Unusual world

Unusual world
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What is the truth? What is reality? Could the end actually be the beginning? In a world were ancient beings walk beside you, guard people against the uniqueness of the world and powerful creatures around them. While trying to obtain the truth of everything and reach the pinnacle of magic. They face new contenders that make there already harrowing world that much difficult and strange. Resulted from a battle of immense proportions against beings incomprehensible, as they clash the void shatters cracks are left all over souls from all across different worlds and dimensions are free once more. This is were our story beings this is the journey of a man who leads to the spread of uncertainty.

Note from the author: I would like to say this world i'm building is written in a way that makes it very versatile. I did so to allow readers the chance to write in potentially interesting characters that the MC could meet on one of his adventures. You would not even have to really follow the power system im laying out when creating the characters you want to see because all the souls that escaped are all different. This world is a true blank slate that does not matter how messed up it becomes because it will all make sence and it will be very hard to destroy the story I layed out. The more intresting a character is the more likely I am to add and maby keep it in the story. I apologies if I for some reason butcher the character you entrusted to me I will go back and make it right just tell me. You can even put in a full blown organisation if it makes sence I would just have to work around it. This world will be dark and froth with danger. please give it a chance.

Your characters may not appear even after a few months because I have to introduce them in a way that makes sence plus world building. I really hope at least some of you guys participate in my group project. If you do please be detailed in characters creation so I wont butcher character. Leave comment about what you think, i will stop project if no one likes Idea or if i consistently fail to uphold your characters standards and write the story normally.

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