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Unrivaled Tang Sect - Chapter 582.3

Published at 6th of January 2020 09:49:10 PM

Chapter 582.3

Chapter 582 . 3: Who’s Scheming Here?

However, a strange white light suddenly shot towards Zhongli Wu and the Bone Dragon King at this instant .

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Zhongli Wu was startled by the white light, and he instinctively slashed at it with his Death God’s Sickle . However, the sickle was not able to block the light . The white light was somehow able to pass through the incredible Death God power and land on the body of the Bone Dragon King .

Zhongli Wu had already cultivated the Bone Dragon King to become his origin beast spirit . Hence, their spirits were already deeply intertwined . Even though the white light did not seem to have caused any harm to the Bone Dragon King, Zhongli Wu felt an intense sense of uneasiness in his heart .

It was also at this instant that Huo Yuhao, who had been trying to flee from Zhongli Wu, suddenly turned around and released a mystical power from his body .

The streaks of black energy that were hanging onto his Icy War God’s Armor were somehow transformed into tiny vortexes before they started to scatter towards Zhongli Wu .

Those black vortexes did not only contain the death aura that belonged to the Death God, but also Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice and spiritual power .

Zhongli Wu was not prepared to be complacent as the Bone Dragon King beneath him released its powerful breath to neutralize the power stored within those tiny vortexes . However, because of this little interjection, its flying speed was affected .

At this instant, Zhongli Wu suddenly heard Huo Yuhao release a cold grunt .

He then noticed how the Icy War God’s Armor, which was now cleared of all the black energy streaks, had lost its dark blue glow . Instead, it now took on a crystalline grey color .

A gigantic projection suddenly appeared behind Huo Yuhao’s back . This figure was extremely peculiar . It was actually a gigantic turtle . It was a gigantic turtle that was completely golden .

“Hehe… It’s time for Huo Yuhao to retaliate!” Someone from the crowd that was gathered nearer to Shrek City sniggled to himself .

A golden light flickered as it instantly attached itself to Huo Yuhao and Zhongli Wu . Following which, everyone was surprised to see how both of them had swapped positions at that very instant .

Zhongli Wu had appeared where Huo Yuhao was, and Huo Yuhao was now standing above the head of the Bone Dragon King .

Huo Yuhao was now wielding the Morning Dew Dagger with both of his hands . The dagger was now pointing downwards . A layer of white light suddenly surged from Huo Yuhao’s body before it gushed into the Morning Dew Dagger .

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The Bone Dragon King beneath Huo Yuhao started to panic as it attempted to break free from him . However, Huo Yuhao’s feet remained rooted on the dragon’s head as though they were glued to it .

At the same time, a golden ring of light radiated from Huo Yuhao’s head, and enveloped the entire head of the Bone Dragon King .

“Spiritual Blast!”

A silent explosion occurred around the Bone Dragon King’s head . Its green spirit fire could now be seen from the crack in its skull caused by the Spiritual Blast .

Zhongli Wu tried to rush back from where he had been teleported, but he could not help but let out a grunt of pain . His massive Death God True Body started to shrink rapidly .

This is impossible . The Bone Dragon King’s spirit fire is immensely powerful . This Spiritual Blast is obviously not as powerful as the previous Spiritual Shock! Why would it instantly sustain such a heavy injury?

Unless it was because of the white light?

Yes, it was because of the white light . That was one of the two divine skills the Three-Eyed Golden Lion had passed onto Huo Yuhao . It was called Spiritual Reaving . It was able to instantly reduce an enemy’s spiritual defense to zero .

Huo Yuhao immediately brought the sharp Morning Dew Dagger downwards and stabbed it deep into the skull of the Bone Dragon King .

The Bone Dragon King let out a painful howl as cracks started to form on its skull . Streaks of white light instantly enveloped the head of the Bone Dragon King .

Upon coming into contact with the white light, its spirit fire was instantly doused . The humongous body of the Bone Dragon King immediately turned stiff and still .

Purification power!

Huo Yuhao had been intentionally acting in a passive manner as he allowed himself to be attacked continuously by Zhongli Wu and the Bone Dragon King . Even now, his mouth was still bleeding . He had done all of the above just so that he could buy himself enough time to chant his incantations .

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He had allowed the death aura released by Zhongli Wu to remain on his Icy War God’s Armor just so that it could help him conceal the necromantic abilities he was about to unleash .

This battle was not just about competing against one another’s power . It was a battle of wisdom and intellect .

So at the end of the day, who had managed to trick who?

While Zhongli Wu was dashing back to the Bone Dragon King, he suddenly stopped in mid-air as he released an inhuman shriek . Very soon, his massive Death God body transformed back into his human form . Zhongli Wu immediately vomited large amounts of blood from his mouth .

Ultimately, the extremely powerful beast spirit was connected to Zhongli Wu . In fact, it was almost a part of him . Hence, Huo Yuhao was able to injure him very badly when he killed his beast spirit .

This was something Zhongli Wu had not expected . He could not understand how his immensely powerful Bone Dragon King was unable to withstand a single blow from Huo Yuhao .

At the end of the day, spectral creatures were still spectral creatures . No matter how strong the Bone Dragon King was, it would never be able to escape the limitations of a spectral creature .

