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Unrivaled Tang Sect - Chapter 583.3

Published at 6th of January 2020 09:48:57 PM

Chapter 583.3

Chapter 583 . 3: Blade Technique of the God’s Realm

“HAHAHAHAH! It seems like you were shot down by my blade . ” Liao Mengkai let out a burst of laughter . He was obviously very pleased with himself for successfully harming Huo Yuhao—a feat which not even Zhongli Wu had managed to do .

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Huo Yuhao nodded at Liao Mengkai . He said, “I never expected to see someone like you who would dedicate your life to perfecting a single art . If I had not been watching you and sensing when you would release your martial soul, I would probably have been in a worse state . You were actually able to ignite your own life energy to freeze the flow of my internal energy . If I am not wrong, your martial soul should be a blade, right?”

Liao Mengkai nodded . He was impressed by how Huo Yuhao was able to deduce all of this during the battle . “That’s right . My martial soul is a blade . To be more precise, it is a blade soul! My blade soul does not possess a true physical form . It is quite different from the usual weapon martial souls which you probably see . However, it is able to fuse into any metallic object perfectly . When I had just started to cultivate it, it was extremely weak and powerless . However, as I became stronger, I started to realize how powerful and useful it is . ”

Huo Yuhao continued, “Even though your previous attack looked as though it was intended to prevent me from going after you, you had actually fused your martial soul into your second blade while you burned your life energy to restrict the flow of energy within my body . The first blade was meant to be a distraction, as you had simply thrown it over in a fairly normal fashion . It seemed like you must have consumed a lot of tonics and herbs to strengthen your life energy . ”

“Yes . In fact, I actually unleashed my ninth soul skill earlier . It is called Soulsplitting Blade! If I am to be honest, you are doomed . From the moment my blade entered your body, you were bound to die even if you were to chop off your limb . After all, my Demonic God Blade is a Class 9 soul tool . The other blade is a Class 9 soul tool . By using my Soulsplitting Blade to enhance my Class 9 soul tool, it is essentially indestructible . Even if you were an Ultimate Douluo, you would still die because your passageways would be severed by the destructive energy which will ravage your body . To be honest, I don’t think I would have been able to freeze the flow of your internal energy if you had not fought so many people beforehand . After releasing that powerful technique of yours which exposed my location, you had expended too much power, and became vulnerable to my technique . ”

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “I admit that I have underestimated you . This is the price I have to pay for doing that . However, I want to remind you not to overestimate the power of your blade soul . Even though it can hurt me, it will not be that easy to kill me . ”

As he spoke, Huo Yuhao gripped the hilt of the Demonic God Blade with his right hand as he slowly pulled the five foot blade out from his shoulder .

Right now, Tang Wutong no longer dared to watch Huo Yuhao . Her fists were clenched as she wished she was the one in his place! However, Huo Yuhao did not allow her to go over . After all, this battle against ten opponents was a battle which was exclusively his . It was a man’s battle .

Liao Mengkai was startled to see Huo Yuhao removing the blade from his shoulder . He did not expect him to possess the energy to remove the blade . “What?! This can’t be happening . Why do you still have the strength? Shouldn’t you have used all of your soul power to suppress my blade soul? Why do you still have the strength to remove the blade?”

Liao Mengkai had already ignited his life energy and used every single ounce of energy in his soul power to launch an all-out attack . Even though his attack was successful, its effects fell short of his expectations .  How could he still be able to remove the long blade?

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There was actually another reason why Liao Mengkai was willing to go out and challenge Huo Yuhao today . He was, in fact, driven by his greed . He wanted Huo Yuhao’s Morning Dew Dagger .

As a powerful fighter who possessed a blade soul, he believed that he ought to be able to control the Morning Dew Dagger even if he did not possess an Ultimate Ice martial soul . He believed that he had a good chance of becoming a Transcendent Douluo if he were to couple his blade soul with the godly weapon .

It was important to note that one could only become a Class 10 soul engineer after attaining the abilities of a Transcendent Douluo . This was something he had been dreaming of for a long time .

Liao Mengkai watched Huo Yuhao slowly remove the five foot blade without spilling a single drop of blood . However, because Huo Yuhao had a visor over his face, no one could see his expression . Nonetheless, everyone believed that he was not in that much pain, since he was able to extract the blade in a fairly steady manner .

Finally, the entire Demonic God Blade was removed by Huo Yuhao . His body trembled a little as he held the Class 9 soul tool in his hand .

The Demonic God Blade only had a single characteristic: its extreme sharpness!

Similar to how Liao Mengkai went after the extreme in his fighting style, it was the same for his weapon . It was so sharp that even the Icy War God’s Armor was unable to block it . Powered by his blade soul, the attacking power which was unleashed by the Demonic God Blade at that instant was almost on par with that of a godly weapon . If Huo Yuhao had reacted slower and treated it as a normal attack, his heart would have been pierced by the Demonic God Blade .

“Ho-How were you able to do that?” Liao Mengkai asked Huo Yuhao in a dazed manner .

Huo Yuhao wielded the Demonic God Blade in a reverse grip as he used the side of his palm to lift his visor . Even though his face appeared to be a little pale, Huo Yuhao revealed a calm and composed expression .

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“I have kept you alive until now just so that I can show you how useless your attack is on me . You had no chance of killing me at all . Now, it’s time for you to vanish from the surface of this earth!”

“Please show mercy!” Ju Zi exclaimed from her seat .

However, this was the battlefield! There was no room for mercy in war!

