Versatile Mage - Chapter 1018

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Chapter 1018: 1018

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Sky-Flame Funeral!”

It was like brilliant fireworks of death had exploded like a blossoming flower in the sky . The little sparks branching off did not disappear, nor were they extinguished when landing on the ground, but combined into a strong sea of flames, setting the place afire!

The fierce flames raged over the Brutal Sword Death Servants . Two of them that were already injured were unable to escape from the sea of flames in time . They were soon burned into a pile of black bone dust!

Mo Fan was already feeling a bit worn out after taking out another two Brutal Sword Death Servants . Each of the Brutal Sword Death Servants was extremely tricky to deal with . Even now, he had only slain seven in total . The wounds and bruises on his body gradually increased . Most importantly, the Black Snake Armor was almost at its limit . If he did not replenish its energy with magic ores, he would no longer be able to use it .

“The bone dust?” Suddenly, Mo Fan discovered the black bone dust emitting a strange flicker among the flames . It was nothing out of the ordinary .

Mo Fan was rather speechless . He did not remember any of the Brutal Sword Death Servants he killed showing the same reaction . They either vanished into a puff of black smoke or a pile of black ash after their souls turned into Warrior-level Soul Remnants, nothing else…

“Could it be a rare bone?” Mo Fan suddenly realized something . His face was filled with joy .

Apart from a Soul Essence, the most valuable loot from a demon creature was rare bones, followed by rare skin, rare claws, rare scales, etc . !

The Brutal Sword Death Servant he had just killed had dropped a rare bone with a strong presence of dark magic . He could merge it perfectly with dark-type magic equipment or armor .

“About time!”

Mo Fan quickly retrieved the corpse of the Brutal Sword Death Servant before it was devoured by the flames . The rare bone was most likely worth between forty to fifty million, and together with the fifty million he had earned from the rescue operation at the Sahara Desert, it meant he had earned a hundred million in total!

Once they were done with their job here at the pyramid, they would receive resources from the advisors, too . The resources would sum up to more than a hundred million, meaning he was only a little step away from securing himself a Soul-grade Lightning Seed with a Domain!

At this thought, Mo Fan’s eyes burned with passion . These Brutal Sword Death Servants must have been a rare species among the undead . If there was some other loot in addition to the rare bone, his efforts here would no longer be in vain!

However, it was unlikely he could take out the rest of the more than forty Brutal Sword Death Servants with his current strength . Mo Fan had decided to kill as many as he could, and flee when it was time!

The Brutal Sword Death Servants were infuriated . They were noble knights among the undead, yet they were being played like a fiddle by a petty, ugly human . They would be punished severely if Swordmaster Cloud in the pyramid learned what had happened!

The Brutal Sword Death Servants split up into five squads, each squad standing in the exact same formation . The first squad of Brutal Sword Death Servants proceeded to engage the target .

Dark flowers of sword strokes rapidly approached Mo Fan, forcing him to back away . He tried to use the boulders on the hill as cover, but to his surprise, the boulders were shattered into pieces as soon as the attacks came into contact with them!

One of the sword flowers passed by Mo Fan’s shoulder and left a deep cut on it . Dark energy penetrated into the cut, even the blood flowing out of it turned black .

Mo Fan knew it was fairly difficult to treat injuries inflicted by the dark energy . He had already suffered six similar cuts . Luckily, he possessed the Shadow Element, which was able to stop the dark energy from spreading further into his body . Otherwise, the deadly energy would have destroyed his organs in no time!

The rapid slashes formed a sword pattern with a strong presence of death . Mo Fan was forced to keep retreating, and eventually reached the edge of the hill .

Mo Fan was in pain from the injuries all across his body . His movements were no longer as agile as before . At this rate, even his casting speed would be affected, which would greatly weaken his fighting capacity .

Seeing the Brutal Sword Death Servants approaching him, Mo Fan was unwilling to give up just like that, as he would be earning a handsome profit if he could eliminate all of them . Unfortunately, he could barely defend himself from their attacks . He could only kill a few more Brutal Sword Death Servants at most, and anything more than that was basically impossible .

“It’s time for me to make my run . Otherwise, I might actually die here,” Mo Fan realized he could no longer take on the undead . He was still moving backward .

When he reached the edge, he believed it was time to make his move . He came to a stop and stared right at the Brutal Sword Death Servants .

The Brutal Sword Death Servants were fairly intelligent . When they saw the human coming to a stop, they were utterly confused, as the cunning human did not seem like a person that would go down without a fight!

