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Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 855

Published at 9th of October 2019 05:07:47 PM

Chapter 855

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"En, good that it's solid . If it isn't solid and you annoy Master Wu, the one courting death is yourself too . Alright, come with me then," the city guard said coolly .

Regarding Ye Yuan's life or death, he could not be bothered . As long as there was money to earn, it was fine .

The two people were just about to turn around and leave when suddenly, a clear and melodious voice stopped them from behind, "Hey, hey, two Big Brothers, are you guys lacking people who know array formations here?"

Turning around to take a look, turns out that it was a beautiful lady wearing a flaming red fur dress .

This lady seemed to be even a little younger than Ye Yuan's age . But her strength could not be underestimated . It actually reached Ninth Level Heaven Enlightenment already .

The girlie looked very pretty . That city guard was still thinking of flying off the handle, but the moment he saw her, he immediately put out the fire .

"Uh … You know array formations too?" The city guard asked .

The girlie nodded her head like a chicken pecking for rice and said with a wide beam, "I know, I know! Don't look at how I'm young, I'm a true-blue Tier 7 Array Master!"

The city guard sized this girlie up and down a bit, his gaze filled with disbelief .

"Huh? You don't believe? I'll display a move for you to see!"

The girlie seemed to have suffered some stimulation, casually lay down a miniature array formation . Her technique actually flowed smoothly and naturally .

Ye Yuan's eyes lit up . This girlie looked like she came from a family with profound teachings . Just this move was even stronger compared to quite a few Tier 8 Array Masters .

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The city guard's eyes turned intent, and he nodded and said, "Alright, you come too!"

The girlie looked at Ye Yuan with a smug smile and followed along as well .

"Master Wu, these two …"

The city guard had yet to finish talking when he was interrupted by Master Wu, "You two each set up a miniature Tier 5 array formation for me . If you can't set it up, get lost right now for me!"

Master Wu was clearly very impatient . There were even people coming up to seek guidance from him every now and time and were given a good dressing down by him .

Looks like he indeed had a hot temper .

That girl's lips pursed and she said disdainfully, "Tch, isn't it just a Tier 5 array formation? Watch carefully!"

As she said, the girlie imitated what was done before, and only used around ten breaths of time to finish laying down a Tier 5 array formation .

Master Wu was overjoyed the moment he saw and repeatedly praised, "Good, good, good! A fine Mystic Crystal Dipper Formation! You, lassie, do indeed have some Dao attainments . You can stay! You follow me in a while, I'll tell you what to do . "

When experts made their move, the genuine and the fake would become clear at a glance .

Although the lass looked young, her technique was extremely skillful . To be able to set up a Tier 5 array formation within ten breaths of time, her formations attainments would not be too poor .

Master Wu was an expert . He could naturally perceive clumsiness at a glance .

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Honestly speaking, he really lacked this kind of people who knew the ropes under his charge to act as an assistant . This girlie just happened to be perfect .

"Hey, your turn!" the girlie looked at Ye Yuan sneeringly and said .

She was roughly as old as Ye Yuan and did not believe that Ye Yuan could casually set up such a Tier 5 array formation .

"Hurry up, don't waste this old man's time! This super transmission array is damaged very badly . We must complete some fundamental array formation repairs before the Tier 9 Array Emperor comes over!" Master Wu said impatiently .

Witnessing the girlie's methods, Master Wu did not think that Ye Yuan could reach this sort of level either .

The Mystic Crystal Dipper Formation was a very profound Tier 5 array formation . Wanting to finish setting it up within ten breaths was indeed rather challenging for Tier 7 Array Masters .

Ye Yuan nodded his head and made his move like lightning!

With this movement, Master Wu and the girlie's gaze immediately sharpened!

"This boy is intentionally provoking me, no? It's actually the Mystic Crystal Dipper Formation too! This missus doesn't believe that you can set it up even better than this missus!" The girlie was secretly displeased .

But Ye Yuan's performance disappointed her .

Ten breaths!

Just nice ten breaths of time, no more, no less . Ye Yuan similarly finished setting up the formation .

Seeing Ye Yuan finish setting up the formation, Master Wu could not help being slightly dazed .

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Experts in arrays were the same as alchemists, all rare species . To be able to have such formations attainments at a young age was even rarer .

He did not think that today he would see two of them all at once!

The Mystic Crystal Dipper Formation which Ye Yuan set up was virtually identical with the girlie's . Even the time was grasped just nice .

This skill was not what ordinary people could accomplish .

"Master Wu, done," Ye Yuan said with a slight smile .

"Ah! Good, very good! The two of you are both pretty good, really not bad! There's a Tier 7 child-formation over there that's damaged very badly . Not many people here are qualified to take on the duty . The two of you go and give it a try . Keep in mind, if you encounter anything you don't know, come and ask me . Don't ruin the array formation," Master Wu said .

"Alright, Master Wu . We'll get going . " Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said .

"Hey, what are you walking so quickly for? Wait for me!" The girlie hurriedly chased after when she saw that Ye Yuan left .

The girlie caught up to Ye Yuan and said with an unkind tone, "Hey, punk! Did you do it intentionally just now?"

Ye Yuan acted dumb and said, "Intentionally? What does miss mean?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

The girlie pursed her mouth and said, "Quit playing possum! Similarly Mystic Crystal Dipper Formation, likewise ten breaths . How can there be such a coincidental thing? Own up, did you go easy just now?"

With Ye Yuan's formations attainments, how could setting up a Tier 5 array formation require ten breaths of time?

The reason why he did it was just that Ye Yuan did not wish to stand out too much .

As long as he controlled it at ten breaths of time, Master Wu could not say anything .

Ye Yuan still feigned ignorance and said, "Not at all . I already tried my best before barely managing to complete within ten breaths . Miss is overly sensitive . "

The girlie blinked and said, "Is what you said true?"

"Of course it's true! The Mystic Crystal Dipper Formation isn't an ordinary Tier 5 array formation; Completing within ten breaths, I already performed exceptionally well," Ye Yuan said with a smile .

The girlie thought about it and felt that it made sense too, and she said, "Makes sense! Just that old fellow earlier, setting up a Mystic Crystal Dipper Formation is probably around ten breaths time or so as well . Even if you're any stronger, it's impossible to surpass him too . "

"That's right! Alright, time is tight . We'd better not lose time and repair the array formation at once," Ye Yuan said .

The girlie was startled and revealed a look of panic in her eyes . She quickly nodded and said, "Oh, right, right, right, quickly repair the array formation!"

This set of Tier 7 array formation was an utter piece of cake to Ye Yuan .

That lass clearly had exceedingly high attainments in Formations Dao too . In less than an hour's time, the two people finished repairing this Tier 7 child-formation .

"Hehe, really couldn't tell that you're pretty impressive in array formations . To actually be able to keep up with this miss's speed! I'm called Ding Shiyu, you?"

"Ye Yuan . "

"Ye Yuan? Really never heard before! This region's famous Formations Dao geniuses, I know all . Never heard of your name before . Looks like experts walk among the masses!" Ding Shiyu thought for a long time and did not figure out who Ye Yuan was either .

Ye Yuan said with a smile, "The Divine Realm is so large, how many people can you know? Alright, let's report completion of the task to Master Wu . "

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