Unrivaled Tang Sect - Chapter 335-1

Published at 23rd of April 2019 09:45:16 PM
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Chapter 335-1

Chapter 335 . 1: Purple Golden Transformation

Seeing that Wang Dong’er was trapped, Jiang Nannan didn’t attack Yan Feng . Before this fight had started, she already knew her role – she was playing an auxiliary role .

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Her abilities were indeed unsuitable against these evil soul masters . That was why Jiang Nannan immediately activated her Instant Teleportation .

Her third and fourth soul rings shone .

Jiang Nannan immediately appeared within the Graveyard and hugged Wang Dong’er’s slender waist . She had activated her Invincible Golden Body as well, and thus the Hexagram Array and the Graveyard couldn’t harm her .

Jiang Nannan flung Wang Dong’er out . She also used her Invincible Golden Body to jump backward out of the Graveyard .

Wang Dong’er was furious . Her eyes looked very cold as her sixth soul ring lit up for the first time .

A weird buzzing sound came from her body . Following this, a huge projection of the Radiant Butterfly Goddess appeared behind her back .

Wang Dong’er looked even more ravishing with this projection behind her . Layers of golden light started to spread from her wings .

Following this, she opened her wings . Her wings changed into countless streaks of flowing light and fused with her Radiant Butterfly Goddess projection . In the next instant, the huge projection rose into the sky and instantly changed into a dazzling bluish-gold light that flowed towards Yan Feng .

Wang Dong’er’s sixth soul skill, the Butterfly Goddess’ Dance!

Yan Feng was stunned when he saw the Butterfly Goddess’ Dance . The Bone Dragon’s skull disappeared, replaced by a huge dragon tail . This tail whipped towards Wang Dong’er’s Butterfly Goddess’ Dance .

Not only this, but his fifth soul ring also shone . He mimicked a grabbing action towards Jiang Nannan .

A huge bony claw appeared above Jiang Nannan without any warning .

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At this moment, Jiang Nannan had just leaped out from the Graveyard . Even though she was warned by Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, Jiang Nannan couldn’t dodge, as she had just used her Instant Teleportation .

“Schlikt!” The claws slashed down and trapped Jiang Nannan . A terrifying sense of suppression restrained her .

This was Yan Feng’s fifth soul skill, Bony Claw Prison!

This was his first ten thousand year soul skill, and thus it wasn’t so simple . The Bony Claw Prison and the Graveyard could counter auxiliary-type soul skills . For example, Wang Dong’er wasn’t able to use Instant Teleportation in the Graveyard earlier . From inside to outside, all skills were unable to be used . To defeat the Bony Claw Prison, Yan Feng had to be defeated first .

The most frightening thing about his Bony Claw Prison was that it had a special effect called Absolute Defense .

This Absolute Defense was mainly applicable to Yan Feng . The connotation of the word ‘absolute’ was that Yan Feng had to be defeated first before he would lose his connection to his bony claws . Otherwise, there was no way of overcoming them .

Of course, there was another way, but the person trapped inside had to be stronger than Yan Feng .

The flaw of the Bony Claw Prison was that it couldn’t lock onto its opponent . It could only be unleashed based on his prediction of his opponent’s movements . That was why the best way to deal with it was avoiding it . If Jiang Nannan hadn’t used two soul skills consecutively, and wasn’t able to use another skill temporarily, she wouldn’t be in such a dire state . But right now, she was trapped, and there was nothing she could do about it .

Huo Yuhao was already in front of the Abomination .

Lu Genggeng’s fifth soul skill also lit up . Evidently, he hated Huo Yuhao . Something strange occurred . He opened his mouth wide in a very abnormal way . The edges of his lips were already at his ears .

In front of him, a three-meter wide and two-meter tall bloody mouth formed from soul power bit towards Huo Yuhao .

The fangs in the mouth exuded a thick, poisonous gas . Although Huo Yuhao didn’t know the effect of this bite, he knew that it wasn’t going to be pleasant!

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The advantage that the Tang Sect had had earlier had completely diminished by now . They outnumbered their opponents five to two, but they were still curbed . The abilities of evil soul masters were evidently very strong .

However, He Caitou suddenly demonstrated his strength at this moment .

A beam of strong light descended from the sky . It was targeted towards Lu Genggeng .

The light was aimed at the huge head that seemed to have been formed using rotten flesh . The Eye of Fear was finally showing its strength .

Not only this, but He Caitou also fired his piercing cannon again . It was also targeted at Lu Genggeng, specifically, at the center of his body .

Huo Yuhao wasn’t able to tell much about Lu Genggeng’s body, even with his Spiritual Detection . However, the core of the Abomination’s body should be within a specific region no matter how well Lu Genggeng managed to conceal it . Attacking this core would enable Huo Yuhao to hurt Lu Genggeng .

