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Unrivaled Tang Sect - Chapter 487.3

Published at 6th of January 2020 10:07:56 PM

Chapter 487.3

Chapter 487 . 3: Huo Yuhao is Not Allowed to Go!

Bei Bei glanced at Huo Yuhao . He was still quite hesitant, as their operation’s chances of success would be greatly boosted if Huo Yuhao was present . However, Xuan Ziwen had given so much blood and sweat for the Tang Sect, and not even he could speak out against his wishes .

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Huo Yuhao suddenly said, “Teacher Xuan, what do I have to do so that you’ll let me go? Actually, I haven’t been slacking in recent days!”

Xuan Ziwen snickered and said, “You haven’t been slacking? Alright! It’s simple to prove that you haven’t been slacking . Soul engineers will use the soul engineers’ method; all you have to do is forge a Class 8 soul tool for me and show that you can use it . Only then will you prove to me that you haven’t been slacking . Furthermore, you have to be able to use it perfectly . Otherwise, you will stay inside the sect, and not even think about going anywhere . And you can’t leave until you become a Soul Douluo and until you can forge a Class 8 soul tool . What do you think of my idea, sect leader?’

Bei Bei glanced at Xuan Ziwen, and then turned around to look at Huo Yuhao with a helpless look . Bei Bei would have clapped his hands in applause for what Xuan Ziwen was doing if they weren’t heading out to rescue Xiao Ya . However, this operation was extremely dangerous, and everyone would be able to predict their opponents’ moves preemptively with Huo Yuhao around . But he couldn’t contradict Xuan Ziwen and cause him to lose face, so he could only nod as he said, “I agree . ”

Bei Bei thought to himself, Little junior brother, oh, little junior brother . Make your own luck . Whose fault is it that you’ve been spending so much time outside, to the point where not even teacher Xuan can look on anymore? There’s nothing I can do to help you .

Huo Yuhao sighed and said, “Teacher Xuan, that’s too cruel . Can I forge a Class 7 soul tool instead?”

Xuan Ziwen grunted coldly and said, “Don’t think I’m unaware that you have long been a Class 7 soul engineer . Even though there aren’t many Class 7 soul tools you know to forge, crafting one with your spiritual power is not a problem, not to mention wielding one . You are a Soul Sage, and using a Class 7 soul tool is a piece of cake . There’s no discussion . You have to forge a  Class 8 soul tool . ”

Huo Yuhao forced a laugh and said, “But, teacher Xuan, I haven’t even seen a Class 8 soul tool’s blueprint before . How can I do that?”

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Xuan Ziwen snapped, “And you still have the cheek to tell me you haven’t been slacking?”

“Uh…” Huo Yuhao knew that he probably couldn’t get out of this . Teacher Xuan was extremely stubborn when he got serious, and nobody could say anything to change his mind . Huo Yuhao glanced at everyone else, and realized exasperatedly that most of his companions seemed to be rejoicing in his misfortune . Nan Qiuqiu’s schadenfreude was most evident .

Why isn’t anyone helping me? Huo Yuhao was very aggrieved .

“Alright, teacher Xuan, I’ll try . Can you give me blueprints for a Class 8 soul tool? If I can craft one and use it, you have to let me participate in this expedition . Can you give me a few days, eldest senior brother?”

Bei Bei stared at him in surprise . “You’re really going to try, little junior brother?” A Class 8 soul tool?! Was that a joke? Before Xuan Ziwen had arrived in Shrek City, there were only several soul engineers within Shrek Academy who could forge Class 8 soul tools . Among them were Huo Yuhao and He Caitou’s teacher, Fan Yu, along with Qian Duoduo, their vice-Dean . Not even the Valkyrie Douluo, Xian Lin’er, was that confident in accomplishing that task . In the end, Xian Lin’er’s main focus was as a soul master . She was the Soul Tool Department’s Dean back then more so because she wanted to gain some dignity back from Yan Shaozhe .

Huo Yuhao was still so young! He was already struggling to craft a Class 7 soul tool back then, and it would be truly unbelievable if he could craft a Class 8 soul tool just like that .

Bei Bei tilted his head and said, “You are very stubbornly determined . If you want to try, then go for it . However, we will only wait three days for you, and then everyone will set off . I’ll arrange some of the sect’s various affairs within these three days, and you should make use of your time . ”

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Since Bei Bei had approved Xuan Ziwen’s request, he had to consider how to lead his companions to rescue Tang Ya if Huo Yuhao wasn’t around . This was a serious matter, as they weren’t that clear about the situation at the frontlines . He had to use these few days to gather some intelligence from the frontlines so that he could study it .

Huo Yuhao was probably most adept at war and battle within the entire Tang Sect . No one else there had really participated in the war before, and even when they did, Huo Yuhao was the one commanding them . He Caitou and Huo Yuhao had participated in the Ultimate Soldier Plan before, but He Caitou was focused more on learning about support, mainly so that he could provide support for Huo Yuhao . Furthermore, He Caitou wasn’t going this time either!

Huo Yuhao had a look of exasperation as he said, “Alright, three days, then . Teacher Xuan, please hurry and provide me with those blueprints . I will make that attempt now . ”

Xuan Ziwen laughed . “You little rascal, now you know polish your spear before battle . You have been wilding so much outside, now it’s time to sit down and focus . Go, let me see how you are going to craft a Class 8 soul tool . Oh, right, call me when you’re about to start crafting it . Don’t think you can smoke through this . Nobody can help you this time . ”

“Do I look like someone who smokes through things?” Huo Yuhao retorted indignantly . However, his heart was pounding in his chest . The truth was that he had wanted to look for teacher Fan Yu so that he could ask for his help . Huo Yuhao was confident that he would have no problem using a Class 8 soul tool .

