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Chapter 2299: 2299

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The interior of the house was quite bright, and a woman was holding the baby while sweating profusely . Meanwhile, the kid cried like a donkey . His small face was red as an apple . Apparently, he cried very hard . When she saw Gu Xijiu come in, the woman saluted her .

"Did you dare abuse him?! Why is he crying this way?"

The woman kneeled . "No! I have been treating him very well . I would not dare to abuse him . "

"Is he hungry?"

"He doesn't want to drink any milk . " The woman wanted to cry . "I have found him the best nurse in the city . We have given him sufficient milk, but he still closed his eyes and was not willing to drink it . I tried feeding him forcibly but was unsuccessful . "

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Gu Xijiu looked at the little doll . The little doll still cried with his small mouth, but his eyes focused on Gu Xijiu now . As their eyes met each other's, the little doll's eyelashes curved upward as if he was smiling .

Of course, his smile disappeared very quickly, but the two small hands reached out to her as if he was asking for a hug . Gu Xijiu understood it! This little doll did it deliberately! He deliberately cried out loud to make the princess annoyed . This was the only way he could be brought to such a remote place .

His crying was also convenient for those who wanted to come and save him as it was easy to find him with his loud cries . To think that such a little infant was able to use such a tactic, one surely wondered who his parents were . Gu Xijiu suddenly envied the mother of this little kid . Who wouldn't be happy to have such a smart baby?

Gu Xijiu reached out and said, "I will hug him and try . "

That woman was shocked . Servant Ye had always hated children . Whenever she heard kids crying, she would get mad . What was wrong this time?

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"Miss Ye, this child is very naughty . I am afraid that he will annoy you . . . "

Gu Xijiu did not respond . The kid suddenly waved his arm and slammed his hand on the woman's face . That woman was stunned, and at that point, Gu Xijiu had taken the child over into her embrace .

It's strange to say that the little doll just stopped crying when he was in Gu Xijiu's arms; he looked at Gu Xijiu with a pair of big round eyes and was extremely adorable .

That woman sighed in relief . "I didn't expect this kid to like you…"

Gu Xijiu waved her hand . "Make your way out . I will observe this child . "

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The woman was naturally happy to leave this hot potato temporarily . She agreed and went out right away .

"Hey, you are finally here! My voice is going to be hoarse tomorrow!" The relieved little boy spoke frankly . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Gu Xijiu raised her eyebrows . "How did you know that I will come?"

"You can't bear to leave me . " The little doll's head arched into her arms as he tried to get pampered .

"Why would I? You are no one to me . "

The little doll blinked . "You are my mother . . . "

Gu Xijiu was stunned, and she almost threw the little doll out of her arms!

"Nonsense!" Gu Xijiu almost wanted to knock his head . "I am not married! When would I have delivered you?"

She was a woman, so how could she not know if she had ever had a child? She had not lost her memory again, had she?

The little guy lied! However, at this time, Gu Xijiu was too lazy to argue with him . She must take the two out first . Gu Xijiu held the little doll in one hand and picked up little Xie Zhi from the ground . In an instant, she teleported them to safety .

Her calculations were still very accurate . So, she wanted to steer them to the east where she prepared a vehicle so that they could leave the town .