Unrivaled Tang Sect - Chapter 508-2

Published at 30th of June 2019 09:10:32 PM
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Chapter 508-2

Chapter 508 . 2: A Blind Date Alone?

Fairy #3 nodded and spoke . “Hello Huo Yuhao! I am Bai Se, but everyone calls me Xiao Bai . As of now, I’m a six-ringed Soul Emperor, which is a long way from you . To be honest, even before I entered the inner courtyard, I had already heard about your achievements in the Academy . Even though I entered the inner courtyard two years before you, you overtook me with so much ease . If I were to be very frank, I would say my feelings are borne out of curiosity rather than mere attraction . I have always revered strong soul masters and hence, whoever wants to take me as their partner must first defeat me . Even if you don’t choose me, I would challenge you to a duel in the later segment . That’s all I have to say . It’s up to you to choose me or not!”

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This self-introduction was truly badass… She didn’t waste any time with flowery words, and laid her credentials and thoughts bare . She was a true badass heroine!

Huo Yuhao nodded politely as he remained silent .

Zhang Lexuan was resigned as she shook her head .  Xiao Bai… You’re still as blunt as ever… It seems like it will be rather difficult for you to find a husband in the future… You’re no different from a man…

“Alright . Now let us welcome Fairy #6!”

Fairy #6 was a gentle-looking lady who had not been wearing a bamboo hat . She stepped forward before gently bowing before Huo Yuhao . She spoke softly, “Hello Senior Huo, my name is Mu Yue . Similar to Xiao Bai, I heard about your incredible stories some time ago . Because I just entered the inner courtyard this year, my abilities are probably not worth mentioning . I just want you to know that I really admire you a lot . Your stories have been my source of motivation, to challenge myself and become better . Even though today is my first time meeting you in person, you have already left an indelible mark in my mind . ”

Her introduction was even shorter than Xiao Bai’s, and she did not mention much about herself . But her self-introduction showed a lot more affection than Xiao Bai’s . Furthermore, Mu Yue had an enormous advantage in her voice . The way she talked was very gentle and melodic . Even Huo Yuhao was surprised at how perfect her voice was .

Similar to how he reacted to Xiao Bai’s introduction, Huo Yuhao nodded silently .

“Now let us welcome Fairy #11 . ” Zhang Lexuan announced . “You can also choose whether you want to remove your bamboo hat for Huo Yuhao . ”

“I’m sorry, eldest senior sister . As of now, I don’t want to remove my bamboo hat . I hope that Huo Yuhao can take it off for me . ” A calm and clear voice rang out from underneath the bamboo hat . Even though her voice was almost a monotone, one could sense the emotions brimming in her choice of words .

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“Hi Huo Yuhao, my name is Su Tong . I’m a seven-ringed Soul Sage, and my martial soul is the Icesky Snow Lady . ” Her introduction was even shorter than the two ladies before her . However, her last line was enough to catch Huo Yuhao’s attention .  Icesky Snow Lady?! Unless… Su Tong also possesses Ultimate Ice?

From what Huo Yuhao knew, even in the Extreme North, the Snow Empress was the only Icesky Snow Lady around . There was no other known Icesky Snow Ladies . No one had expected to find someone with the Icesky Snow Lady martial soul among humans .

Huo Yuhao was not the only one shocked by Su Tong’s words . Even Zhang Lexuan, Han Ruoruo, and some of the higher-ups from Shrek Academy were taken aback by her words .

Elder Xuan turned around and asked Yan Shaozhe, “Shaozhe, what’s going on? When did we have a student with an Icesky Snow Lady martial soul in our inner courtyard? Why was I not informed of this?”

Yan Shaozhe gave an awkward laugh . “Elder Xuan, even I was not aware of this . Su Tong was only admitted into the Academy recently . When she just entered, she told us her Martial Soul was a Snow Spirit, a powerful Ice element Martial Soul . She never told us her Martial Soul was actually an Icesky Snow Lady, and we never detected her Ultimate Ice ability . It seems like she must have purposely concealed her abilities… None of us expected her to do so . ”

Elder Xuan paused before saying, “How old is Su Tong this year?”

Yan Shaozhe replied, “She’s twenty—quite a bit older than Huo Yuhao . However, she possesses an Ultimate Ice Martial Soul . It is notoriously hard for a twenty-year-old to train one’s Ultimate Ice to the Soul Sage level . Her future must be unbelievably bright . ”

Elder Xuan nodded and said, “Let’s wait and see . Who knows? Yuhao might be able to uncover more unknown things about her . ”

Bai Se, Mu Yue, and Su Tong were all attractive candidates in their own ways .

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Bai Se exuded the vibes of an energetic and driven heroine . Mu Yue was unbelievably gentle, while Su Tong, like Huo Yuhao, possessed Ultimate Ice, and was enshrouded in an air of mystery .

But even then, they were unable to overshadow Tang Wutong .

Zhang Lexuan looked at Tang Wutong and announced, “Fairy #8, it’s your turn . ”

While the three ladies were giving their self-introductions, Tang Wutong was just standing there silently, occasionally frowning and stealing glances at Huo Yuhao . She had a confused look on her face as a tinge of melancholy crept across it . Her anxious breathing could not hide the uneasy feelings in her heart .

