Unrivaled Tang Sect - Chapter 465-3

Published at 28th of April 2019 10:30:16 PM
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Chapter 465-3

Chapter 465 . 3: Absorbing the Ice Essence

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A droplet paused in front of Huo Yuhao . He tried to control himself with his thoughts, and he realized to his surprise that he actually had a body – and he was raising his hand to gently touch this droplet .

The water droplet stopped on the tip of his finger, and the moist feeling soaked into his finger . Perhaps it was because this world was too spacious and quiet, but Huo Yuhao felt very real when his finger touched the water droplet .

Water – when there was water, there was life .

Suddenly, the droplets around him changed, and the temperature in the air plummeted . The droplets gradually became ice .

“Ice and snow all come from water, no matter what state they are in . Water becomes ice due to low temperatures . Ice is water in solid form – it’s water that is hard, and water that is tough . ”

Tiny ice grains splattered on Huo Yuhao’s body . He could feel waves of piercing pain course over his body, and he tried to block them subconsciously, but realized that he could no longer control his body . He could only let those ice crystals assault him .

It’s so painful! Ice is the toughness of water?

Large masses of ice crystals stuck to his body as they billowed toward him . However, Huo Yuhao could only feel cool and refreshed instead of cold .

“The art of controlling ice lies in controlling temperature . Once you have grasped the secret of temperature and the characteristics of water, you will have made some headway into the art of controlling ice . Today, I will let you feel the first level of controlling ice – temperature changes . ”

The ice spheres that were pressed against Huo Yuhao’s body suddenly changed, and they all melted . The cool and refreshing feeling instantaneously became one of coldness and chill that pierced his bones, and Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but shiver from the cold .

“Water solidifying into ice will release large amounts of heat, while ice melting into water requires large amounts of heat . Therefore, you won’t feel cold so quickly when ice is pressed against you, but the ice will suck the heat from your body when it melts, and then the cold will come . ”

The Snow Empress’ words resonated in Huo Yuhao’s mind . He suddenly realized that he had never really understood ice, in spite of his possession of Ultimate Ice – he had overlooked many things about the very origins of ice .

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Coldness wasn’t just about controlling temperature – more importantly, it represented an understanding of ice itself .

The whiteness around him dissipated amidst the silence, and Huo Yuhao returned to the Manifold Mysterious Ice Cavern . However, he had entered a state of epiphany in this moment .

The Snow Empress didn’t teach him much, but she spoke of foundations and roots .

The Ice Empress looked at the Snow Empress with a faint smile on her face . “I never expected you to become a teacher one day . ”

The Snow Empress smiled faintly and said, “Have I not been a teacher to you before?”

The Ice Empress took a few steps forward and grabbed one of the Snow Empress’ hands . She leaned gently against her and said, “Snow, I have missed you so much . It’s great that you’re back . ”

The Snow Empress raised her hand and stroked the Ice Empress’ face gently . “You silly girl – you are lucky and happy whether or not I am here . At least, you are much more blessed than I am . ”

The Ice Empress was momentarily stunned as she stood up straight . “Why do you say that?”

The Snow Empress glanced at the Skydream Iceworm, who was still absorbing the ice essence effortfully, and said, “Because you have him . ”

The Ice Empress’ expression changed as she lowered her head and said, “You mind his presence?”

The Snow Empress’ eyes changed slightly, and her expression suddenly became cold as she said plainly, “Yes, I do mind his presence . Go kill him for me . ”

“Ah?” The Ice Empress exclaimed in shock . She released the Snow Empress’ hand as she stumbled backward, and she stared at the Snow Empress with a look of disbelief . “Why? Why do you want to kill him? He will not be a threat to you . It’s true – you’re the one I like . ”

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The Snow Empress answered plainly, “Since I’m the one you like, and he keeps sticking with you, then what use is there to keep him around? Are you still the Ice Empress that was full of a desire to kill back then? Kill him . ”

The Ice Empress was momentarily stunned . Her frame was trembling a little, and she snapped her head around and stared at the Skydream Iceworm, who was still working hard at absorbing the ice essence . Her eyes sparkled incessantly .

She knew that the Skydream Iceworm could definitely hear what the Snow Empress was saying even though he was absorbing the ice essence . However, he didn’t have any reaction at all . Does he not know how to speak for his own life? Why, why is not talking?

The Snow Empress said plainly, “He’s useless . He’s an iceworm, and he’s only managed to accumulate some strength by relying on his long life because he absorbed the Manifold Mysterious Ice Essence . However, his strength was absorbed by the Beast God and the Great Star Dou Forest’s Savage Beasts . He fused with Huo Yuhao afterwards, and not too long ago, he fused all of his spiritual origin with him . Right now, he is completely useless . Killing him will not affect us, and neither will it affect Yuhao . We can be together without him coming between us . What are you waiting for, Ice? Do it . ”

“I…” The Ice Empress shivered vigorously as watery mist appeared in her beautiful eyes .

