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Unrivaled Tang Sect - Chapter 584.1

Published at 6th of January 2020 09:48:53 PM

Chapter 584.1

Chapter 584 . 1: Tang San, Xiao Wu, and Rong Nianbing

Huo Yuhao began to chant his incantations in a low and deep voice . Under the influence of his Imitation and his Spiritual Interference Domain, no one could hear his incantations nor sensed what he was doing .

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Ju Zi took a deep breath before letting it out . She was no longer able to make decisions as the Commander of the Three Armies . The strength Huo Yuhao had demonstrated was extremely suffocating .

How? What should I do next? The usually quick-witted Ju Zi found her mind completely blank . While she was not willing to see Huo Yuhao die, she knew that if the Sun Moon Empire were to lose this challenge, the entire army’s morale would take a huge hit . Everything she had done prior to this would go down the drain .

“Let me do it!” A loud exclamation rang out from beside her . Elder Su, who had been standing next to Ju Zi, strode out to face Huo Yuhao .

Ju Zi opened her mouth and wanted to stop him . However, no words escaped her . Even though she did not want to put Huo Yuhao’s life in danger, she knew that she could not allow the morale of the army to be shaken .

As Elder Su slowly walked towards the center of the battlefield, the various sool tools he had brought with him started to appear . The people who were watching the battle could hear the crisp metallic sounds as Elder Su’s human-shaped soul tool started to form on his body .

As Huo Yuhao stared at Elder Su, the pupils in his eyes contracted .

He was able to tell from today’s battles that the Sun Moon Empire must have mastered the core technology used to build human-shaped soul tools . In addition, they must have developed a certain method to use these human-shaped soul tools .

Xuan Ziwen’s research had shown that one needed significant spiritual power in order to exercise the precise control needed for a human-shaped soul tool to fit perfectly with one’s body .

It was important to note that the stronger the human-shaped soul tool was, the more spiritual power it consumed . Without superior spiritual power, it would be next to impossible to control a human-shaped soul tool like one’s limbs .

Huo Yuhao did not find it strange that these Class 9 soul engineers had their own human-shaped soul tools . He was more interested to find out how the other soul engineers within the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion were able to use human-shaped soul tools . They must have used some sort of special method in order to achieve that .

“You are very powerful! I am very impressed with what you have achieved at such a tender age . I must say you are the most gifted soul master I have ever seen in my life . Unfortunately, we serve different masters . Whatever strength and power you possess will only become a greater justification for us to kill you . I promise I will destroy you at all costs . ” Elder Su said solemnly .

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Huo Yuhao stared calmly at him and said, “Then let’s begin . ”

A huge black gate suddenly formed behind him, following which, a massive body emerged after releasing a deafening howl . It was none other than the Jiangshi Ice Bear King, Er Bai!

Now that Huo Yuhao was facing his seventh opponent, he could not help but call for reinforcements .

Huo Yuhao leapt upward before landing on Er Bai’s shoulder . Following which, he sat cross-legged his shoulder as though he were glued there .

Er Bai looked up into the sky before releasing another deafening howl as it started to stomp towards Elder Su .

Elder Su revealed a condescending look . It was important to note that he was not a close-combat soul engineer, but one who specialized in ranged attacks . Even though Er Bai was humongous, and radiated an intensely powerful aura, it was nothing more than a clumsy target in Elder Su’s eyes .

Two red cannons appeared on the shoulder plates of his human-shaped soul tool . Those two cannons were not very big, but they instantly released two red soul rays towards Er Bai .

When a soul engineer became a Class 9 soul engineer, the power of their soul tools could no longer be measured by their size .

Because Er Bai was so big, it was an easy target even if Elder Su did not aim properly .

However, an unexpected outcome formed before everyone’s eyes . Just when the two rays were about to land on Er Bai, Er Bai charged forward, and  suddenly angled his body in an agile manner . In fact, it even pushed itself off the ground with the tips of its feet to avoid the two rays .

“Huh?” Elder Su’s eyes widened in disbelief . After all, he had only launched his soul rays after he had locked his cannons onto Er Bai .  How was it able to avoid the rays?

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Spiritual Interference Domain and Spiritual Detection Sharing .

That was the answer!

It was Huo Yuhao’s answer to the challenge Elder Su had given!

While Elder Su was hesitating, Er Bai had gotten extremely close to him . It waved its humongous fist and planted it in Elder Su’s direction . Its overwhelming aura caused the surrounding ground to sink even before its fist came into contact with it .

Elder Su instantly retreated rapidly in a bid to evade Er Bai’s attack as two streaks of light were released from the bottom of his feet .

Er Bai looked up into the sky as it released another low growl . It opened its mouth as its white smoky breath surged out at Elder Su .

A huge circular gem that was attached at the front of Elder Su’s human-shaped soul tool suddenly emitted a powerful beam of light . The beam instantly went past the breath Er Bai had released and landed on Er Bai’s body .

Even with the help of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection Sharing, Er Bai was simply too big and too close to avoid this attack . Hence, it could only use its strong chest to take this blow .

