Unrivaled Tang Sect - Chapter 396-2

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Chapter 396-2

Chapter 396 . 2: Taotie’s Descent

When Di Tian’s tail whipped over, the Taotie twisted his head to one side and opened his jaws wide before biting onto it .

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Such a powerful whip was forcefully stopped, just like that . Furthermore, more than a third of Di Tian’s body, starting from his tail, was swallowed by the Taotie .

Di Tian was extremely furious, and he started to struggle with all his might, roaring madly as he tried to break free from the Taotie’s mouth .

However, the Taotie’s strength was beyond his expectations . No matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t able to break free .

The Taotie’s body started to shine with bright gold light, and fused with the Taotie’s golden head . As this golden light continued to expand, it slowly devoured Di Tian’s body .

Di Tian was infuriated as he shouted, “Do you think you can avoid this calamity by using this enhanced strength to trap me? Dream on! Even if you can trap me for an hour, it won’t be able to last for long! I really want to see what strength all of you have to protect Shrek! Those from the Great Star Dou Forest – attack! Attack and destroy this city in front of me! Kill!”

As Di Tian shouted out one last time, his huge body was devoured by the Taotie . Golden light flashed, and the sky turned into a patch of gold .

However, the golden light that came from the Golden Tree seemed to have been used up, and vanished from the air . The patch of gold that had protected Shrek City also disappeared .

That majestic fight had indeed astonished all, both humans and soul beasts .

This was indeed a duel between the best on the continent! The strength that both parties summoned had completely exceeded that of a peak Titled Douluo!

Shrek Academy had eventually managed to seal Di Tian with the power that they had accumulated over thousands of years . However, Elder Xuan and Elder Mu’s abilities were also sealed right now . As for how long they could seal Di Tian, it wasn’t easy to tell .

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Even so, Shrek’s revelation of its high-end strength, which wasn’t inferior to that of the Great Star Dou Forest, had a great effect in boosting the morale of Shrek City .

Di Tian’s last roar was his final order to the beast wave from the Great Star Dou Forest . The barrier erected by the Golden Tree had disappeared . Instantly, countless beasts rushed towards the city .

“Fire the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons!” Shi Xing roared furiously into the air .

In the distance, Elder Song started to pester Bi Ji again using her speed . Figure after figure also started to charge towards the sky on one side of the forest to protect her . The high-end combat strengths of both parties started to clash .

The Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons were fired again, and hundreds of high-explosive bombs were fired rapidly into the air . Shi Xing’s commands were very precise . The cannons weren’t fired towards the soul beasts that were charging in front, but they were aimed slightly further back . In this way, the soul beasts would be separated .

Furthermore, these cannons were fired with full force this time . They fired three consecutive volleys, and more than sixteen hundred high-explosive bombs were fired towards the soul beasts . They were divided into three different waves, the timing between each wave was less than five seconds .

After the previous lesson, these soul beasts were no longer so passive . Those whose cultivations were greater than ten thousand years instantly unleashed their innate soul skills  towards the bombs that were approaching them when they saw the high-explosives coming .

Many bombs exploded in the air and didn’t strike any of them . However, Shi Xing’s attack was indeed quite vicious . As the cannons were fired in three different waves, the intensity of the attack was three times stronger than earlier . As the soul beast army was unprepared, they still suffered a lot .

Close to two-thirds of the high-explosive bombs still struck the soul beasts . As tremendous explosions occurred, Shrek City seemed to be shaken as buzzes and groans echoed back and forth

The terrifying explosions caused the earth to shake, and the blood and flesh of soul beasts splattered all around .

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When she saw this scene, Bi Ji’s face turned cold . She couldn’t be bothered with Elder Song’s pestering, and unleashed her mass healing ability . A huge patch of azure light quickly engulfed the center of the region where the explosions had occurred .

However, Elder Song was extremely strong . Without Di Tian’s threat in the sky, she slashed open another wound on Bi Ji’s right arm, a streak of green light flashing by just when Bi Ji was using her mass healing ability .

The four hundred-thousand-year soul beasts protecting Bi Ji roared out furiously at the same time, and an intense concentration of attacks was instantly directed at Elder Song .

However, Elder Song’s speed was simply too scary . As the fastest soul master in Shrek, she unleash her full strength through her Greenshadow Godly Hawk . A streak of green light could be seen flashing through the air, but the powerful soul beasts weren’t able to see her clearly . They were helpless as she continued to pester them .

Elder Song used her actions to teach a lesson to all the soul masters from Shrek Academy . She was teaching them how an agility-type soul master should fight!

In terms of abilities, Elder Song couldn’t compare to so many strong soul beasts working together . However, she managed to perfectly tap into her ungodly speed to terrorize her enemies . She didn’t have the intention to harm them overmuch, but only aimed to pester them . Her offensive strength would be lethal if one ignored her . However, their attacks would also be completely useless against her if they tried to make a move against her . They could only remain cautious around her . Instantly, all these powerful soul beasts were rendered completely helpless .

