Unrivaled Tang Sect - Chapter 453.1

Published at 6th of January 2020 10:40:54 PM

Chapter 453.1

Chapter 453 . 1: Tang Wutong’s Erasure

Even though this pure energy wasn’t very strong compared to hers, it was like a seedling . When this pure life energy entered her body, she immediately controlled it and poured it into the core of her soul power, sealing it . At the same time, she also summoned her soul power to familiarize itself with the traits of this pure life energy .

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A surprised look appeared on the Immortal Doctor Douluo’s face . For someone at her tier, it was very difficult to improve any further, especially since she was a healing-type Transcendent Douluo; it was even more difficult for her than for others .

Wang Xian’er was in fact like Mu En and Long Xiaoyao – she was a generational talent . She was the only honorary elder that remained of the Star Luo Empire . She had been protecting the empire for years . However, she was growing older and older – she was close to two hundred years old now . As she grew older, she felt as if her life energy was quickly fading away . She believed she only had ten more years to live .

However, after Huo Yuhao poured that pure life energy into her body, she was offered another opportunity to make progress .

Her accumulation had long been sufficient . What she lacked was enlightenment and an opportunity . The pure life energy that Huo Yuhao released presented a valuable opportunity to her! As long as she tried her best to remember the traits of the life energy that he had released and evolve her soul power according to these traits, she could enable her soul power to rise another tier .

By raising her cultivation by one rank, she would be able to live for decades longer .

Elder Mu lived until the age of two hundred before he passed away . The main reason was because the injury that he sustained in his younger days was too serious . Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui were both still alive and well . If nothing happened, neither of them would have any problems living for more than three hundred years .

After a momentary surprise, Wang Xian’er immediately increased her attention on Huo Yuhao . As a healer, she was very concerned about him . Furthermore, she was a very sympathetic and kind person . She definitely didn’t wish him to suffer because of what she had obtained .

After meticulously observing him, she was quickly relieved . Huo Yuhao was in good condition, which was better than expected . Earlier, the reversal of the flow of life energy occurred because the amount of life energy he could store in his body had reached its limit . This limit wasn’t reached because of the Immortal Doctor Douluo’s life energy . Her life energy only acted as a guide that guided his own life energy . After that, his body was completely nourished by that pure life energy .

Wang Xian’er was silently in awe . Every individual indeed had his own break! If all this life energy belonged to her, she believed that she could possibly become an Ultimate Douluo in the future . To her, pure life energy could be directly turned into soul power .

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However, such pure life energy could only serve to increase the life energy in his own body .

The Immortal Doctor Douluo absorbed the remaining life energy in the air into her body . She couldn’t possibly waste it! To her, she had reaped massive rewards today . In just this short period of time, she felt as if the bottleneck that had been frustrating her for so long could possibly be broken through .

The door from Rank 95 to Rank 96 seemed to be slowly opening .

The green light started to slowly retract, and the mountaintop started to become peaceful once again . Huo Yuhao had regained some rosiness in his cheeks by now .

Wang Xian’er was shocked when she discovered that Huo Yuhao’s damaged passageways were filled with life energy .

This meant that the pure life energy was entering his passageways and aiding in  their recovery . Huo Yuhao’s blood started to circulate once again inside these healed passageways .

Even the Immortal Doctor Douluo was shocked by a scene like this . It was too magical .

“Elder, how is it?” Xu Sanshi asked softly .

The Immortal Doctor Douluo replied, “Alright, he’s fine now . However, he needs some time to recuperate . Please take him back first . ” As she spoke, she mimicked a pressing action toward Huo Yuhao, and streaks of gentle green light turned into strips before surrounding his body . They lifted him up without moving his body at all .

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Wang Xian’er turned to the White Tiger Duke and said, “Duke, I’ll bring him back first and observe him for a period of time . His condition is a little special . However, overall, he should be fine . ”

“Alright, I shall count on you then . ” The White Tiger Duke said respectfully .

At this moment, the situation here at the Ming Dou Mountain Range was already set in stone . The Sun Moon Empire hadn’t station many troops here . When the Death God Pagoda left, it meant that their defense here had already failed . This time, the Sun Moon Empire had left behind many soul tools even though they didn’t lose too many soul engineers . To the Star Luo Empire, this was already a success .

Those from Shrek Academy didn’t stay further either . They followed the Immortal Doctor Douluo and proceeded in the direction of the Northwestern Field Army’s base .

