Unrivaled Tang Sect - Chapter 244-3

Published at 23rd of April 2019 10:02:03 PM
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Chapter 244-3

Chapter 244 . 3: Qiu’er, I’m Not One Who Picks on Others

It seemed like it wouldn’t be easy for him to deal with Ji Juechen . After all, he was focused only on swords, while Huo Yuhao had to learn many things . Perhaps he could beat him in overall abilities, but it would become increasingly difficult for him to tackle Ji Juechen’s sword intent with just his own fist .

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At this point, Wang Qiu’er moved . She didn’t care about his sword intent or whatever tricks he had up his sleeve . In her eyes, her opponents would only meet with one result: destruction!

Wang Qiu’er burst towards Ji Juechen like a golden shooting star . Her right fist also turned completely golden, and she attacked without using any flowery skills .

Ji Juechen held his sword with both his hands . He made half a step with his left leg and thrust forward . As this sword pierced out, the silver light around him was sucked into the sword, eventually gathering at the tip . The moment it stabbed out, the surrounding air seemed to overlap .

As a boom sounded, her fist and his sword collided, and an explosion rang out .

No one had expected Wang Qiu’er’s fist to change at the last moment .

Yes, it changed . Her fist turned into a palm . She tore through space just like that, and avoided Ji Juechen’s sword . Her right palm struck the blade instead .

Her body turned as the sword aimed for her vitals . The vicious sword intent that shot out struck the wall and caused a huge explosion, blowing apart a hole at least three meters wide . Ji Juechen’s sword also started to crack at this point .

Wang Qiu’er crushed his sword with her palm . As she made a turn, her left fist punched straight towards Ji Juechen!

Ji Juechen subconsciously lifted his hands to block . Another boom sounded, and Ji Juechen flew back like a broken sack, slamming into the wall .

Two strikes! From the start to the end, Wang Qiu’er only unleashed two strikes . The fight ended just like that .

As she stood straight, a gust of violent wind seemed to blow beside her . Her sleeves and hair were blown backward, and the golden light around her body was withdrawn .

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She was extremely strong! Everyone was stunned as they watched the fight .

Jing Ziyan was the most shocked . She understood Ji Juechen’s abilities the best . After he gained a deeper understanding of sword intent, his own sword intent seemed to have undergone a huge transformation . However, he lost so pathetically to Wang Qiu’er, even more pathetically than the first time he had fought Huo Yuhao . She also only had six soul rings, just like him!

Was this Shrek Academy’s ability?

Only Huo Yuhao could tell that Wang Qiu’er didn’t win easily, even though she appeared to be very relaxed . She seemed to have transcended space and avoided Ji Juechen’s sword intent . Her sleeves and hair were not blown back because she was trying to act cool . She was trying to neutralize the shockwave from Ji Juechen’s sword intent .

She stood there for five seconds before the wind around her calmed down and disappeared . She was slightly stunned as she looked at Ji Juechen, who had formed a human-shaped hole in the wall . She nodded at him and said, “Bring a better sword next time . ”

Ji Juechen was covered in dust now, and even looked slightly pathetic . However, his eyes were especially bright . He looked back at Qiu’er and nodded .

Wang Qiu’er turned around to look at Huo Yuhao and said, “Find me after you return to the inner courtyard . ” After she finished speaking, she didn’t bother with the others and left just like that, as if she had just done something insignificant .

Jing Ziyan’s facial muscles were cramping slightly as she muttered, “This, this is too much . Huo Yuhao, where did you find that lady?”

Huo Yuhao placed his hands behind his back and said carefreely, “Those from the Tang Sect are all of this standard . Don’t bother finding me in the future . Have you seen? These are my seniors . What are your plans?”

Ji Juechen didn’t bother with the dust on his body, and nodded at Huo Yuhao . He said, “Staying!”

Jing Ziyan also said, “We’re definitely going to stay here . Give us a place to stay and eat . That’ll be enough . ”

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Huo Yuhao furrowed his brow and said, “You can’t stay . The Tang Sect doesn’t accept outsiders . You will only be fed and given a place to stay if you join us . ”

Cough cough! Bei Bei coughed twice and hurriedly walked over . He said, “Since the two of you have come from afar, you can stay as long as you want . Of course, our doors will always be open to you . We are not as pathetic as little junior described us . Our sect has our own Martial Soul Department . I believe both of you know about the glory of the Tang Sect from thousands of years ago . We’re rebuilding the Tang Sect because we want to regain that glory again . ”

Huo Yuhao immediately added on, “Eldest senior, we can’t just accept anyone! Their abilities are a bit weak . Furthermore, we won’t accept outsiders . Once they learn from our sect, they can’t leave easily . Otherwise, we’ll have to get back what they’ve learned . ”

Jing Ziyan glared and asked, “Huo Yuhao, who’s weak?”