Because of the powerful speed his human-shaped soul tool had given him, Elder Su was able to instantly retreat and avoid Er Bai’s breath after releasing his attack . This allowed him to widen the distance between him and Er Bai .

However, he was shocked to see that Er Bai was able to shake off any effect the beam had on its body . Following which, it continued to charge towards Elder Su .

How is this possible? That was a Class 8 Goldmelting Cannon .

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It was important to note that even a Class 9 soul engineer was not able to only possess Class 9 soul tools . This was because it was incredibly difficult to build Class 9 soul tools . On top of that, it often took too much time to build them .

Tools like milk bottles were a lot less useful for soul engineers of higher classes . They simply did not have the time to replenish what they had expended . At the end of the day, one’s soul core was still the most reliable source of soul power . Hence, it was extremely logical to see powerful soul engineers equip themselves with soul tools of different classes .

Even though the Goldmelting Cannon was only a Class 8 soul tool, it was able to melt gold and any other similar metals . On top of that, it was focused on a single target . Hence, it was extremely powerful .

However, it only left a faint black mark on the gigantic bear’s body . It didn’t seem like it had managed to cause much harm to Er Bai .

At that end of the day, there was still a difference between Er Bai and Little Bai . Little Bai was a powerful controller of ice and snow . Even though Er Bai had inherited Little Bai’s body, it did not inherit Little Bai’s ability to control ice and snow . Or rather, Er Bai only possessed a tiny bit of control over snow and ice . However, Er Bai also had its very own advantage—its immensely tough body . After becoming a spectral creature within the spectral demiplane, its body was affected by the aura within it, and had mutated . It definitely possessed the strongest body within the entire spectral demiplane . If not, it would never have become the king of the entire spectral demiplane .

Hence, it was extremely difficult for a Class 8 soul tool to harm Er Bai . On top of that, the Goldmelting Cannon was a fire-type soul tool . It was natural for its effect to be weaker on Er Bai, who was an ice-type spectral creature .

Er Bai stomped its left foot on the ground as it sent tremors and vibrations across the earth around it . As the earth trembled, everyone, including the Sun Moon Empire troops who were about five kilometers away, found the ground beneath them shaking and vibrating .

By borrowing the reactive force from its stomp, Er Bai leapt into the air before rolling itself into a ball . Following which, it flew towards Elder Su like a massive rotating cannonball . The aura it possessed was similar to that of an icy meteor falling from the sky . This was the only ice ability Little Bai had passed on to Er Bai . Even though its Ultimate Ice ability was lacking compared to Little Bai’s, Er Bai’s physical power was definitely more powerful than what Little Bai could achieve .

After recovering from his momentary shock, Elder Su immediately regained the speed he had lost . To be honest, he was not in the least bit scared of Er Bai . After all, speed was his specialty . On top of that, his Class 9 human-shaped soul tool was able to prevent him from being locked on by his opponent . This meant that Er Bai would never be able to lock onto his position .

With a single flicker, Elder Su was able to maneuver his body and avoid Er Bai’s attack . At the same time, a matte black Class 9 soul cannon appeared on his shoulder . Since the Class 8 soul tool was not enough to take Er Bai down, Elder Su had decided to go with a Class 9 one . This time around, he also made sure to choose one which was not fire-type .

Attacking power had never been a problem for any Class 9 soul engineer .

However, just when Elder Su had finally locked onto Er Bai’s position and fully charged his Class 9 soul cannon, his spiritual sea suddenly alerted him of an impending threat . This was an instinct which only Titled Douluo possessed .

Elder Su was extremely trusting of his senses . This was because they had saved his life countless times . Without hesitating, he immediately stopped charging the soul tool on his shoulder as he flipped around and revved up his human-shaped soul tool in a bid to escape from whatever that was coming for him .

A blue light suddenly flickered in the sky as Elder Su’s rapid flipping motion suddenly froze . Following which, his body suddenly released a huge blood mist .

If one were to pay close attention to Elder Su, one would notice a single hole in his Class 9 protective soul barrier, invincible barrier, and human-shaped soul tool which all lined up . Even though the hole was not very big, it was sufficient for it to be fatal . This was because they had all appeared at Elder Su’s head .

“Boom!” Er Bai’s massive body landed onto the ground . Following which, a figure gradually appeared on its shoulder . He was none other than Huo Yuhao .

However, Huo Yuhao was no longer sitting down and meditating on its shoulder . He was now standing on Er Bai’s shoulder .

A streak of blue light made a parabolic path in the air before returning to his original position .

Elder Su’s dead body fell from the sky and landed heavily on the ground . There was no longer any reaction from him .

It had ended . The seventh battle had ended just like this . Another Class 9 soul engineer had fallen .

However, no one knew why and how Elder Su had fallen .

Huo Yuhao’s body was swaying from left to right, but he grabbed Er Bai’s head and managed to steady himself . Following which, he sat back down on Er Bai’s shoulder . This time, he did not push the Sun Moon Empire for their next representative like before . Instead, he quietly sat down cross-legged .

Ju Zi’s face had turned very pale .

From the beginning until now, the gigantic ice bear had just been a decoy . It was a decoy that had attracted Elder Su’s attention! Huo Yuhao was still the one who dealt the final blow .

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