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Chapter 2486: 2486

No one else in the crowd dared to voice their concerns . Even though the people in the city were capable warriors, they were not stronger than the soldiers that the city owner had in place . It would not even be a challenge for Yun Yanli to end to all of their lives .  

It seemed that the man from heaven had succeeded in manipulating his people once again . As he felt confident that he had achieved his goal, he decided to play the 'good cop' role and comfort the people of the city . In a humble tone, he spoke, "Everyone can rest assured . I know that most people here are good people, and the reason why you chose to side with troublemakers is that you were confused by the situation . I do not blame you . However, the devils have installed many spies in our city . I will investigate the matter seriously and promptly take out the bad guys so that Leguo City will be a harmonious place again . "

Yun Yanli wanted to make sure that he could arrest the city dwellers that had gone against him earlier . Furthermore, he knew that his strategy to silence the crowd worked . The man had basically stopped a riot before it even began . The young palace master looked at him with complete admiration . She truly respected him from the bottom of her heart .

Unfortunately, since there were ordinary people amongst the crowd, some of them were naturally less intelligent than the rest . They insisted that Yun Yanli explain why the bloody rain stopped in the middle of the night . Although the rest of the people did not say anything, it was undeniable that they were also curious as to how the blood rain magically stopped . It was clear from their faces .  

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Yun Yanli smirked but finally provided them with an explanation, "The blood rain and blood bats are extremely evil things . I suspect that the people from the devil kingdom created them . They want to take control of the Shura World . I believe that, in order to confuse the people here, they sent someone to pretend to be God and pretend to rescue the people . To make it more convincing, they stopped the blood rain and bats . I have been investigating this matter for some time and found out that this strange and dangerous occurrence is somehow linked to the poisonous swamp . Thus, I sent our people over to investigate it . Upon discovering that the swamp was cursed, we used holy fire to destroy the wildland . Perhaps, the blood rain had stopped abruptly because of the destruction of the poisonous swamp . "

Although Yun Yanli appeared to be done with his explanation, he seemed to think of something to add, "I have also caught the sea dragon who is the custodian of the Devil King . He is the one who created the blood rain!"

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He threw the net in his hand on the ground as proof . Kun Xueyi's body could be seen lying inside the net . The crowd was surprised to see the creature . Naturally, they wondered if the sea dragon was really a custodian of the Devil King . It was certainly very beautiful! The captivated crowd wanted to determine the gender of the creature . They were really curious to learn more .  

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The people in the Shura World were aware of the existence of a sea dragon in this world . Its shape was like a snake, but its head was like a tyrannosaurus . It was known to be extremely fierce and would only emerge when there was a storm . In fact, whenever people chanced upon it, a natural disaster seemed to have struck them . Hence, the people of the Shura World generally feared the creature . Never in their wildest imaginations had they expected it to be so beautiful .  

Kun Xueyi had been woken up . He blinked and looked at everyone curiously too . His distinct watery eyes seemed to connect with everyone's eyes in the area . Although he was unaware of the nature of the situation, any onlooker could tell that the creature seemed to be smiling . However, what he uttered almost annoyed everyone there, "What a group of idiots . "

The curious crowd turned indignant in just a moment . How could a sea dragon that was captured in a net and on the brink of death be so arrogant?