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Chapter 1718: 1718

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"I loved you, and I knew that I could be with you until the very end . After you pass away, I will be immortalized . But we will have a whole life to stay together, just like an ordinary couple . . . "

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"But Xijiu, I never thought that you were the new King Star . At that time, I turned myself into Si Chen to be with you and help you navigate out of the Dark Forest . In the Dark forest, you did something that only a new King Star is capable of . You could see the starry sky in the Dark Forest, and you were also capable of seeing the different colors of eight mountains . . . At first, when I came to know your identity, I was very shocked and disappointed . Of course, I was happy for you… but I had to change my plan because of your identity .  You were no longer a mortal; you are the new King Star! This meant that your lifespan would be as long as mine . . . If I marry you, the hundred years of our marriage will just be a small number to you . After the hundred years, you will be sad as you will witness my departure . . . After that, in your long-lasting lifespan, maybe you will meet someone new who could run away with you…"

Di Fuyi held her hand and said, " Xijiu, I was very selfish at that time because you were the only woman I loved in my entire life, and I wanted to be the only man you loved in your life… I don't want to see another man enter your life after I passed away . If that were the case, I'd rather let you go…"

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"So Xijiu, I wanted to let you go that time, and I really did that . I just wished to protect you and let you grow up as The Lord… But Xijiu, I failed . I wanted to hold back my feelings but I could not . I wished to see you, but when I saw you with Long Siye, I started to get jealous . Long Siye is a heaven's gift disciple; according to the rules of this world, the four heaven's gift disciples that reach level nine will fall with the old King Star . In other words, Long Siye and a few of them will be following me to our doom . So at that time, I stopped Long Siye from falling in love with you, I even hoped that you loved me instead of Long Siye…"

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"Xijiu, I was in a dilemma; my mind wanted me to let go of you, but my emotions kept finding excuses to be with you . You surely thought that I was crazy…" Di Fuyi stared at Gu Xijiu's face . He sighed . "Xijiu, I admit that I am selfish… It was not easy for me to fall so deeply in love with someone . I did not want to let go so easily… and at that time, you said that you did not care whether love lasted for a long time; you just wanted to fall in love before it's too late . I admit that I felt calmer after you said this . . . "

"I've seen a lot of relationships become weaker after marriage . Couples would fight with each other and decide not to love anymore . . . I was thinking, maybe years after our marriage, we might lose the passion too, maybe we will break up before I fall . So I decided that I want to treasure the moment now and be selfish, and I am going to get you by my side… . "

"After that, you finally realize that you had fallen in love with me and decided to be with me . . . I really treasured this opportunity and agreed to get engaged with you to make you my fiancee . But I never thought that the Love Bracelet would show up at that time . I was very happy as the appearance of Love Bracelet which meant that our relationship is predestined; a predestined love is blessed . I started to think that I have chosen the right one; even God wants us to be together . In the beginning, I did not care about death, but as I spent more time with you, I started to hope that I can live longer so that I can be with you . . . "