Unrivaled Tang Sect - Chapter 269-3

Published at 23rd of April 2019 09:57:28 PM
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Chapter 269-3

Chapter 269 . 3: Powerful Spiritual Power

The moment the fight started, Jing Ziyan had disappeared into smoke . However, everyone else could clearly see that Jing Ziyan’s eyes suddenly clouded over, and she released her martial soul while surveying the area around her cautiously . Then, Huo Yuhao made Ji Juechen let go as he turned his wheelchair in her direction . He released his Darkgolden Terrorclaw and gently placed it on Jing Ziyan’s neck . Throughout the entire process, Jing Ziyan did not even react . What did this mean? This meant that she was completely under Huo Yuhao’s spell! This was a terrifying and mystical sight, which many refused to believe . However, it had taken place before their eyes . Jing Ziyan might be confused by the whole thing, but even the other six of the Seven Monsters who understood Huo Yuhao, including Wang Dong’er, did not know how he won .

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Right now, as he faced Jing Ziyan in her smoke form, Huo Yuhao’s face turned serious . He then turned his head . While facing off against her, he turned his gaze toward Wang Dong’er .

Wang Dong’er asked slightly worriedly, “Yuhao?”

At this moment, she realized that Huo Yuhao’s gaze had turned warmer . His eyes brimmed with adoration and a warm love . In his eyes, Wang Dong’er could see her own figure . Just by noticing this, Wang Dong’er could clearly sense that her heart was slowly connecting with that of Huo Yuhao . An unspeakably deep bond encircled the two of them .

Why was Huo Yuhao looking at Wang Dong’er? Everyone was thinking the same thing in their minds . Then, the answer revealed itself .

The wheelchair under Huo Yuhao started to shine, and a dazzling golden light flashed . Thick light-type energy started to permeate his surroundings . Following that, a golden figure started to appear behind him . Huo Yuhao was bathed in a golden light .

Wasn’t the figure behind him Wang Dong’er? Here, he formed a Wang Dong’er purely from his spiritual power . Her facial expression and the look in her eyes resembled Wang Dong’er perfectly .

Then, Huo Yuhao gently reached out with his palm, and the projection of Wang Dong’er behind him did the same . The two figures instantly merged into one .

A terrifying intention was sent flying to the front . The purple clouds which had spread apart slowly came together . It was as if someone was throttling them . Then, they vanished, and Jing Ziyan appeared before everyone with a pale face .

Huo Yuhao’s hand remained in mid-air, but he did not continue reaching out . An intense golden light started to form in the center of his palm . “Do you still want to continue?” Huo Yuhao asked softly .

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Jing Ziyan’s forehead was laced with sweat . The short knives in her hands were trembling . She could not find the guts to fight Huo Yuhao . This was the first time she had experienced something like this . It was similar to facing Ji Juechen’s sword intent . However, while Juechen’s sword intent was in a continual process of betterment, which showed that there were still flaws, the intent that Huo Yuhao released appeared perfect to her .

This intention was used completely on her . At this moment, Jing Ziyan felt as if ten thousand tsunami waves were hurtling toward her . Her soul rings lost their functionality in that moment, and she felt her heart being squeezed by a huge hand . This moment of tightness caused her to abandon her soul skill . Before Huo Yuhao, as she looked at his palm, she only felt immense fear .

What… power is this? Why does it exert such a powerful suppression?

Furthermore, he had yet to release the energy stored in his hand . What if he did? In terms of spiritual power, this palm seemed capable of shocking heaven and earth, provoking spirits and gods!

Jing Ziyan had never expected Huo Yuhao, who had lost use three of his four limbs, to still be so strong .

This palm shocked everyone else present, including Ji Juechen .

Ji Juechen looked blankly at Huo Yuhao . “This intent, this ultimate intent, it’s what I’m after . ”

As he said that, he rushed toward Huo Yuhao . When he was in front of him, he grabbed Huo Yuhao’s shoulders tightly and said, “Yuhao, how did you… accomplish this? Such a perfect intent, how did you do it?”

Huo Yuhao smiled slightly as he looked at Wang Dong’er, who was in the distance and said, “Extreme love forms ultimate intentions . When I was on the verge of death, my heart was filled with Wang Dong’er, and I realized that this was a thought that I possessed completely by myself . Unlike the Sovereign’s Descent, this is something that belongs to me and me only . Actually, this palm is not as powerful as you think . Its strength lies in my thoughts, which have increased and become stronger . Its existence has almost elevated from the concrete-immaterial realm to the concrete-material realm . However, as my cultivation is too low, I must wait until I’m a seven-ringed soul sage before my spiritual power can match this thought .

