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Published at 15th of November 2018 11:14:35 AM

Chapter 1303
Chapter 1303: Bring Me To Her (4)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He did not have time to ponder at such a critical moment and immediately launched an oval-shaped light wave which surrounded Di Fuyi . All the attacks from the other villagers struck the light barrier!

After all, the villagers had used their full power as they were angry and intentionally wanted to kill him . Even though Luo Zhanyu was quite powerful, he became a little dizzy and almost vomited blood due to the shock of the attacks .

Everyone was shocked as they did not expect Luo Zhanyu to stop them . "Boss, why did you do that?!"

"Boss, he is our enemy . We definitely can't let him get away today!"

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"Yes, I'm going to give it my all to ensure he dies today even if I have to sacrifice myself!"

Everyone was furious, and some of their eyes had even turned red .

People tended to be afraid of Di Fuyi when they were outside . However, he was now in their territory and was also severely injured .

It was a rare opportunity; It was also the best time to kill their enemy!

Their blood was boiling, and they began preparing themselves to launch a second attack . Since the villagers had already attacked and offended Di Fuyi earlier, they might as well kill him now .

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When they were about to attack Di Fuyi again, the mussel quickly rolled forward and yelled at the villagers as it stood in front of Di Fuyi, "He is Celestial Master Zuo and also my master's fiance . They're getting married soon . How could you hurt him!?"

Everyone was stunned and speechless .

Suddenly, there was a thundering sound, and everyone stood very still as though lightning had stricken them!

"Roar!" A shadow was approaching from afar . Lu Wu rushed into the crowd as its nine tails wagged in midair as though it were nine whips . It tried attacking the villagers who were surrounding Di Fuyi and the mussel .

The crowd was afraid of provoking it . Hence, the villagers took several steps backward .

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Lu Wu quickly rushed towards Di Fuyi as though it was a missile and used its tails to form a barrier in front of him . It was still screaming angrily at the crowd .

The crowd might not believe him if Di Fuyi himself had claimed that he was Gu Xijiu's fiance . However, the mussel and Lu Wu's reactions were a strong enough evidence to prove that it was the truth .

Both of them were Gu Xijiu's majestic creatures, and they were trying their best to defend Di Fuyi .

Everyone looked at each other with a green face as they did not know how to respond . The villagers were still holding their weapons but not moving .

Everyone had the same thought . 'We had offended the mighty god . If they let him go now, who knew what would be the consequence once he had recovered?!

Previously, they were sent to the horrible Dark Forest . However, now, they would be killed if he managed to recover! The best solution at the moment was to kill him immediately!

However… However, he was Gu Xijiu's fiance . She was their only hope of getting out of the area . She would not let them go if they killed her fiance .

While everyone was still pondering, Di Fuyi voiced out, "Do you want to get out of here? I have a solution!"

Everyone was surprised!

They looked at each other, and their expression was filled with doubts . Some even chuckled . "Why would you help us leave this place? You were the one who sent us here!"

Di Fuyi's voice sank as he replied casually, "It's the rule of this continent to destroy all the power and Kung Fu of fake heaven's gift disciples . I'm just the executor . I do not hold any grudge against all of you . If the situation and condition permit me to do so, why not?"

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