The Ice Empress was very conflicted as she stood there . The Skydream Icewarm, who was deeply in love with her, was standing behind her, while the Snow Empress, who she had always been in love with, was standing in front of her .

Do I really have to choose between them?

The Ice Empress was a soul beast, but she had long possessed intelligence that wasn’t inferior to that of humans . The rise of intelligence would undoubtedly enrich feelings and emotions .

How could she not feel how good the Skydream Iceworm was to her? That was especially so when danger was knocking on her doorstep over several episodes, and the Skydream Iceworm had defended her with his life every single time . How could she not feel anything for him, when he would give everything for her?

She had been spending every single day with the Skydream Iceworm ever since she went into Huo Yuhao . Top-tier soul beasts also had feelings, and at this moment, the Snow Empress was asking her to kill him . How could she not be conflicted?

“Snow, have you not said before that he’s been very good to me, and that I should…” The Ice Empress spoke with a trembling voice .

The Snow Empress said plainly, “That was before . I couldn’t give you a sense of security back then, and I couldn’t be with you . I was willing to have someone around to protect you . But it’s different now, and I have returned . There is nobody else in this world better suited to protect you than me . His existence will only be a distraction for us when we are together . I don’t wish to see that . Why aren’t you making a move!?”

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“Snow!” The Ice Empress said agonizingly .

The Snow Empress said coldly, “That means you can’t bear to move against him? That’s fine . If you don’t want to, then I’ll do it . ” The Snow Empress floated forward as she spoke, and arrived in front of the Ice Empress in an instant .

The Ice Empress hadn’t even reacted when the Snow Empress’ left hand pressed gently on her shoulder .

Snowflakes condensed one after another, and swiftly wrapped around the Ice Empress’ body . The snowflakes fixed her to the spot and immobilized her . Even though they were all energy forms that originated from their consciousnesses, the Snow Empress’ strength was superior to the Ice Empress . Furthermore, the Ice Empress was caught off-guard .

The Ice Empress was fixed in place by the Snow Empress, and her body was swiftly half-turned . She watched in shock as the Snow Empress brushed past her, and her palm that was clear and dark blue pressed against the back of the Skydream Iceworm’s heart .

“No –” The Ice Empress screamed . Her voice was filled with fear and agony as intense green light erupted from her body while she struggled to free herself from the Snow Empress’ shackles .

The Ice Empress was far too familiar with the Snow Empress’ palm – Snowless Glacier, the Snow Empress’ strongest attack! Even she probably wouldn’t survive if this attack was used against her, let alone the Skydream Iceworm .

The Ice Empress felt as if her heart had just skipped a beat, and an unspeakable fear filled her heart .

He’s dead, he’s dead – Snow has killed him . Snow has killed him!

The Ice Empress’ eyes gradually turned red as she screamed hysterically . The ice auras that were coming from her body climbed rapidly as green light erupted, and the Snow Empress’ snowflakes that were holding her down were melting at an incredible speed .

The Skydream Iceworm stood there motionless . There was a dark blue layer over his body . The Ice Empress was only far too familiar with that dark blue color that was filled with the stench of death . Snowless Glacier took away all life, and even an individual as powerful as the Beast God would probably be severely injured if the Snow Empress had struck him when she was at her full strength .

There was only one method to fight against Snowless Glacier, and that was to not let the Snow Empress come close .

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But how easy was it not to let the Snow Empress come close? The Skydream Iceworm was also defenseless, and he was struck just like that . His vitality seemed to vanish in but an instant . Snowless Glacier was something that could freeze even spirits!

“Bam!” Snowflakes scattered in all directions . The Ice Empress finally broke through her shackles as she pounced hysterically towards the Skydream Iceworm .

The Snow Empress blocked her with a flash . Countless snowflakes billowed in all directions as they became a barrier that barricaded the Ice Empress .

The Ice Empress screamed as she pressed her hands forward . The Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s shadow glimmered behind her as intense green light transformed into an enormous pillar that went straight for the Snow Empress .

“You dare to attack me, Ice?” The Snow Empress shouted angrily .

“Why? Why did you have to kill him? He would never be a threat to you . Why did you kill him? Why!?” The Ice Empress cried and howled sorrowfully . Her hands blasted with the light of Ultimate Ice, which hammered continuously against the Snow Empress . She seemed to have gone insane in this moment, and her emotions were a little out of control .

The Snow Empress used but one hand as she defended herself against the Ice Empress’ crazy assault . However, she didn’t answer her question .

“Why? He was never a threat to anyone, and he had only lived a little longer than everyone else . But everyone wants to target him, to harm him . What wrong has he ever committed? Why, Snow, why did you have to hurt him?”

Tears dripped from the Ice Empress’ eyes like waterfalls, and they swiftly transformed into ice crystals . Those ice crystals even contained her soul power as they were tinged with green colors .

“You’re in love with him, Ice?” The Snow Empress pushed out with her hand and pushed the Ice Empress back .

The Ice Empress was momentarily stunned as she stopped attacking, and she just allowed her body to be pushed a few meters out .

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