“Boom!” An intense explosion could be heard . Liao Mengkai’s body had exploded into pieces . Even till his last breath, his eyes were still widened in disbelief .

Liao Mengkai had ignited his life energy and given up on defending his body to launch his final attack . In fact, he had injected all his soul power into the weapon, and used his other soul tool to conceal the glow of his soul ring in order to unleash such a deadly blow . However, why was his enemy still alive?

By banking everything on his final attack, it implied that he had completely given up on defending himself . However, the truth was that all of his passive defensive measures had already been shredded by the Rain Dragon’s Dance executed by Huo Yuhao’s Morning Dew Dagger .

By the time Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice had permeated into Liao Mengkai’s body and he had fallen to the ground, he was already seriously injured . Most of the passageways in his body were already frozen solid . Under such circumstances, the Ice Explosion was definitely all that was required to deal the finishing blow .

Huo Yuhao gradually turned around to face the Sun Moon Empire’s army . He stabbed the five foot long Demonic God Blade into the ground as he used it to support his body .

Suddenly, he let out a serious cough as two streaks of blood shot out from his left shoulder like arrows . After leaving Huo Yuhao’s body, these two streaks of blood formed the shape of a blade as they turned around to attack Huo Yuhao .

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A golden light immediately shone from Huo Yuhao’s forehead and enveloped the bloody blade soul . Following which, the blade soul exploded silently before vanishing into thin air .

The blood stopped flowing from Huo Yuhao’s shoulder . It had only left some bloodstains on Huo Yuhao’s Icy War God’s Armor . He remained standing there as though nothing had happened .


The blood did not make him look vulnerable or weak . In fact, it made him look a lot more intimidating . The contrast of the blood against his pale, cold face made him look like a devil who had just descended onto their land .

Sixth . This was already the sixth person . Huo Yuhao was able to win all six battles with his superior abilities . He had killed three, injured two, and captured one .

If Ju Zi was not exactly very upset by the Holy Ghost Church’s failure earlier, it pained her to see the legion commander of the Terrorclaw Soul Engineer Legion fall . After all, Liao Mengkai was a Class 9 soul engineer! On top of that, he was the legion commander of a soul engineer legion . It usually took a couple of decades to nurture a talent like him . Every Class 9 soul engineer like Liao Mengkai was a strategic resource of the Sun Moon Empire .

Ju Zi was starting to understand why Huo Yuhao had suggested this challenge . He was not only trying to force the Sun Moon Empire into a retreat, but also trying to reduce the Sun Moon Empire’s power while improving his own abilities .

Even though Ju Zi could not control the Holy Ghost Church, the Holy Ghost Church was still on the side of the Sun Moon Empire! Under Huo Yuhao’s ruthless attacks, the Holy Ghost Church had sustained huge losses . Now, they were starting to lose their soul engineers . Even though the Sun Moon Empire had quite a few Class 9 soul engineers, they were still very limited! They did not have more than twenty Class 9 soul engineers even including those who were initiated in recent years . However, Huo Yuhao and his peers had already taken down more than one .

On top of that, it also pained Ju Zi to see Huo Yuhao injured .

Right now, Huo Yuhao’s breathing was slightly labored . It was evident that his injury was not light at all . Liao Mengkai’s final attack was something he really had not expected . It was the first time he had seen such a powerful all-out attack .

Liao Mengkai’s attack was built on extreme sharpness . Hence, every single attribute which he possessed was developed with that consideration in mind . His invincibly sharp soul tool was greatly enhanced by his blade soul to an incredibly frightening extent .

By the time Huo Yuhao was able to sense its insane power with his Spiritual Detection, he immediately knew that there was no chance he would be able to block that blade . Hence, he instantly used his Ultimate Ice to freeze and protect the passageways in his left shoulder to attempt to block it .

At the end of the day, his Icy War God’s Armor was still effective at defending him . It was able to negate about fifty percent of the blade soul’s power . After the remaining power had entered his body, it had started to try to ravage his body in a furious manner . Just as Liao Mengkai had predicted, it had tried to shred everything within his body to pieces .

Fortunately, Huo Yuhao possessed his Yin Yang Complement soul cores . With the nourishment they provided, Huo Yuhao’s body had gained strength that put it on par with Di Tian’s . The soul power vortex in his body had played a big role in preventing Liao Mengkai’s energy from tearing his body apart .

Huo Yuhao’s soul power vortex was able to lock onto the blade soul before forcing it into a corner with its continuous rotation . This prevented the blade soul from hurting his vital organs .

Nonetheless, he still fell to the ground because he had trouble controlling his body in that moment .

Eventually, he managed to use his soul power to force the blade soul out of his body . In fact, the entire process was extremely risky . If he had not formed his Yin Yang Complement soul cores before this challenge, Liao Mengkai’s attack would have been fatal . He would have died instantly .

However, Huo Yuhao did not emerge from this costly battle without any benefits . While he sustained a serious injury, he gained a better understanding of his Yin Yang Complement soul cores and their useful effects .

However, the truth was that performing the Rain Dragon’s Dance with the Morning Dew Dagger had been too demanding on Huo Yuhao’s body . Now, he was left with less than twenty percent of his original soul power . Many of his bodily functions were also slightly damaged . Nonetheless, he continued to stand there as he stared down the people from the Sun Moon Empire with cold eyes .

At the same time, Huo Yuhao was trying his best to activate his Yin Yang Complement soul cores to recover his soul power . He was definitely going to fight on no matter what . After all, he still had his invincible spiritual power and…

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