Bi Ji’s treatment was precise and just in time . She managed to save many of the soul beasts’ lives . However, there were simply too many explosive bombs, and countless soul beasts still lost their lives . Even the ground was left with huge depressions that obstructed the soul beasts behind them .

In terms of intelligence, soul beasts couldn’t compare to humans . Those soul beasts who were leading the charge in front continued to charge towards Shrek City due to their excessive bravery . They didn’t even bother with the fact that their reinforcements behind had been obstructed .

These ferocious soul beasts arrived at the city wall and immediately started to scale them through various means .

At the top of the city walls were powerful soul masters from Shrek in formations, waiting for these soul beasts to come . Of the three thousand soul masters, a thousand moved forward in unison, and every one of them lifted a soul ray spear to their shoulders . Countless soul rays started to rain down the sides of the city walls as they were fired towards the soul beasts scaling the walls .

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The soul beasts that were charging in front were the weakest . There were very few among them that were adept at long-range attacks . Even if there were any that specialized in long-range attacks, they could still be easily overcome, given the sheer number of powerful soul masters at the top of the city walls . However, these soul beasts still used their bodies to resist the soul rays .

The first wave was instantly suppressed by the countless soul rays . As the soul beasts screamed in pain, they fell off the city walls . They were only able to leave behind scratch marks on the walls, even with their sharp claws .

The Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons also took this opportunity to cool down . When the soul beasts in the second ranks charged over later, those soul beasts that were originally in front had mostly been killed . As for Shrek City, it was completely undamaged!

Some of those who had just joined the Shrek City Defense Army were inevitably nervous earlier, when they saw the size of the beast wave coming towards Shrek City . However, their confidence started to grow as time passed and the soul beast army suffered heavy casualties, while they remained completely unhurt .

At this point, the Tang Sect arrived at the top of the city walls . Bei Bei was leading them, and they met up with Dean Yan Shaozhe .

“Reporting to Dean Yan . ” Bei Bei brought everyone from the Tang Sect over in front of Yan Shaozhe and greeted him respectfully .

Yan Shaozhe said in a low-pitched voice, “It’s great that all of you are here . All of you can prepare here to serve as our backup . Remember, don’t get too far away from me . This time, your Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons have helped us greatly . Take a look . ”

Yan Shaozhe looked very excited right now . He wasn’t excited because they had killed a large number of soul beasts . He was excited because of Elder Mu’s appearance! Elder Mu wasn’t dead, and his spirit was going to live forever . To him, he felt as if he had returned to his younger days, when he had listened to Elder Mu’s lectures .

When Elder Mu and Elder Xuan collaborated to seal Di Tian in the sky, Shrek Academy’s confidence was greatly boosted . Against this terrifying beast wave, Shrek City had completely gained the upper hand .

Bei Bei laughed bitterly . “Dean Yan, we are actually here to ask for forgiveness . ”

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Yan Shaozhe was momentarily stunned, and then immediately realized something . He raised his right hand, and a streak of soul power started to expand . Both him and Bei Bei were engulfed by this streak of soul power, and all outside noise was isolated .

“What? What happened?” Yan Shaozhe asked .

Bei Bei laughed bitterly . “On our way here, we met Nan Qiuqiu, who was rushing back from the Sun Moon Empire . She’s the young sect leader of the Earthdragon Sect that we brought back from Radiant City . This time, she returned with her mother, Elder Nan Shuishui . ”

“Nan Qiuqiu, Nan Shuishui?” Yan Shaozhe was stunned for a moment, but he soon reacted .  “Are you saying that Yuhao returned to Sunrise City to save the two of them? Since they’re back, where’s Yuhao? What’s happened to him? Is he fine?”

Huo Yuhao was simply too important to Shrek Academy . He was the Heir to the Sea God’s Pavilion! He was supposed to succeed Yan Shaozhe in the future! Furthermore, Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice martial soul and the Spirits that he had researched were very important to the future of the Academy!

Right now, Bei Bei didn’t know whether he was supposed to be excited or depressed . On their way here earlier, they had stumbled upon Nan Shuishui and Nan Qiuqiu, who were both returning to Shrek City . As they returned, Nan Qiuqiu recounted everything that had happened between them and Huo Yuhao to Bei Bei .

After hearing them, Bei Bei was stunned for half a minute before he quickly led his comrades toward the southern city wall .

A beast wave had come from the Great Star Dou Forest, and Huo Yuhao was the one who had started this mess . This…

After listening to Bei Bei’s retelling of the events, Yan Shaozhe’s reaction was identical to Bei Bei’s reaction previously . He just stood there in a daze .

“Wang Qiu’er was actually the human form of the Emperor Beast! This is too unbelievable! Even Titled Douluo like us didn’t notice anything different between her and a human! No wonder she was the Emperor Beast… What about Yuhao? When is he returning?” Yan Shaozhe quickly questioned Bei Bei .

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