Valerian Empire - Chapter 71

Published at 17th of July 2019 09:52:23 AM

Chapter 71
Getting out of the cell, the Lord began walking out not before stopping midway .

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"Malphus," Alexander called out to him .

"Yes milord," the ghost replied immediately without delay following him .

"Stay here for tonight," he ordered to which Malphus made a dumbfounded face . Even though he was a ghost himself he didn't like surrounding himself in an eerie dungeon where men and women had died, "If something comes up, go to the butler . "

"But he can't see me," Malphus replied to see the Lord smile .

"While you're here help the guards with burying the bodies in the woods," and the Lord left without another word .

Being dead for such a long time, it had slowed down Malpus's thought process and it took him some time to realize that the Lord had told him to help in the burial because the guards could see him now!

Inside the mansion, Katie paced front and back in her room with nervousness .

When Lord Alexander left her in his room, she was still in shock with the things that occurred in the town and with the words he had uttered to her .

Going back to her room after recovering from the shock, to remove the fatigue in her mind she went to take a bath . Submerging herself in the bathing tub until she realized she needed air to breath .

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Lord Alexander was angry with her after all he did warn her to be safe and not to go alone in the town . Without a single thought, he had killed the man named Javier . No remorse .

This was the world she lived in, people were killed day and night . Women and young girls were raped and sent to the brothel . An orphan living on the streets with no food . She had been sheltered by her relatives and even Lord Alexander along with Elliot and the others, letting her live a dream where life was peaceful with no hate .

But reality was far from that .

It was foolish to think that Cynthia could be a good person . She had believed the woman had changed with the way she spoke but it hadn't . She had betrayed her trust . Truth was that Katie was jealous, jealous of the women who had shared his bed and therefore she had decided to understand few things if ever the time came .

Though she had never meant for the day to turn out like this .

If it weren't for Lord Alexander, she would have been violated by now and didn't know what else she would be subjected to if he hadn't come .

The thought made her shiver in disgust .

And she then put her head down to rest at the edge of the tub, Lord Alexander's words echoing in her mind .

'I shall have you tonight . Be prepared . '

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Be prepared? Her mind was still digesting those words and she felt her heart beat wildly . Did he really mean it or was it just a spur of moment? Have her . . . didn't that mean he would take her to bed .

Splashing the water on her face, she shook her head . She thought of running to the maids quarters to save herself but she doubted if it was a good idea . Martin, their butler would surely come there asking her to go back to her room like a little child being sent to bed . Then there was Cynthia . She wasn't sure if the woman would be there or not . Alexander had spoken about dealing with someone and she wondered if it was Cynthia he was talking about . Because if it was then she doubted the woman could return back to work . With the stunt she had pulled she would be banished from the empire .

Katie had skipped dinner and instead opted for an apple due to the nervousness that built in her with every passing minute . It had been almost four hours since Lord Alexander left her in his room . Was it enough time to cool down? Katie asked herself .

It wasn't that she didn't want the Lord . Deep down she was thrilled to hear that he got angry and jealous for her . But she was scared about her inability and experience which was why she had got into the mess in the first place .

As she combed her hair with the wide toothed comb she heard a knock on the door .

"Who is it?" she asked and heard the butler speak .

"Lord Alexander has asked for your presence in his room . "

"Ah . Alright . I'll be there," she replied feeling the palms of her hands sweat and heard Martin go away as the footsteps turned distant .

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When Katie went to Alexander's room, she stood at the door for few seconds before knocking it . Hearing Alexander ask her to come in, she opened the door to see and felt all her reasoning she had in her mind before entering the room fly right out of the window .

The Lord stood at the large opened window, writing down something under the moonlight . He wore black trousers and a loose fitting black shirt where half of the buttons from the top were left unbuttoned, leaving his toned chest in view .

She could smell the scented soap in air . He had just finished taking a night bath . His hair disheveled with the tips of his hair that was almost dry .

The sight of him was enough to get her heart thumping and Alexander looked up from the papers to look at her . He offered her a smile and she relaxed feeling the previous tension vanish within her .

"Would you care for some wine?" She heard him ask her and she saw him open up a bottle that looked like it had water in it, "I got it as a present from one of my council members," she heard him speak .

"I am fine," she answered with a small frown .

Lord Alexander was being himself, offering her wine and he had smiled at her . May be he wasn't angry now after all and the words he had spoken were only on spur .

She had been fretting for no reason .

She saw him take few sips from the glass and then place it at the desk . He then padded across the floor with languid steps to where she was .

Without a word Alexander lowered his head slowly and she tilted up her head as their lips touched for a kiss . When she parted her lips she felt a bitter yet sweet taste of liquid pass through her lips .

Her brows scrunched together with the taste of the wine and when they pulled back she saw him having a pleased look .

"It's bitter," she complained .

"I thought so too . It's made of pineapples​ and tartaric acid," he said before going back to drink the rest of his glass .

Thinking that was why he had called her to his room, she turned around to leave . But suddenly she felt him catch hold of her wrist and pull her to him .

"And where might you be going?" He asked looking straight in to her eyes .

"I . . . " She was too lost in his eyes to remember what he just asked . He had beautiful captivating eyes that were hard to stray from .

She felt him trace her lower lip to which she lowered her eyes .

"Did you forget what I promised you not few hours ago," he asked her and she looked back up to see the serious expression return back on his handsome features, "Don't be scared," he spoke to her softly .