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Published at 13th of October 2018 12:33:30 PM

Chapter 1065
Chapter 1065: Long Siye’s Plan Was Out Of Order . . .

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Once Gu Xijiu was moved to a new body, Long Siye could even change her memory so that she could fall in love with him again and they could live a happy life together .

If Long Siye were to succeed without anyone knowing, he must kill the little Yannuo who always followed Gu Xijiu everywhere . Hence, he hired the four assassins .

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After all, the little Yannuo was only a kid in his eyes and his Kung Fu was not powerful . Besides that, he was quite annoying to Long Siye . Hence, Long Siye had no hesitation to kill him .

Furthermore, Long Siye could claim that Gu Xijiu was attacked by the Silver Fairy Beast while she was trying to retrieve its muscle fibers . It was a good alibi that would allow the real Gu Xijiu to stay by his side for the rest of his life . Come to think of it; the plan sounded really amazing!

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From a general perspective, Long Siye was considered as a righteous person as he continued to bear the title of 'heaven's gift disciple' . However, he was by no means a person with a kind heart . He could be incredibly evil sometimes . For example, when the Tianwen clan was first established, he had several intense battles with many people and often stepped on and crushed the bones of his opponents .

Even though Di Fuyi was assigned to manage his era, he did not want to intervene in matters of the human realm as long as the heaven's gift disciple did not cross their lines . It would be too much for him to monitor everything and he believed that karma would handle everything for him in due time . However, despite not watching everything, he still knew everything that happened . Thus, he knew Long Siye quite well .

Long Siye had done a few bad things before, but Di Fuyi usually did not question him . However, since Gu Xijiu was involved in this incident, everything was different . Moreover, Long Siye seemed to have been controlled, and most probably the Omen was the culprit behind the scene .

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Mu Feng and the other messengers tried to investigate the Omen, but according to Mu Feng, there was no evil energy around the Omen . Hence, it was challenging for them to trace him . They had encountered a few demons but never managed to find the Omen .

Mu Feng knew that his master had not fully recovered and was worried that he would fall into a trap . Thus, Mu Feng and Mu Lei returned to guard the crystal cave while Mu Yun and Mu Dian were still working on the investigation . When Mu Feng was on duty, not even a mosquito could come in . Thus, Di Fuyi was able to focus his efforts on trying to heal Gu Xijiu .

At the moment, Di Fuyi was relieved as Gu Xijiu was safe and she was sleeping in his arms . He checked her wounds and realized they were healing . She no longer frowned as the pain was slightly reduced . That was a good sign! In another three days, she would be back to an active and lovely girl! Long Siye's plan was out of order!

Little Xijiu was still living in this body, and she would continue to do so for a long time . The thought of this made Di Fuyi run his fingers through her fringe and kiss her on her forehead . He then began to meditate as he had to recover as soon as possible to get down to the bottom of this! He could not sit still passively and wanted to attack the Omen once he recovered .

Time flew by and Di Fuyi had now meditated for more than two hours . Upon opening his eyes, he realized that something was not right with Gu Xijiu!

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