Valerian Empire - Chapter 65

Published at 17th of July 2019 09:52:29 AM

Chapter 65
Areo jumped on the bed, swishing its tail and Katie picked it up in her arms with a smile .

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"Aren't you the cutest thing," she said scratching its head to earn another meow, "I wish even I was a cat . "

She played with him as he tried biting her finger softly making her laugh . Areo was definitely the cutest black cat she had ever met until now .

"You're very fond of the cat . "

Hearing the sudden voice, she jumped clutching her hand on her chest .

"Malphus!" one of these days he was going to give her a heart attack, "Didn't you say you were going to visit someplace?"

"I did," he said as the cat tilted its head towards him . Apparently Areo could see the dead man unlike the other people in the mansion, "But the city has been demolished to a barren land . I will have to search all over the place now . "

"This one's always around you," he commented looking at the cat, "It seems like its master has left it to look after you when he isn't around . "

His words turned her neck red .

"What no . Areo just loves company," she justified stroking the cat's head before letting it down .

"Ah-huh . I don't see the cat around the butler," he observed making Katie laugh .

"I doubt that even a mouse would like to be around Martin . "

"Hmm," he hummed lying down on the bed that was just made, "Did you know that years ago kings and queens had animals or rather pets I would say who served a certain purpose . An owl or a dog or a wolf or a cat . Even bats . It depended on what creatures they loved . These creatures were capable of hunting any possible threat . And they usually left them with their loved ones . "

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Katie looked at Areo who looked harmless as a baby .

"Don't believe everything you see dear . Looks can be deceiving," Malphus advised her .

When she got to her room, she opened the door to find a folded note lying on the floor . It seemed like someone had passed it under the door .

Picking it up she went to sit down at the small desk . As she opened it her face went pale .

Get out of here​ witch before we stake and burn you alive . One week and that is all you have before we turn you to ash .

Holding the paper tightly in her hand she felt herself go tense . It was an empty threat and there was nothing to fear, she said to herself . To begin with she was no witch and if she was she would burn them first for making a baseless rumors . Crushing it, she threw it in the bin .

She wondered if her friend Annabelle was going to have a baby soon . Taking the paper from the desk, she began writing to her friend .

Two weeks passed and nothing happened . But another note appeared in her room with the same words . She let out a sigh thinking about it .

Lord Alexander and the others had gone out again . Katie found it lonely when Lord Alexander wasn't around . She would bury herself with work, talk to her friends in the mansion but her mind wandered elsewhere thinking about the Lord .

Every time she passed the main door she would glance outside the mansion to see if they were there yet . If he was there yet .

One noon Katie went down to the town to pick groceries with Mrs . Hicks . She loved the market . People selling varieties of fruits, vegetables and meat . The meat was sectioned on the other side away from the vegetables .

Men and women argued on the prices with the sellers and Mrs . Hicks was no less when it came to bargaining the items .

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After helping Mrs . Hicks with all the items being checked and placed in the cart, Katie excused herself asking them to go ahead as she had some work .

When she spoke to the young boy and his sibling, she found that little Fanny had forgotten to get her ragged doll .

Going to the alley where the siblings lived, she searched for it . After five minutes she spotted the a little doll with a broken arm . Bending down she pulled the doll out, dusting it with her hand . May be she could wash and stitch around the corners before giving it to Fanny .

She couldn't wait to see the little girl smile .

Just when she was about to leave the place, she felt a sudden pain hit her stomach and she winced .

Opening her eyes she looked around to see two people who had covered the lower part of their faces with black cloth . The man right in front of her pulled her hair making her scream out in pain .

"Ahhhh!!" Katie felt her ear resound when she felt a sting on her face, "Stop it! Please!!" she screamed, trying to push and get away but moving away only hurt her more .

The other man shoved her against the barrel and her back hit something sharp .

"Consider this as your last warning you wretch . The next time you will be burned alive," she heard the man threaten .

Hearing the footsteps leave the alley she groaned in pain with her eyes shut . She didn't know how long she sat there, after taking deep breaths she got up holding the wall . First thing was she had to get to the mansion, staying here wasn't safe .

Getting inside the coach, she rubbed her stomach carefully . It didn't hurt as much as when the man had hit her . Instead her back hurt, near the spine . The man had shoved her against the barrel too hard .

A woman who was travelling in the same coach kept staring at her time to time, making her extremely uncomfortable . When she looked at her reflection of the window, she realized what was catching attention . It was the faint bump of redness that had formed on her cheek .

No doubt it was going to leave a bruise before the night started .

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Reaching the mansion, she looked around to make sure no one was there . When one of the worker walked across the main entrance, Katie slowly got inside and taking a turn she found the head butler standing there at the stairs . Giving an earful to Cynthia about something .

Seeing her, the old man's eyes widened for a spare second but returned back to his usual blank expression .

"What happened to your face?" Cynthia asked with a frown .

"Oh this," Katie asked pointing her finger at her cheek with a smile, "I tripped over this garbage can . You know how clumsy I am," she let out a nervous laugh and excused herself to her room .

When Lord Alexander came back to the mansion, in his room he heard a knock on the open door .

"I bought the wine you asked for, Lord Alexander," Martin said bowing his head .

"Ah, I'm glad that you were finally able to acquire the oldest Saphen wine," Alexander spoke pleased with Martin .

A wine that had blood mixed with it was the rarest delicacy . It was difficult to find one as it was mostly sold in the black market .

Entering the room the butler placed the lean goblet on the night stand .

"Are things running smoothly in the mansion? Any troublemakers?" The Lord smiled as he asked his butler while opening his cufflinks .

"It is as you left yesterday Sire," the old man replied promptly and then spoke, "Milord, I would request you to go visit Ms . Welcher . "

"Hmm?" Alexander turned around with a questionable look on his face, "Did she break rules again?" He asked amused .

"I think Ms . Welcher got into trouble," the butler answered before Alexander dismissed him .

Taking off his coat and placing it on the stand, Alexander stepped out of his room, making his way to Katie's room which had it's door closed .

Raising his hand he knocked the door twice .

"Who is it?" He heard her ask from the other side of the door .

"It's Alexander . "

Katie was trying to get her hand reach towards the wound that had formed on her back when she heard the knock on the door .

She didn't know if it was a good thing to open the door right now . Her body was in pain and she had skipped dinner . She didn't feel good and only wanted to sleep .

"Um, what is it? I'm changing clothes," she partially lied to him . She had pulled the above half of her dress down to apply the medicine she had, which she was unsuccessful with .

"I wanted to talk to you about something . Could you open the door?" She heard him speak to her gently, "I'll wait here . "

"Okay, give me few minutes," she said pulling up her dress up and buttoning it, she made sure she was dressed .

Walking towards the door, she opened it while apologizing with a bow, "I'm sorry for making you wait," and when she lifted her face the Lord's eyes narrowed at her cheek that was turning blue .

He lifted his hand to her cheeks, tracing the small blue bump with his finger .

"What the fuck happened when I wasn't here?" He asked his eyes turning dark .