Everything that had happened tonight was indeed very astonishing! However, the rest only witnessed what had happened in the latter half of the night . Only Tang Wutong clearly saw what had happened in the earlier half of the night .

Her eyes shone a little as she saw Huo Yuhao engulfed by the green light . She looked very perplexed, and her thoughts were unknown .

Very soon, all of them returned to the base . Wang Xian’er sent Huo Yuhao back to his tent and performed another check on him . After that, she instructed everyone not to move him, and let him recuperate . He should be able to recover very soon .

After relaying her instructions, she reverted to her elderly appearance and left . She was also rushing back to attempt to evolve her own soul power and try to raise it to Rank 96 .

Everyone from Shrek Academy surrounded Huo Yuhao’s bedside . At this moment, they all heaved a sigh of relief .

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They had finally reclaimed control of the Ming Dou Mountain Range, which completely changed the situation in the entire continent . They had basically completed their mission . As for how the Star Luo Empire would deal with the Sun Moon Empire from now on, that was a problem that the White Tiger Duke had to deal with . To them, the most important thing was knowing when Huo Yuhao would be able to fully recover .

After a brief moment, Xu Sanshi said, “Alright, everyone must be tired after moving around the entire night . Let’s do it this way – we’ll take turns to watch over Yuhao . Girls are more meticulous . Guyi, I’ll assign you this role first, and you’ll watch over him until daybreak . Qiuqiu will take over after you . We’ll decide the roster after that . Guyi, remain here . As for the others, go back and rest . ”

Huo Yuhao was unconscious, thus Xu Sanshi took over his role as the leader . Everyone nodded . Ye Guyi was even a little thankful as she looked at Xu Sanshi .

There was a weird look in Tang Wutong’s eyes . She looked at Ye Guyi before glancing at Huo Yuhao . After this, she turned around and left the tent .

Watching her back, Xu Sanshi revealed a cheeky smile on his face . At times, it might not be a good thing to hasten things . Using some other method might actually yield more effective results .

Even though Xu Sanshi wasn’t sure whether Tang Wutong was Wang Dong’er, at least he knew that she looked very alike to Wang Dong’er . This was something that couldn’t be pretended . If Wang Dong’er had really gotten into a mishap, Tang Wutong might possibly become Huo Yuhao’s new confidante in the future . This was why he was trying to stimulate the relationship between the two of them .

Everyone left the tent, and only Ye Guyi remained .

As she looked at Huo Yuhao, she couldn’t help but sigh to herself .

“Yuhao, get better quickly . I know that you’ve never liked me before, and you’ll never ever like me . However, I feel very happy to have an opportunity to be alone with you and take care of you . Don’t you think I’m very foolish?”

After laughing, Ye Guyi stood up and walked to one side . She carried a basin to Huo Yuhao’s side and used a clean towel to wipe the bloodstains off his face .

She didn’t dare to change his clothes, as she was afraid that it would affect his recovery . However, it should be fine for her to gently wipe him down .

Amidst her gentle movements, the bloodstains on Huo Yuhao’s face were quickly wiped off .

He looked a little sallow, as if it was because he had lost too much blood . However, his life aura was very strong .

Ye Guyi lifted her hand and wanted to touch his face . However, her palm remained above his face . She never touched him .

“Nemesis! You are really my nemesis!” She sighed before retracting her hand . After this, she quietly sat beside him and looked at him .

Outside the tent, a pair of beautiful eyes moved away from the window . Tang Wutong was standing there, and silently heaved a sigh of relief .

When she left the tent earlier, she kept on telling herself that nothing would happen between Huo Yuhao and Ye Guyi, given that he was already in such a state . However, she wasn’t able to calm herself down after leaving the tent . This was why she silently returned outside the tent and secretly watched from outside . She saw Ye Guyi wiping Huo Yuhao’s face .

An indescribable feeling surged into her heart . She even wanted to charge in . However, she was soon jolted to her senses .

Why am I like this? He has nothing to do with me . Why am I so concerned about him? Someone else is treating him so nice . Why am I not happy for him?

These thoughts kept on playing in her mind . When she saw Ye Guyi lifting her hand and wanting to touch Huo Yuhao’s face, she forgot everything again and wanted to charge into the tent . It was only when Ye Guyi put her hand down that she heaved a sigh of relief .