Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 634

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Chapter 634: 634

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Tier 7 powerhouses!

Just how stable did this space have to be to be able to accommodate Tier 7 powerhouse existences?!

At least, Ye Yuan knew that other than an extremely few numbers of several highly stable special worlds, it was simply impossible for Tier 7 experts to exist in the Lower Realms .

And those worlds, Ye Yuan knew all of them . It was definitely not the Endless World .

Then just what kind of existence was this God Prohibited Demon Region before his eyes?

Ye Yuan suddenly discovered that this Endless World was really a mystical place . Although the world-order was not high and the aboriginals did not have much strength either, it hid numerous secrets .

Even him, a Divine Realm's former pinnacle existence, could not figure out this small world's actual situation too .

A special space like the God Prohibited Demon Region absolutely had its own secrets!

It was just that looking at Yu Huan's appearance, she was probably unaware .

"Fine then . Looks like there is a need to make a trip to Dongming Region . "

Ye Yuan was also filled with curiosity towards this God Prohibited Demon Region . At the same time he was seeking out the Azure Spirit Tree, he naturally had to explore a bit too .

He had a feeling that this God Prohibited Demon Region was probably not formed naturally but created by people .

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If not for this, it was impossible for humans to not exist here and would also not kill humans when they see them .

Which was also to say that somebody deliberately passed down this ancestral teaching in order to isolate here from the outside world .

And in truth, it was also impossible for the Endless World to have humans able to pass through the Essence Devouring Confounding Fog and enter here, apart from Ye Yuan .

Then to be able to split open such a space that could accommodate the God Prohibited Demon Region, how formidable a strength did that person have to be?

But Ye Yuan knew that even existences like the Ten Great Divine Kings could not possibly achieve this either!

This way, then there was only one explanation: Deity Realm powerhouse!

Only Deity Realm powerhouses had the strength to split open such a special space!

Any and all things that touched upon Deity Realm, Ye Yuan was naturally very interested .

To want to reach the Deity Realm, one must unravel the secrets of Deity Realm vanishing .

And these secrets, so many experts in the Divine Realm searched for so many years, but no one was able to unravel its secret .

Ye Yuan attempted to understand a little in the past too . But the things that he discovered in his past life was not even as many as this life .

Regardless whether was it the Divine Script, or the mysterious black bead, or the Vast Heaven Pagoda, or even this God Prohibited Demon Region, this Endless World seemed to be linked in countless intricate ways with Deity Realm .

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Him reincarnating into the Endless World, was it also an arrangement foreordained by the heaven?

Yu Huan and Yu Xin naturally did not know Ye Yuan's thoughts . Seeing Ye Yuan say that he wanted to go to Dongming Region, Yu Huan said, "It's too dangerous for you to go to Dongming Region by yourself . This elderly self still has to hold down the fort in the clan and isn't convenient to travel with you . Since you saved Yu Xin, let her follow you . At least she can also be a guide for you . "

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "Since that's the case, then thank you very much, Old Ancestor!"

Ye Yuan did not refuse . This God Prohibited Demon Region, he was completely blind to the situation, and indeed he needed a guide . If he walked by himself, who knows how much unnecessarily long way he would have to walk .

The three people were currently chatting away when Yu Shu ran in in a flustered manner and said urgently, "Old Ancestor, not good, not good! Elder Sister Yu Leng and the Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan people had a clash, and they were injured by them!"

Yu Xin's expression changed abruptly, and she said, "What? What happened? Why would Yu Leng get into a conflict with the Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan for no reason?"

Yu Shu said, "Elder Sister Yu Leng brought us to patrol outside . The result was that we discovered an area of Thunder Essence Fruit Grove! Except, that stretch of Thunder Essence Fruit Grove is situated right at the borders of our land and the Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan's boundary, and they also discovered that fruit grove as luck would have it . The Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan people were very overbearing and insisted that the Thunder Essence Fruit Grove was discovered by them . Elder Sister Yu Leng argued strongly on just grounds, in the end . . . in the end . . . "

In the end, she was naturally wounded!