Indeed, the attacks from the air and the ground struck at the same time . Lu Genggeng knew things were going badly .

He couldn’t be bothered with Huo Yuhao now, and quickly retreated . He lifted his right arm to block his head .

He Caitou’s double attack came from two Class 7 soul tools . No matter how defensively strong Lu Genggeng thought he was, he didn’t dare to resist the attacks forcefully with his vitals .

A layer of icy armor suddenly appeared on Huo Yuhao’s body . It was the Ice Empress’ Armor . At the same time, a streak of icy azure light shone from his backbone . It was another skill of the Ice Empress, the Ice Empress’ Wrath .

The bloody mouth and the pale-white hook were frozen in midair . Huo Yuhao took this opportunity to free himself .

As Lu Genggeng was avoiding He Caitou’s attacks, he rolled and covered his vital spot .

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The piercing cannon’s strike only brushed against his body and left a huge wound, while the Eye of Fear penetrated his right arm . Lu Genggeng’s body started to twitch as the wounds appeared . His fat started to scatter everywhere, but no blood flowed out . It was as if his body were only made of fat .

Huo Yuhao was temporarily relieved of his crisis . However, Wang Dong’er had also started to clash against Yan Feng on the other side .

Butterfly Goddess’ Dance . This was the strongest soul skill that Wang Dong’er could unleash right now on her own . Against the Bone Dragon’s tail, the Butterfly Goddess opened her wings deftly in the air . After that, she seemed to freeze in the air, and allowed the Bone Dragon’s tail to whip her .

As the Bone Dragon’s tail whipped her, the image of the Butterfly Goddess scattered to form many tiny Butterfly Goddesses that stuck to the tail . A bluish-gold light immediately spread to every corner of Yan Feng’s body, and he was turned into that same color .

Following this, the Butterfly Goddess appeared once again . This time, she surfaced behind Yan Feng .

Yan Feng was frightened . He was so horrified that his expression changed . He stopped conserving his powers; his seventh soul ring shone .

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!” Seven consecutive booms instantly rang out . Every time a boom was heard, the bluish-gold light on his body would form a butterfly . Seven butterfly projections were formed in the air, each with a different form . It was as if a huge golden butterfly had started dancing in the air .

Yan Feng’s tragic screams sounded amidst the booms . Wang Dong’er had already landed at this point . As she unleashed her Butterfly Goddess Dance, she was unable to use her Radiant Butterfly Goddess .

However, a low-pitched and infuriated dragon roar sounded at this moment .

At the core of the explosions, the Goddess of Light that was dancing in the air was crushed . A huge figure seemed to crawl out from another world .

It was a huge Bone Dragon, a complete Bone Dragon . It was more than fifteen meters long, and its wings were around ten meters across . Its huge figure was formed entirely out of pale-white bones . However, it exuded a strong icy-blue glow from its body . The light on its skull was the strongest . There were deep-blue flames in its eyes that carried the fury of this Bone Dragon .

Yan Feng was still too careless . He hadn’t expected Wang Dong’er’s sixth soul skill to be so destructive .

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When he was possessed by the Butterfly Goddess Dance, he felt an indescribable force seeping into his body . After that, the explosions occurred . Even his own martial soul was on the verge of being torn apart by the terrifying explosive force .

Under such a circumstance, he didn’t dare to hesitate . He immediately unleashed his strongest soul skill . It was his Martial Soul True Body .

His Martial Soul True Body appeared . It was a Bone Dragon True Body .

Yan Feng’s Bone Dragon naturally couldn’t compare to a real Bone Dragon . Whether it was in terms of size or strength, there were still great differences . However, he only had just come into the ability to activate his Martial Soul True Body . As his cultivation increased, the abilities of his Bone Dragon would also grow .

However, even this basic Bone Dragon was still very mighty .

Wang Dong’er’s Light of the Butterfly Goddess and Butterfly Goddess Slash dissipated when they landed on the Bone Dragon .

This was one ability that the Bone Dragon possessed – dissipating soul power .

Its huge figure moved in the air, and it unleashed its Dragon’s Breath towards Wang Dong’er .

Wang Dong’er quickly used her Instant Teleportation and returned to Huo Yuhao’s side .

The Bone Dragon didn’t pursue her, but instead suddenly retracted its wings . In the next moment, it charged forward in the air .

“Second senior, be careful!” Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but shout even though he could use his Spiritual Detection to warn He Caitou .

At this moment, Xu Sanshi broke out of the ice and blocked the Bone Dragon’s charge with his shield .

“Bang一” It was a forceful clash .

His shield broke, and he was thrown back .

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