“I’m Tang Wutong . ” And that was all she said .

There seemed to be some sort of strange pattern in the way the ladies introduced themselves . Their introductions simply got shorter .

Zhang Lexuan frowned at Tang Wutong before announcing, “Now that we are done with the self-introductions, we can move onto the last segment, Eternal Love! Yuhao, it is now your turn to choose one of these ladies . After you have made your decision, you may leave with her . However, if someone opposes you and challenges you to a duel, you must win in order to leave with the lady whom you have selected . Failure to win means that you have to return home empty-handed . Of course, you may choose from the Fairies who did not select you . If you choose any of them, they have the right to challenge you . ”

Huo Yuhao nodded slightly . He already knew Zhang Lexuan had simplified the instructions given for the Eternal Love segment . After all, it was not his first time attending the Fated Blind Date, and he could still remember a large part of the rules .

Just when he was about to announce his decision — that he did not want to choose any of them — and leave, Zhang Lexuan continued, “Because we have four Fairies who have chosen you, they will now take turns to give you a one-minute confession . We will adhere to the same sequence as before . Bai Se, you may begin . ”

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Bai Se stared at Huo Yuhao as she glided forward on her lilypad . “Senior Huo, today is our first time meeting each other in person . To be honest, I only admire strong people, and that is why I chose you . But I must admit that we probably do not hold any romantic feelings for one another . Hence, even if you were to choose someone else, I won’t feel too upset about it . Even if you choose me, I will still find a chance to spar with you . To summarize what I have just said, rather than be your girlfriend, I’m more inclined to spar with you . If you were to trash me in a battle, who knows? I might just fall in love with you . ”

Even though Huo Yuhao was just going through the motions, he was still very much amused by Bai Se’s words . In fact, her confession could be summed up as the following: You can make whatever decision you want, but I must fight you!

She was a true badass… Whoever married her in the future would most definitely have an enjoyable marriage… She was definitely one in a million!

Han Ruoruo announced, “Mu Yue, it’s your turn . ”

Mu Yue followed Bai Se as she maneuvered her way in front of Huo Yuhao . She took a short pause before confessing, “Senior Huo, in my eyes, admiration and reverence is the precursor for love . Before I met you in person, I had heard so much about you . I know I don’t have much of an advantage before my outstanding senior sisters, but I still will stand forward to confess . This might just be the bravest thing I have done in the past ten years . I won’t regret my decision, because I really like you . Even if you don’t choose me, you will always be a hero in my heart, forever and always . ”

Huo Yuhao nodded politely in her direction to acknowledge her feelings .  Her eyes and voice are too gentle… If he didn’t already have someone whom he loved, he might have wavered under such circumstances .

“Su Tong, it’s your turn . ”

Su Tong did not glide forward on her lilypad; instead, she stood where she was and kept her bamboo hat on her head . The same calm and border-line monotone voice came forth again . “I know both of us possess Ultimate Ice . That’s why I’m curious to find out how different we are in terms of our power . You might be the brightest star from Shrek Academy, but I’m also very confident in my abilities . If you can use your powers to take the bamboo hat off my head, I will leave with you . ”

If they were to categorize Bai Se as badass and Mu Yue as gentle, Su Tong would undeniably be haughty . Her haughtiness exuded from her words, and made many of the spectators rather uncomfortable .

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Huo Yuhao remained calm as he nodded politely, just as before . However, he had already shifted his attention to Tang Wutong .

Even though he knew very well that Tang Wutong was not Wang Dong’er, he could not resist looking at her beautiful face .

“Tang Wutong, it’s your turn . ” Zhang Lexuan announced .

Tang Wutong nodded as she looked up and stared right into Huo Yuhao’s eyes . The lilypad beneath her did not move, but it began to give off a golden radiance .

“Yuhao, we have not known each other for long . But during our first encounter, you mistook me for Wang Dong’er, and hugged me . I was very angry back then, and really wanted to kill you . Afterwards, we had a couple more interactions, and I started to look beyond the initial hatred I had for you . I began to see some of your qualities: your calm, your quick thinking, and more . Whenever your group faced any form of danger, you were always the one rushing to the front and protecting your peers, sometimes at the expense of your own safety . It was during that time that I found my hatred towards you slowly disappearing…”

Compared to her self-introduction, Tang Wutong’s confession seemed more like a slow recitation of her memories with Huo Yuhao .

Huo Yuhao was a bit taken aback by her words . He could still remember how happy he was when he had first “met” Tang Wutong .

“Afterwards, when we were all by the river, you grilled fish for all of us . After our feast, Nannan came over to tell me how you actually only wanted to grill fish for me . That was the most delicious meal I had ever had . What surprised me most was how eating the fish that you grilled for me gave me an indescribable feeling . At that moment, I felt lost . I don’t know how to describe that feeling, but I just felt like I really admired you . It was an admiration, or rather, a sense of attraction that came from the bottom of my heart . Even though I could not put my feelings into words back then, I felt really really happy . Otherwise, I would not have allowed you to inject your soul power into me back then at the military camp . You should know very well what that means to a soul master . ”

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