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Chapter 996
Chapter 996: Who Is He?

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It was no surprise that the lady addressed herself as Ye Hongfeng . She took off her scarf after entering the house .

Rong Che was shocked when he got a good look at her features, and said with a smile, "Miss Ye looks so similar to Xijiu! People might even think you're twins!"

Ye Hongfeng smiled, "Yes, I was shocked as well!"

Gu Xijiu smiled slightly, "Yes, what a coincidence . "

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Di Fuyi suddenly had an idea, but he kept it to himself . He acted as though he was the hollow man as he hardly talked ever since he joined Rong Che upstairs .

They sat down again . Rong Che needed some help from them . Hence, he served Ye Hongfeng a cup of tea and chatted with them for a while .

Gu Xijiu gently played with her teacup . She was sure that the Ye Hongfeng in front of her had no memories of the modern world and her personalities were very much different than before . The Ye Hongfeng in the modern era was well pampered and arrogant, but the Ye Hongfeng in front of them was as naive as a little bunny .

The environmental factors greatly affected the transformation of human personalities . Was this Ye Hongfeng's actual personality? Had she just being pampered too much in the modern world?

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An hour later, Long Siye finally arrived . He was wearing a mask, and his white robe was fluttering as he walked in . He seemed to be calmer than he was a year ago . Apparently, he did not expect to bump into Gu Xijiu here . Hence, he paused for a second when he stepped into the house! His gaze froze as he saw her, "Xijiu!"

Gu Xijiu greeted him, "Hi Overlord Long . It's been a while . "

Long Siye pursed his lips, "It's better for you to address me as Teacher Long as it would sound better . "

Gu Xijiu was fine with it, "Alright, Teacher Long . "

Long Siye nodded slightly and scanned the room . Finally, his attention shifted onto Di Fuyi, "Who is this? Is he the Eighth Prince's younger brother?"

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Emperor Xuan had quite a few children . In fact, Rong Che had a few younger siblings, and some of them were only as young as eight or nine years old . . .

Rong Che smiled, "I wished that my younger brother was so charming, but no, this is Xijiu's little friend . "

Di Fuyi did not move from his position . Instead, he smiled slightly but remained silent . He was very fair, and his smile touched everyone's heart . Thus, Long Siye could not help but take a glimpse of him .

Everyone had finally arrived . Rong Che ordered a tableful of dishes and another round of drinks again .

Long Siye was the main host for this gathering . Hence, he was sitting in the host's seat . Gu Xijiu had a higher status than many of them in a way . Hence, Rong Che seated her on the right side of Long Siye and Di Fuyi was seated on the right side of Gu Xijiu .

Long Siye was always cold to everyone . However, it seemed to be different for Ye Hongfeng . Throughout the dinner, he occasionally filled her bowl with dishes and also placed her favorite dishes in front of her . He even peeled the prawn shells for her occasionally . . .

He did not seem to be faking his actions, but he often peeked at Gu Xijiu secretly to determine her response . However, Gu Xijiu did not care much about him . Instead, she paid full attention to the little boy beside her .

Indeed, the little boy was handsome and lovely . However, he seemed to have a certain disorder as he was so fussy about his food . He only ate the meat on the rear part of prawn, and the heart of the vegetables . Furthermore, there were so many things he did not want to eat .

Gu Xijiu started preparing the food for the little boy after she saw his behavior . She seemed to be more patient with him as compared to her younger brother .

Long Siye suddenly realized he could not continue eating and decided to ask, "Xijiu, who is he?"