Ye Yuan listened carefully by the side and knew that this result was bound to happen too .

With Yu Leng's personality, there was bound to be a conflict with the Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan .

However, when Ye Yuan heard 'Thunder Essence Fruit' three words, his eyes involuntarily radiated a light too .

This Thunder Essence Fruit was a rare thing . It inherently had the power of lightning and could help martial artists cultivate out the Concept of Thunder!

The incredible aspect of this Thunder Essence Fruit was that it did not require comprehension . One just had to directly swallow it down and refine it, and it could let their essence energy carry the Concept of Thunder; an extremely heaven-defying heaven and earth spirit fruit .

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To think that upon entering the God Prohibited Demon Region, he encountered such a treasure .

Heaven and earth treasures, those fated would get them .

Since Ye Yuan heard about this thing, it was naturally impossible for him to treat it like he did not see .

Of course, even if it were not for this Thunder Essence Fruit, Ye Yuan would not possibly turn a cold shoulder to the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan's matters too .

"This bunch of hateful bad snakes! Only know how to bully us all day long! If they have the capabilities, go be overbearing with the Blackwind Demonic Wolves!" Yu Xin said huffily .

Actually, Yu Xin's cultivation realm was not much lower than the other races' junior generation .

But the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan's combat strength was seriously terrible .

In comparison, the snake race and the wolf race's combat strength were very daunting .

Yu Shu was also indignant as she said, "The Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan only knows how to suck up to the Blackwind Demonic Wolves Clan . How can they dare to be arrogant to them?"

Ye Yuan suddenly spoke to Yu Huan, "Old Ancestor Yu Huan, they already bullied to your doorsteps, Aren't you going to take action?"

Yu Huan's expression changed, and she said with a bitter smile, "Our Azure Mountain Region's various clans have an unwritten rule: Tier 6 experts are not to interfere with the young generation's matters . Once I take action, it will surely stir their old ancestor . At that time, it will be even harder to resolve . "

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "Let's go then . I'll accompany you all to take a look . "

"You?" Yu Xin said in puzzlement .

But Yu Shu was overjoyed when she heard and said, "It's really great that Big Brother Ye Yuan is willing to help! Young Lord, Big Brother Ye Yuan is very strong! Elder Sister Yu Leng can't even last one exchange under his hands!"

What Yu Shu was talking about was still when Ye Yuan was at the First Level Soul Sea . Now that Ye Yuan broke through to the Second Level Soul Sea, he could one-shot Yu Leng without using the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations too .

Yu Xin could not help being startled inwardly when she heard that . She really did not know that Ye Yuan's Martial Path strength was actually so powerful .

These few days, she had been hearing how incredible Ye Yuan's pill refinement was all along, and how brilliant his medical skills were . But Ye Yuan's Soul Sea Realm cultivation boundary made her subconsciously feel that Ye Yuan was inadequate .

To think that Ye Yuan's combat strength was actually so powerful!

. . . . . .

Under Yu Shu's lead, Ye Yuan's party arrived at that Thunder Essence Fruit Grove very soon .

Far, far away, Ye Yuan could already sense the power of thunder and lightning emitting from inside the fruit grove .

Outside the fruit grove, two parties were currently facing each other . They were precisely the Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan and the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan .

"Yu Xin was already beaten to heavy injuries by Young Lord Wolf Fang . Yu Leng, you're your clan's strongest person already . Just now, that young lass secretly slipped away . Could it be that she could still bring any powerful reinforcements? Could it be that she went to call Yu Huan that old thing out? Heh heh," said a young man dressed in black with a cold smile .

"An Bing, don't be impudent! Let me tell you, Young Lord has already obtained an expert's treatment and has already recovered her strength now!" Yu Leng held her injury and said .

"Hahaha! Young Lord Wolf Fang taking action, it's already pretty good if Yu Xin that girl can survive! Putting aside that Yu Xin is badly wounded, even if she were perfectly fine, she would also be my vanquished opponent if she came!" An Bing said arrogantly .

"Is that so?" Yu Xin's aura changed and blocked in front of Yu Leng .