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Chapter 1591: 1591

"Alright!" Luo Zhanyu could only agree to her wishes .

Wanting to console her, he said, "Xijiu, there is plenty of fish in the sea! Don't feel too sad about it . With what you've got, you can find just about any man in the world! It's his loss for losing you . He'll never find anyone as good as you in his life ever again!"

Gu Xijiu took a sip of her drink and grinned . "I love hearing this! Don't worry about me, brother . It's just a breakup . I'll treat it as a nightmare, and when I wake up everything will be fine . "

She blinked her eyes slowly for a few times then urged him . "Go bake the cakes for me!"

Luo Zhanyu could not say anything else . He raised his hand and rubbed her head . "I never knew that you were a foodie . " He then left abruptly to bake .  

Gu Xijiu gazed after his back retreating into the corridor, her smile gradually fading away from her lips . She began to eat the food on the table slowly .

It's just a breakup, not the end of the world! She'll walk out of it just fine! A person's life does not only consist of love but many other valuable things .

After some time, she would be that same boisterous and jovial girl again .

"Go to hell, Di Fuyi! I'll fling you out of my mind and completely forget about you!" She smirked and took a huge bite of her rice!

Although she did not have an appetite and could not even taste the food, she made herself swallow . She felt it necessary to endeavor eating and sleeping so that she could keep herself healthy .

She would not give up on herself and become a pitiable Xianglin's wife or be treated as a laughingstock!

She would get her spirits up and have the delicacies on the table march into her mouth .  

It was daytime, but here the sky was glistening with stars .

Di Fuyi sat in the observatory . This time he did not gaze at the stars, but at the large crystal ball on the table in the hall . The crystal ball seemed to be crowned with a halo that showed a phantasmagoria of images; it showed the photos of a pharmacy, of Gu Xijiu and Luo Zhanyu…

His countenance was so pale that his skin was almost translucent . He sat there unmoving like a statue with his stare never leaving the crystal ball for a second .

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The crystal ball only displayed images and had no audio output . But he was still able to discern what they were saying through the movement of their lips .

Gu Xijiu's vehement monologic outburst near the end made his lips curve into a smile . However, his smile soon faded away . He gently touched the crystal ball with his fingers as though he were caressing the head of a lover . "Xijiu, I'm sorry…"

When he got up, darkness flashed before his eyes and lingered momentarily before disappearing with the image projected by the crystal ball that was fueled by spiritual power .

He stood in his spot for a while . It was only after the vertigo subsided that he walked out .

Mu Feng came to him . "Master . . . "

He looked anxiously at his master . Ever since he emerged from the bottom of the seas, a sickly pallor hung over his face as though he was afflicted with a serious injury .

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After he returned, he did not rest and only gave Mu Feng a few instructions before going straight into the observatory; it was only until now that he came out .

Two days had already passed . Not only did The Lord's face not regain any color, but it seemed to turn paler instead .

"Master, would you like to rest?" Mu Feng could not restrain himself from asking .

Di Fuyi shook his head . "There would be no need . I have a great understanding of my current situation, and there would be no need for me to rest . Come to think of it, are there any stirrings within the Blue Fox clan?"

Mu Feng replied, "The leader of the Blue Fox clan, Lan Yue, brought Lan Waihu back to the tribe and is making the necessary preparations for marriage . Their whole clan is making preparations . "

Di Fuyi nodded his head and asked Mu Feng about a few more matters .