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“As it comes from love, it manifests into an ultimate intent, the extremity of love . The extremity of your love is stronger than my dedication to my sword intent . Indeed, I never expected that you’d reach what I’ve been after quicker than me . ” Ji Juechen’s eyes brimmed with an intense passion . There was no envy, simply passion and appreciation .

Wang Dong’er now looked at Huo Yuhao more gently . Everyone could see how crazy Ji Juechen was over his sword intent . However, his passion for his sword could not compare to Huo Yuhao’s love for her . That simple line was enough to encapsulate the ocean-like love Huo Yuhao had for Wang Dong’er .

Huo Yuhao did not say that when Wang Dong’er was present, his Goddess of Light’s power would increase by 30% . After all, this required no thought, only a blissful sentiment . Only then could the power of Goddess of Light reach its maximum . If not, wanting to use an illusory spiritual thought to break Jing Ziyan’s Soul Emperor-level soul skill would be impossible .

Everyone started to crowd around next to Huo Yuhao . Bei Bei said nothing, he just smiled and give Huo Yuhao a thumbs-up .

He Caitou sighed in admiration, “Little brother, you are our secret weapon indeed!”

Xu Sanshi said pensively, “Your spiritual power has increased exponentially . Not bad, not bad . Hehe, your invisibility ability is derived from your second soul skill, right?”

Huo Yuhao laughed, but said nothing .

Jiang Nannan asked curiously, “What’s its radius?”

Huo Yuhao thought for a while and replied, “The bigger the radius, the faster my spiritual power will deplete . I can maintain a 50 meter radius for about 10 minutes . For every half meter radius less, I can maintain it for one more minute . ”

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Xiao Xiao said in shock, “Doesn’t this mean that when our opponents fight us, they won’t be able to see us at all?”

Huo Yuhao chortled and replied, “It’s not that strong, but it can affect their judgment . ”

Jing Ziyan then asked, “Just now, what ability did you use to blind me?”

Huo Yuhao scratched his head and said, “Let me keep some secrets to myself . Like this, when we face our enemies, we can surprise them . ”

Bei Bei smiled and said, “Yes, everyone, stop asking . Prepare to depart . Yuhao, you have given us all a big surprise . ”

Huo Yuhao chortled and said, “Elder brother, if I were useless, why would I still want to compete? I don’t wish to be a burden . ”

The origin energy of heaven and earth in his body greatly restricted his freedom of movement . It also restricted his second martial soul, the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion . After all, he could not even move . The Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s skills were meant for close-combat . Naturally, in his state, it was greatly weakened . Furthermore, he still needed to use a portion of her soul power to absorb the origin energy of heaven and earth . Hence, the only skill he could rely on was his Spiritual Eyes . As a control-type soul master, Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Eyes had undergone a fundamental change compared to before he had left for the Setting Sun Forest . While his soul power was only about 80% of what it had been, his actual fighting abilities were much stronger . His powerful Spiritual Eyes could let him do many things that he previously could not .

For example, his ability to control Jing Ziyan’s senses was an evolved form of Spiritual Interference . His Spiritual Interference had now almost become a domain! With his Spiritual Eyes martial soul, Huo Yuhao could easily surpass other soul masters of the same level . Furthermore, he still had the power of his soul bone, and he could still use a bit of Ice Empress’ powers .

The flying-type soul tool was activated . Huo Yuhao’s seat was attached to the soul tool . He released a Class 6 protective soul barrier to prevent his body from being buffeted by the wind . Wang Dong’er was seated next to him, and she carried a flying-type soul tool on her back too . If something went wrong, she could respond instantly .

Everyone took to the skies simultaneously . Their destination was Radiant City!


The theme of the new Continental Elite Youth Soul Master Tournament was “Return“ . This was because a long time ago, this historic tournament only allowed sects to take part . In the past millennia, its scale had decreased, to the point where it only allowed schools to take part .

This time, the Sun Moon Empire, the tournament’s organizer, suggested the change, and the other countries agreed to it, deciding to restore the original criteria for the tournament . They increased the number of participating sects and changed the rules of the tournament . Doing so massively increased the scale of the competition .

In the continent, there were considerably more sects than schools .

For the schools, by doing well in the tournament, they could make a good name for themselves and recruit more students . This was also good for their future development . The same logic applied to the sects .

The development of any sect required talents . The more talented an individual was, the more likely it was that they would join a top-notch sect . After the tournament’s rules changed, almost two-thirds of the sects on the continent chose to take part!

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