Xuan Ziwen’s idea of using a Class 8 soul tool perfectly meant that he wanted Huo Yuhao to unleash the soul tool’s full potential and strength . Huo Yuhao wouldn’t be so confident back then, but everything was different now because he actually had a cultivation rank that was worth eight soul rings! Even though he hadn’t obtained his eighth soul ring, using a Class 8 soul tool wouldn’t be a problem .

Seems like I can’t take any shortcuts anymore, Huo Yuhao heaved a sigh inside .  Since that’s the case, then I’ll just work hard at giving it a try . Teacher Xuan still doesn’t know that I have a spiritual soul core, and I have improved a lot at controlling the more delicate and fine aspects of forging a soul tool . I might actually have a chance .

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Xuan Ziwen had already handed over a stack of blueprints . A high-level soul tool couldn’t be detailed clearly with just one blueprint . The soul tool had to be spit into its shell, formation arrays, how it was assembled, how it was activated, and other crucial components . Every blueprint detailed a component, and the soul engineer still had to assemble everything after forging those components and experiment with it to ensure that the soul tool would be perfect .

Huo Yuhao’s face turned gray when he saw those blueprints . Xuan Ziwen was undoubtedly deliberately trying to make things difficult for him . There were more than thirty blueprints in this stack; not even a Class 8 soul tool should be so complicated .  Teacher Xuan is clearly certain and correct that I don’t have a Class  8 soul tool of my own, so he deliberately found one that is hard to forge and extremely complicated even amongst Class 8 soul tools for me . You’re so mean, Teacher Xuan .

Those were Huo Yuhao’s thoughts, but he wasn’t angry at all . Xuan Ziwen was doing this for his own good, and Huo Yuhao was very clear about that . He knew that it was about time for him to settle down and focus on studying and cultivation . However, they were going to rescue Tang Ya this time . How could he not participate? No matter, I’m going to give everything in this attempt . It’ll be my fault if I really can’t complete this task .

Huo Yuhao took the blueprints and immediately turned to leave .

“Hey, Yuhao, what about me?” The Ice Bear King, Little Bai pointed at his own nose and asked .

Everyone had already noticed this fatso, but there was definitely no problem with him since Huo Yuhao was the one who had brought him back, so nobody asked any questions .

Huo Yuhao thought about it and said, “This is my friend, eldest senior brother . He will come with us to rescue teacher Xiao Ya . Can you arrange somewhere for him to stay? I will provide his food . I’m going to take my leave . Second senior brother, can you accompany me and help me prepare some materials?”

Huo Yuhao was part of the Tang Sect’s core, but he wasn’t very familiar with the Tang Sect’s Soul Tool Hall . This was especially so because the Soul Tool Hall had been continuously refurbished and renovated in recent months and years, and Huo Yuhao really didn’t know where to find the rare metals that he would need . In order to prevent Teacher Xuan from trapping him even more, Huo Yuhao decided to ask He Caitou for help .

He Caitou chortled as he stood up and accompanied Huo Yuhao out . The truth was that he really wanted to see how Huo Yuhao could forge a Class 8 soul tool . He Caitou had been working very hard over the past year, and could even provide some help when Xuan Ziwen was crafting Class 8 soul tools . However, He Caitou wasn’t confident at all in forging a Class 8 soul tool all by himself . After all, crafting a Class 8 soul tool was too delicate, and one needed formidable spiritual power and soul power for support . Furthermore, the materials needed for a Class 8 soul tool were very rare and precious . The more high-class and rare a material was, the more soul power expended in forging a soul tool . Many techniques in crafting Class 8 soul tools had to be completed in one go, and such a feat couldn’t possibly be done without sufficiently powerful soul power .

Huo Yuhao left with He Caitou, while Bei Bei and the others continued to discuss who would remain . He Caitou was definitely staying behind, while Na Na accepted Bei Bei’s order with a bitter look on her face . If Bei Bei wasn’t there, the Tang Sect would descend into chaos if their great butler wasn’t around .

Bei Bei felt that the Tang Sect needed someone to hold down the fort . Jing Ziyan decided to stay behind after their final discussions . As everyone’s strength increased, Jing Ziyan knew that her abilities were already lagging behind the Tang Sect’s prodigies, and she couldn’t do much to help even if she participated . She had become a Soul Emperor far earlier than many of the Tang Sect’s individuals, but amongst the Tang Sect’s Shrek’s Seven Monsters, almost everyone now either had seven soul rings, or were almost there, besides Wang Dong’er, who had gone missing while her soul power was only at Rank 67 . Furthermore, her martial soul didn’t have any advantages, and thus she decided to stay behind so that she could actually contribute to the Tang Sect . She was one with her husband anyway, and even if she didn’t go, Ji Juechen would still definitely participate . The sword fanatic’s thirst for battle was far too strong .

Besides Jing Ziyan, Bei Bei decided after thorough consideration that he would bring along the rest of the Tang Sect’s core individuals . This operation was very important, and Huo Yuhao might not be able to participate . It was evident that their operation would fail if they didn’t have sufficient strength .

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