could just make use of this period of time to become proficient in rank five divine pills .

After three days, a skinny figure slipped into Upper Groove Court sneakily .

His figure was erratic and extremely elusive .

In a blink of an eye, he ducked into Ye Yuan’s room .

One look and he saw the Treasure Pig drooling away on the bed, and was immediately bellowing smoke from all seven orifices from anger .



Little Tong took a step and immediately seemed to have hit into a wall, knocking until his nose ached badly .

“This kid actually even knows how to lay down a spatial restriction! Treasure Pig is mine! What right does he have?!” Little Tong said angrily .

Waiting for three days, Treasure Pig did not have the slightest sign of returning .

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Little Tong finally could not bear it anymore and wanted to quietly steal Treasure Pig away .

But very clearly, he underestimated Ye Yuan .

Ye Yuan was extremely familiar with spatial law, how could he possibly let people break into the room?

Right then, a layer of ripples appeared in space, Ye Yuan’s figure appeared .

When Little Tong saw Ye Yuan, his eyes spewed fire as he said, “Punk, what’s the meaning of this? Treasure Pig is mine!”

Ye Yuan shrugged and said, “Weren’t you going to cut off all ties with him?”

Little Tong choked when he heard that and said with a cold snort, “That … That was just words said in anger! Moreover, Treasure Pig following you is just feeling novel for some time . Don’t think that occasionally refining a few pretty decent quality medicinal pills, you can make Treasure Pig commit himself to you . Let me tell you, Treasure Pig’s mouth is very picky!”

“Oh, then when it’s willing to go back, I’ll let it go back . You relax, I won’t take forcible possession of it,” Ye Yuan said coolly .

He indeed did not have the idea of making Treasure Pig his . He could not afford to raise this dainty pig . Eating medicinal pills every day, how could he afford to rear it?

Hearing Ye Yuan say so, Little Tong’s expression eased up . He then said in a childish voice, “You can refine medicinal pills that satisfy Treasure Pig, so you indeed have a lot of potential . How about this? I’ll make Du Rufeng take you in as a disciple, you just follow Du Rufeng in the future . ”

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and shook his head as he said, “Acknowledge him as my master? I’m not interested . He can’t teach me . ”

The moment Little Tong heard, he was furious again and said, “You brat, really don’t know how to appreciate favors! You merely just broke through to Celestial Deity Realm, do you really think that you’re remarkable? Do you know how many people in Bamboo Groove Void Realm want to acknowledge Du Rufeng as master, but have no way? Who do you think you are, that even a Six-star Alchemy God can’t teach you?”

Ye Yuan could not be bothered with him . Flicking his palm, several medicinal pills appeared in his palm .

The moment the medicinal pills appeared, the sleeping Treasure Pig seemed to have been struck by lightning, turning into a streak of pink light and pouncing toward Ye Yuan .

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