Unrivaled Tang Sect - Chapter 452.3

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Chapter 452.3

Chapter 452 . 3: Broken Meridians

After hearing the words ‘Wang Xian’er’, Xu Sanshi was the first to react . His body shook a little before there was a surprised look on his face . He probed, “Are you talking about the Immortal Doctor Douluo Wang Xian’er?”

The White Tiger Duke nodded gently .

Xu Sanshi heaved a huge sigh of relief and explained to the rest, “Elder Wang Xian’er is the world’s top healing-type soul master . Even Elder Zhuang from our academy is inferior to Elder Wang . Elder Zhuang even mentioned that Elder Wang is the world’s strongest healing-type soul master . Her martial soul is the Healing Angel . ”

Healing-type and food-type soul masters found it more difficult to become Titled Douluo compared to assault-type soul masters .

This was because fighting helped to stimulate the potential of soul masters, but healing-type and food-type soul masters hardly fought . They could only rely on cultivation and the accumulation of experience to slowly improve . As a result, there were only a few of them who could become Titled Douluo . As for Transcendent Douluo, there were hardly any of them who made it .

This Immortal Doctor Douluo Wang Xian’er was one of these rare healing-type Transcendent Douluo . She was probably the most important trump card of the entire Star Luo Empire, and the Hallmaster of the Star Luo Empire’s Imperial Shrine . She was only inferior to another Transcendent Douluo, who was the strongest individual in the Star Luo Empire .

If even this Miracle Healer couldn’t save Huo Yuhao, it meant that Huo Yuhao was really going to die . This was why Xu Sanshi heaved a sigh of relief when he found out that she was the Immortal Doctor Douluo . He had known Huo Yuhao for a long time now . He knew that Huo Yuhao’s survival abilities were shocking, and he had managed to escape death many times . In terms of survivability, he was definitely the best among the members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters . Right now, it was almost impossible for him to die, since the Immortal Doctor Douluo was around .

The green light in Wang Xian’er’s hands slowly retracted, and she furrowed her brow slightly . The wrinkles on her face also became more evident .

“This little fellow’s injuries are very weird . ”

Weird? After hearing her words, everyone from Shrek Academy started to become worried . Tang Wutong immediately asked, “What’s weird?”

She replied, “His passageways are almost broken, especially his main passageways . His injuries are extremely serious . If I’m not wrong, there must be some kind of immense force that surged through his entire body that caused his passageways to burst . Logically speaking, his flesh should have blown apart under such conditions . There should be no way for him to still be alive . ”

“However, I’m shocked by the fact that his main organs are still fine even though his passageways are so seriously hurt . More surprisingly, his damaged passageways are all only temporarily blocked . His blood is not flowing, but stuck within these passageways . Furthermore, there’s very strong life energy in his damaged passageways . They seem to be recovering on their own . It’s something that I’ve never seen or heard of before . I think he possesses extraordinary life energy, which enables him to experience something like this . In addition, there’s some kind of force protecting his body . ”

The White Tiger Duke hurriedly asked, “What should we do then? How can we heal him?”

The Immortal Doctor Douluo shook her head and said, “There’s no need to heal him . ”

“What?” Everyone exclaimed at the same time . The Immortal Doctor Douluo said that there wasn’t any need to heal him . Didn’t this mean that Huo Yuhao was doomed?

The Immortal Doctor Douluo gestured and said, “Don’t misunderstand . What I mean is that he should be able to recover, but he’ll need some time . I’ll stimulate some of his life energy and try to pour in some life energy into his body . This will increase the speed of his recovery . That’ll be enough . We don’t have to overtreat him . At times, overtreating can cause unnecessary damage to a body . Since his self-healing abilities are already so strong, we’ll just let him heal . That’ll be the most beneficial to him . ”

After hearing Wang Xian’er’s explanation, everyone present heaved a sigh of relief . The White Tiger Duke respectfully said, “I’ll need to trouble you then . ”

Wang Xian’er eyes flashed and turned jade-green . The jade-green color in her eyes gave everyone a very bright and lively feeling . Following this, the Immortal Doctor Douluo’s body started to experience weird changes .

Multiple pairs of wings started to open up behind her back . One, two, three, four, five . There were actually five pairs of wings that appeared . They were all jade-green too . They resembled those of Bi Ji . However, the Immortal Doctor Douluo’s wings were smaller than Bi Ji’s wings, though there were more of them . After the appearance of each pair of wings, the life energy in the air became evidently more concentrated . After they had all appeared, the entire top of the mountain was like an ocean of life . Everyone felt abnormally relaxed and comfortable right now .