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“Attack, press forward!”

“We’re almost at the top, we’re going to make it, soldiers, it’s only the final bunch of enemies left!”

Mo Fan heard voices coming from the slope behind him .


Soon, the voices were deafening, and were accompanied by strong blasts of spells .

The voices had always been around, as the battle between the humans and the undead was still ongoing . However, the Brutal Sword Death Servants were so occupied with Mo Fan that they had simply ignored the shouts of the humans that gradually approached them . The human army had already reached the foothill without them knowing it!

The army charged up the hill . Most of them were wearing the uniforms of the Battlemage of the Egyptian Army . The frontal squad arrived like a tide driven by a powerful wind . There were around two hundred of them, all arriving at the top of the hill at the same time!

“Listen up, it’s only our second destination . If General Fenna already has to be involved, the second half of the journey to the pyramid is going to be even tougher . Remember that your loved ones are right behind you . Retreating simply means pushing them into the mouths of these filthy undead . Charge with me, we must clear a path through these Brutal Sword Death Servants!” Captain Lowar led a team of fearless Mages and headed for the top .

They knew there was a bunch of cold-blooded Brutal Sword Death Servants tougher than the Poisonous Golden Mummies at the top of the hill . These undead were able to kill without alerting their target, yet if they backed away now, they would be a disgrace to their troop!

Not only were they trying to protect the city, they wanted to accomplish their missions too, to let all the Egyptians know that their troop led by Captain Lower was the bravest, most fearless squad . They were honored to be a part of the troop, a troop that many young women cheered for!

With outstanding morale, the soldiers marched forward!

Mo Fan stood at the top of the hill with a wide grin . His dark brown eyes gave the Brutal Sword Death Servants a challenging look and said, “You aren’t the only one with friends! My backup has arrived!”

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It was obvious that Mo Fan no longer needed to run away, as the army had arrived .

“Captain Lowar, there’s someone on the hill…”

“Someone? Strange, did a powerful Mage go ahead and clear the path for us?”

“Captain, he seems to be a member of the Chinese national team . He was fighting against the Brutal Sword Death Servants alone, and has already killed seven of them . I believe you can contact General Fenna and let her bring the rest of the army here . He has already cleared a way through the Brutal Sword Death Servants,” a Mage that went to scout the situation ahead reported .

Scout Mages usually had both the Shadow and Wind Elements . They moved further ahead than the main army, and would probe the terrain, situation, and the position of the demon creatures before the main army arrived .

The scout Mage had been at the top of the hill for quite some time . He had been watching Mo Fan taking on the Brutal Sword Death Servants right from the start .

If the scout Mage was set up against a single Brutal Sword Death Servant, he would be sliced into pieces in mere seconds, let alone be able to take on a whole group of Brutal Sword Death Servants alone!

“What did you just say? He already killed seven of them?” Captain Lowar asked in shock .

The Brutal Sword Death Servants were undead from inside the pyramid . Every undead from inside a pyramid was incredibly strong!

If a pyramid was seen as a palace, the Brutal Sword Death Servants would be the guards patrolling the palace . They were nothing that the undead roaming in the wild could compare to .

Normally, in order to clear a path through the Brutal Sword Death Servants, it was necessary to sacrifice half of a squadron . As such, the troop Captain Lowar was leading was basically a suicide squad!

But now, a single Mage from China had managed to clear a path through the undead, even though they normally needed a whole troop to achieve the same goal!

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“General, General Fenna, the path is clear!” Lowar proceeded to report the situation even though he was greatly astounded .


On the other hand, General Fenna was shocked too .

Didn’t the troop only leave the main army not long ago? How did they clear the path already?

“Well… didn’t you send the Chinese national team to take care of the Poisonous Golden Mummies? It seems like one of their members got lost . He went up the hill and fought the Brutal Sword Death Servants instead, and has already killed seven of them,” Lowar explained honestly .

Even so, Lowar felt like his words sounded absolutely ridiculous, but he was actually telling the truth . Lowar had just asked Mo Fan why he was there, and the student said he had lost his way…

Lowar clearly sensed the other end falling silent after he finished his sentence . The heavy breathing was implying that General Fenna too was trying her best to digest the news .

A moment later, General Fenna finally said, “Mmm, got it . ”

However, Lowar could tell that General Fenna was not being herself . She must be having complicated feelings, too .

Why did the Chinese team have such an undisciplined member, with such ridiculous strength?

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