And Huo Yuhao was currently the only necromancer in the entire Douluo Continent!

Purification power was the natural enemy of any spectral creature . Even if the spectral creature—like the Bone Dragon King—was extremely powerful, it would still be vulnerable to purification power . The combination of Spiritual Shock, Spiritual Blast, and the Morning Dew Dagger was simply acting as a conduit for the final blow, which involved Huo Yuhao’s purification power .

Under such circumstances, the Bone Dragon King would never be able to withstand it, even though it was extremely powerful .

Huo Yuhao had been waiting for this opportunity from the beginning of the battle until now . He had first improved himself by sensing the pressure from his opponent before unleashing the potential that was forced out by his opponent . Subsequently, he feigned weakness to tempt his opponent into attacking him before he retaliated at the most crucial moment . Everything went according to his plan .

Zhongli Wu’s biggest mistake was that he had forgotten the fact that Huo Yuhao was actually a control-type soul master!

The white purification power quickly spread across the massive body of the Bone Dragon King . It had now completely lost its soul, and the elements were no longer under its control .

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Zhongli Wu appeared to be frozen in mid-air as he stared at Huo Yuhao with hatred in his eyes . He did not feel that he deserved to lose! He could naturally see how Huo Yuhao was supposed to be weaker than him . After all, Huo Yuhao was only a Titled Douluo . He believed that Huo Yuhao had only defeated him by using an unknown power .

However, he had forgotten how evil soul masters usually had an advantage over normal soul masters because of how unorthodox their skills were .

When Zhongli Wu raised the staff in his hand again, his hand was already trembling . Once again, the frightening aura spread around him . It was almost as though his aura had not been affected by his injuries .

Huo Yuhao also straightened his back as the dark blue light formed once again on his Icy War God’s Armor .

The Morning Dew Dagger’s blade was also radiating a brilliant glow as its blinding light traveled across the sky . At the same time, the dagger was also emanating an Ultimate Ice aura from its blade .

“Huo Yuhao, you have won . ” Zhongli Wu nodded in Huo Yuhao’s direction . “However, from this moment onwards, you will be considered one of the greatest enemies of our Holy Ghost Church . In the near future, we will definitely do whatever it takes to kill you instead of forcing you to join us . You seem to be in possession of a power which threatens me . No matter what, we will never allow you to become an Ultimate Douluo, because if that happens, the Holy Ghost Church’s days will be numbered . You might have won today, but you will definitely die the next time we meet . ”

After finishing his sentence, Zhongli Wu’s body suddenly released a blinding light . Following which, he transformed into a black meteor as he sped into the distant sky . He did not even return to join the Sun Moon Empire’s army .

Now that he had lost, he definitely had to receive military punishment according to the military order . Hence, he could only choose to leave for now .

The other members of the Holy Ghost Church were at a loss right now . Even until now, they were still not quite sure how their leader had lost . It was simply beyond comprehension .

There was a deafening silence from the Sun Moon Empire’s side, whereas the Shrek Academy’s side cheered euphorically after a short pause .

This was the fifth match . Huo Yuhao had already won his fifth battle!

Huo Yuhao was actually able to kill two powerful evil soul masters from the Holy Ghost Church before abducting another person . Following which, he went on to defeat two more individuals . It was important to note that all of them were Transcendent Douluo . In fact, one of them was the Leader of the Holy Ghost Church!

Regardless of whether Huo Yuhao was unable to win his remaining battles, he had undoubtedly made a name for himself after today .

From this moment onwards, he was officially initiated into the group of individuals that every soul master on the Douluo Continent would revere .

The gigantic Bone Dragon King’s body dropped from the sky before shattering to pieces .

Huo Yuhao descended with it, and landed at a place which was not too far from the bones . He planted a single knee on the ground as he started to pant rapidly .

It had been an extremely difficult battle for him . The attacks from the Death God’s Sickle had ultimately injured him . In order to create an opportunity to turn the tables and conceal his necromantic abilities, he had had to bear with it . The cost of bearing those attacks were immense soul power expenditure and injuries .

The dark blue light on Huo Yuhao’s Icy War God’s Armor continued to glow as he gradually stood up straight again .

Because he was wearing his armor, no one could see him clearly . In fact, the light on the Icy War God’s Armor was not the least bit dimmer than before .

A heavy silence had fallen upon the Sun Moon Empire troops .

After watching five Transcendent Douluo which were all evil soul masters crumble under Huo Yuhao’s powers, none of them were confident of fighting him . They believed that even an Ultimate Douluo might not have achieved this feat with ease . However, Huo Yuhao was somehow able to pull it off .

The Class 9 soul engineers who were standing behind Ju Zi revealed a look of fear .

None of them wanted to die at Huo Yuhao’s hands on this battlefield .

Even though they knew that he had expended a large amount of soul power, no one dared to volunteer to fight him .

After the leader of the Holy Ghost Church had been defeated, the remaining members of the Holy Ghost Church were not going to challenge Huo Yuhao anymore . Feng Ling led the remaining members to Ju Zi and bowed as one . Afterward, they did not say anything as they retreated to the back of the contingent .

Zhongli Wu had fled, as he was not willing to accept military punishment . This also meant that he was no longer there to question Ju Zi’s decisions . Without a military supervisor, the War God Empress was now the sole owner of the entire army .