Huo Yuhao answered, “I’m talking about you . Can you beat me? I’m ranked sixth in the Tang Sect, but you can’t even best me . Aren’t you weak?”


As the two of them bickered, Ji Juechen’s eyes flashed for a moment before he nodded and said, “We’re staying . We won’t go . ”

Jing Ziyan snorted and said, “We’ll stay . When we learn the Tang Sect Secret Techniques, we’ll deal with you again . ”

Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly . “You’re welcome anytime . Alright, we are all Tang Sect brothers and sisters now . Let me introduce you . ”

He introduced all his seniors to them . Ji Juechen was still a little stunned, and only nodded at everyone . However, Jing Ziyan made up for what he was lacking, greeting everyone properly .

Bei Bei secretly gave Huo Yuhao a thumbs-up . They could obviously tell that the two of them had rather strong abilities . While Wang Qiu’er won beautifully, did Ji Juechen actually lose so heavily? Change his sword, and it would be difficult to tell .

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Huo Yuhao said, “Brother Ji, have you been unable to find a suitable sword?”

Ji Juechen nodded .

Huo Yuhao replied, “Try this . ” As he spoke, he took out a sword from his storage-type soul tool and offered it to Ji Juechen .

There was a reason why Ji Juechen was called a sword fanatic . When he saw swords, he had the same reaction as Xu Sanshi when he saw beauties . His eyes immediately brightened, and he was filled with passion . He received the sword without any hesitation .

Once the sword entered his hand, he immediately said, “It’s a good sword, thank you . ”

This sword’s blade surfaces were two different colors; one was black, and the other was white . Wasn’t this the Judgment Sword that had sparked the evil fire within Ma Xiaotao during the last Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament?

Elder Mu had eventually given this Judgment Sword to Huo Yuhao . But Huo Yuhao didn’t use swords, and thus he took this opportunity to give it to Ji Juechen .

Ji Juechen poured his soul power into the sword as he held it . A stunned look arose on his face . The combination of light and darkness was something he had never experienced before, but it was present in this sword . It was a truly strong sword!

Huo Yuhao said, “This sword is a close-combat soul tool . It’s also the strongest close-combat soul tool that I’ve ever seen . It’s called the Judgment Sword . It caused huge problems for us during the last tournament . I’m giving it to you now because I hope that you can unleash its full power . It doesn’t have many requirements of its user, and possesses great strength . I can feel that even the person who molded this sword was unable to unleash its full power . Just to reclaim this sword, Jing Hongchen came to Shrek Academy personally . From this, I’m sure you can tell how great it is . ”

“Alright, thanks . ” Ji Juechen thanked him for the second time, which showed how much he liked this sword . “A room for me?”

Huo Yuhao replied, “Okay . However, the two of you will need to shoulder some responsibility since you’ve joined Tang Sect . ”

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“Oh?” Ji Juechen was startled for a moment .

Huo Yuhao wore a serious expression on his face as he said, “At least you’ll need to be responsible for your own actions . Fix the wall . ”

He was right . Two of the walls had been damaged . The courtyard of the Tang Sect was now exposed .

Ji Juechen’s expression stiffened, and he looked at Jing Ziyan as if he were begging for help .

Jing Ziyan was also in a daze . She snapped, “Why are you looking at me? You’re a big man . You want me to fix the wall for you? Do you still have face?”

Ji Juechen’s expression turned bitter, and he asked Huo Yuhao, “Where are the bricks?”

Huo Yuhao’s lips twitched, and he tried his best not to laugh, “I’ll find some for you . ”

Jiang Nannan commented as she saw what happened, “Yuhao, don’t bully an honest person . I’ll arrange your living quarters . Regarding the wall, let the few of them think about it . ”

“Thanks . ” Ji Juechen felt as if he had met his benefactor .

Xu Sanshi was a little worried as he saw Ji Juechen’s handsome looks and felt his naturally woody aura . He rushed to say, “I’ll go too, I’ll go too . ”

Huo Yuhao was speechless as he said, “None of you saw how they tortured me in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy! I’m just exacting a little revenge on them . ”

Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan brought Jing Ziyan and Ji Juechen away to their living quarters .

Bei Bei watched as they left and didn’t hide his delight anymore, “Little junior, it seems like the Tang Sect is becoming more and more prosperous! Those two aren’t ordinary . ”

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