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Chapter 1796: 1796

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Everyone fixed their eyes on the arrival of the couple . They were surprised to see The Lord carrying his bride in his arms . All three emperors were present, including their officials of all ranks . Every other clan's leaders and their followers were present as well . The place was extensively decorated with bouquets and piles of brocades . There was a sea of faces swamped at the venue .

These great leaders were all present at the same time, spread out in every corner and waiting patiently for the arrival of the couple . There was no way to tell who was the noblest among them all, for many overlords were there .

The overlords were considered as people who had traveled far and wide enough to have a breadth of knowledge, but none of them had ever seen a groom carrying his bride out their bridal carriage before .

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The protocol officer would definitely emerge and censure them for behaving so inappropriately, but it was the wedding of the Lord and the National Celestial Master . No one dared to express their disapproval . None of them could find the guts to do so .

Many of them were present with their wives . A multitude of feelings surged up when they saw The Lord carrying his bride in his arms . Certainly, they were married to their husbands in an open, correct manner with a huge wedding celebration . However, their weddings were incomparable to what The Lord had done for his bride today .

To their surprise, they would never have expected to see a man, as superior as The Lord, carry his own bride to their wedding ceremony . The gesture was very lovely, like he was holding something so precious in his arms that he carefully cherished .

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The intimate interaction did not set the world on fire . Instead, they thought that it was rather lovely for The Lord to attend the wedding ceremony with his bride in his arms .

They fixed their eyes upon the couple as they walked . Long Siye was amongst the people present . He was immediately filled with complicated feelings when he saw them .

Once upon a time, he pictured how he would hold his wedding when he finally reunited with Gu Xijiu . He knew how weddings were like in the modern days, so he knew exactly what Gu Xijiu wanted . He had even considered if he should carry her in his arms on the day of their wedding, but he was worried that such an act would arouse criticism .

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He tended to overthink and was overly concerned with too many trivial things . The more he was concerned, the more losses he had to suffer . Some things were not meant to be .

He turned and looked at Gu Xijiu fixedly . She lay happily in Di Fuyi's embrace, with her arms tightly locked around his neck . He could not see her expression with the red veil covering her face, but he could tell that she trusted Di Fuyi wholeheartedly from their interaction .

She would not easily put her trust in anyone . In fact, Di Fuyi might be the only one that she trusted . To his surprise, he also noticed that Gu Xijiu did not feel awkward under the many judgmental eyes . Instead, she nestled her head so naturally against his shoulder, as though he was the only one that mattered even when the whole world was collapsing on them .

Long Siye thought about what Gu Xijiu had once told him before, that he should not put his trust in anyone . If anything were to happen to the one he cared about, he would definitely be emotionally devastated . There was only one person that he should trust, which was himself .

It was once her principle . Had she given up her own belief? Di Fuyi had let her down so many times . Had she forgotten all of that? Long Siye could not help it . He had to remind Gu Xijiu when he finally had the opportunity .

Regardless of what Long Siye had in mind, Gu Xijiu was indeed a very happy woman at that moment .