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Published at 18th of March 2018 10:07:25 PM

Chapter 104

Did the Crown Prince have a pair of eyes which could scan through her clothes and skin to see her real features? That was impossible, right?

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Theoretically, he should not be able to recognize her .

However, Rong Jialuo was slightly evil . Despite there being so many sisters who dressed up like colorful flowers, Rong Jialuo kept looking at Gu Xijiu even though her other sisters were more beautiful than her .

Rong Jialuo had outstanding features . He was handsome and charming with a pair of beautiful eyebrows and sharp eyes . He looked elegant and well-respected as well .

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Rong Yan was also considered a handsome guy, and he looked gentlemanly . However, his charms were diminished when he sat together with the Crown Prince . It was just like a firefly being compared to the moonlight .

General Gu had eight daughters (including Gu Xijiu), but there were only six of them who joined the dinner . The other two girls were still too young to join the dinner, and they were under the care of the mistresses .

Besides Gu Xijiu, Gu Tianqing, and Gu Tianyi, the rest of the sisters had never met the Crown Prince . They only heard that he was a leader and was also among the top four charming guys in the capital city . Initially, they thought everyone was just trying to kiss his butt due to his identity and status . However, their heartbeats were notably quicker when they met him .

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They used to think the Eighth Prince was the most handsome guy in the world, but when they saw the Crown Prince, they realized he could even beat Rong Che . Rong Che was gentle and polite just like the students of [1] Wu Yi during the period of the Wei and Jin Dynasty .

Rong Jialuo on the other hand, was cold but elegant, just like flowers which grew on top of the hills . They were truly precious . Even if he did not do anything, his character had influence everyone to pay their best respect . He was born to be the king and was able to make everyone kneel in front of him .   

The handsome Crown Prince was on a different level . Even an act of holding a wine glass was enough to make the Gu sisters scream in their hearts! On the outside, however, they were quite well behaved and managed to control their passion and desires . Their eyes would steal a glance or two every once in a while, and they quickly looked down when their gazes coincidentally met the Crown Prince’s eyes .

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Initially, Gu Xietian ordered his helper to tell the daughters to wear a lighter makeup to prevent them from being selected . However, it was the other way around when they came to the hall . Everyone put on a heavy makeup and donned their best dress .

Gu Xietian was mad, but he could not express it in front of his guests . He knew that his daughters were all beautiful and they looked even prettier after putting on their makeup and nice dress . He was worried throughout the dinner as he did not want the Crown Prince to fall for any of them .

To his surprise, the Crown Prince was not interested in his five beautiful daughters but kept his eyes on his ugliest daughter, Gu Xijiu . He realized the Crown Prince had taken a few glances at Gu Xijiu throughout the dinner and even invited her to sit beside him .

Gu Xietian thought the Crown Prince was trying to be nice and gentlemanly at first, but now, he could not be so certain .


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