The Immortal Doctor Douluo was a national treasure of the Star Luo Empire! Who could ensure that one wasn’t ever hurt or never ever fell ill? She was like a goddess to the Star Luo Empire .

Something strange occurred to the Immortal Doctor Douluo’s body . Every time a pair of wings appeared behind her, she would look younger and younger . When the fifth pair of wings appeared, she already looked as young as an eighteen or nineteen-year-old teenager . Her eyes were bright and captivating . She possessed a beauty that was filled with life aura . Everyone felt a sense of amiability when they looked at her, and couldn’t help but get closer to her .

She lifted her right hand and mimicked a pressing action in Huo Yuhao’s direction . Suddenly, intense green light started to gather towards Huo Yuhao’s body .

Huo Yuhao’s body slowly lit up . Spots of green lights shone, and a gentle life aura cleansed his entire body, removing all the impurities that were still within . Streaks of black air current slowly drifted out from his body before dissipating . Huo Yuhao’s body also slowly lit up with green . Evidently, he was absorbing the life aura that the Immortal Doctor Douluo had exuded .

Under the effect of that concentrated life energy, Huo Yuhao’s own aura started to appear . His chest could also be seen rising .

The young version of the Immortal Doctor Douluo revealed a slight grin on her face . Right now, she was in the form of her Healing Angel .

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She kept on pouring life energy into his body, stimulating his potential . Such a healing method tackled the symptoms and root cause of the problem, which was the most advanced healing technique . It was even more effective when used by the Immortal Doctor Douluo .

Suddenly, Huo Yuhao’s forehead lit up . A streak of jade-green light suddenly appeared and slowly cracked open on his forehead . It was his Eye of Destiny .

It was just that his Eye of Destiny was completely jade-green right now . When that jade-green light appeared, Huo Yuhao’s body suddenly turned into a huge jade-green whirlpool, and devoured all the life aura that the Immortal Doctor Douluo released .

Wang Xian’er was also shocked .  It is very abnormal for a Soul Sage to devour life energy at such a speed! What’s going on? Is it that source of power that’s protecting his body?

Although she was shocked, she still increased the output of her life energy . She was different from ordinary soul masters . Every human and soul master had their own life energy . Once they drained too much of it, they would experience decline, and might even die as a result .

However, the Immortal Doctor Douluo possessed strength that could control life . She could filter life energy from the air to complete her healing . The more prosperous the life energy in at a place, the greater her powers . For example, her healing abilities would be on another level if she were in the Great Star Dou Forest . If she could reach the Lake of Life where Di Tian was, her healing abilities would be at the tier of an Ultimate Douluo .

After sensing the changes to Huo Yuhao’s body, she poured more soul power into his body . All types of life aura and elements at the top of the mountain were all infused into Huo Yuhao’s body .

Wang Xian’er was observing Huo Yuhao’s changes throughout this process . She discovered that his passageways were evidently healing faster after the jade-green light appeared on his forehead . It wasn’t just his passageways; every part of his body was healing rapidly . Most of the life energy actually came from his own body . Although he had absorbed a lot of life energy too, the life energy that he absorbed wasn’t as pure as his own life energy . It was as if it went through a filtering process before it managed to completely fuse with his body .

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The soul power of a Transcendent Douluo was already very dense . While Huo Yuhao was devouring her life energy very quickly, she was also rapidly gathering life energy from the air .

From afar, it was clear that a huge green whirlpool had appeared at the top of the mountain . The life energy surrounding the entire mountain range was rapidly being absorbed before fusing with Huo Yuhao’s body .

The jade-green light that Huo Yuhao’s body emanated also became stronger and stronger . At the start, it was only shining from his Eye of Destiny, but it slowly spread to the rest of his body . Under the effect of the immense life energy, he evidently experienced a drastic change in his condition . At least his breathing became more normal and stable .

Wang Xian’er nodded silently . It was also her first time seeing a case like this . She quietly memorized the changes to Huo Yuhao’s body . This was like a brand-new experience to her .

Suddenly, Huo Yuhao’s body experienced changes again . He unleashed a beam of intense jade-green light from his body . This beam of jade-green light rapidly fused with the whirlpool and caused it to stop . After this, it started to flow in the opposite direction .

Immense life energy started to pour into Wang Xian’er’s body .

Wang Xian’er was stunned for a moment first . After this, she sensed the benefits of this immense life energy . Just like she had felt before, the life energy coming from Huo Yuhao’s body was extremely pure . There wasn’t any form of impurity within it . It was much purer than even her own soul power .