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Versatile Mage - Chapter 1084

Published at 7th of March 2020 01:05:09 AM

Chapter 1084: 1084

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Ayleen can go, she just needs to hand over the loot, but we won’t forgive those two easily!” Jack made the decision as if he was the leader . He planned to do Herbert a favor, and as a way to express goodwill to Ayleen, too .

Herbert immediately looked grateful . He did not want anything to happen to Ayleen .

He was fairly confused, too . He did not understand why the well-educated Ayleen, who had inherited the rank of Great Duchess, would follow a riffraff like Mo Fan and commit such disgraceful acts . It was surely going to bring shame to the name of Great Britain, and the people would be very disappointed in her…

Little did Herbert know, Ayleen’s popularity had skyrocketed, just because she was a member of the bandit group . Normally, the Ayleen they knew was the Great Duchess of their country, spotless as a sculpture . She was like a fine piece of art that was only allowed to be viewed from a distance . However, since Ayleen had joined Fan Xue Bandit Group, the people had witnessed how smart, and slightly rebellious, in an aggressive way their Princess Ayleen was . They saw the joy on her face as she successfully robbed some valuable loot, like a little girl successfully pulling a prank on someone . The emotion she displayed was utterly sincere . The people no longer felt like she was just a piece of art for display, but felt closer to her, and most importantly… the people loved her even more after seeing how she came out bravely, unwilling to abandon her teammate!

Unfortunately, the simple-minded Herbert would never understand what the people felt . He only assumed that the detestable acts would only damage Ayleen’s reputation and her title of the Great Duchess!

“How about this, I’ll give you everything, but you must let the girls go . I can help you get more loot, too . Aren’t you all after the treasures? I can help you get them,” Mo Fan said .

“Do you really think we’re going to believe you?” Jack laughed hollowly .

“Stop trying to be a hero, they won’t be leaving either!”

Mu Ningxue and Ayleen had no intention of leaving, either . They knew the women had strong hostility towards them, as they were all glaring at them…

“I’m really flattered by how infatuated you girls are with me, I’m so touched that I feel like crying, but it’s really unnecessary, just run away,” Mo Fan said to the girls .

“Would you abandon us if we were the ones that were trapped?” Ayleen asked in return .

Mo Fan was immediately left speechless . Of course he would not sit still and watch . He would surely beat the crap out of the enemy!

“Jack, I think a group is heading our way,” Shreev of the Egyptian team said after sensing movement through the vibration of the ground .

“Who are they?” Jack frowned .

“I think… they are members of the Chinese team,” Pinole recognized the leader of the group .

On the spacious field, a few members of the Chinese team were approaching the alliance . They initially thought the people had found some remarkable loot considering how many people there were, yet when they came closer, they realized those people were surrounding Mo Fan, Mu Ningxue, and Ayleen .

“If you guys want to lend them a hand, just come over, we won’t go easy on you!” Jack said proudly, provoking the members of the Chinese team that had just shown up .

A few members of the Canadian, French, and Italian teams stepped forward, too .

“We didn’t mean any harm, we’re just here to see what’s going on,” Zu Jiming let out a hollow laugh . He was absolutely shocked . Why did these strong countries form an alliance just to hunt Mo Fan down? What exactly did he do to infuriate them?

However, Zu Jiming was quite happy about it too . Well done, they can teach Mo Fan a lesson on my behalf!

“How about the others?” Jack asked again .

Mu Tingying reacted instantly, “We’re ashamed to collude with someone like Mo Fan . You can deal with him however you please . ”

Nanrong Ni lifted her gaze and looked at the Observer Eagles in the sky . She whispered to the others, “The people are watching us . It’s going to damage our reputation if we abandon them…”

Nanrong Ni was better at seeing the overall situation . She knew that if they had not happened to stumble into the group, no one would criticize them, but now that they had, it had suddenly become a tricky question . After all, they were on the same team representing China . It was fine if they had a personal conflict between themselves, but it was inappropriate to show it in front of the world!

“Are you saying that we should fight them? Look at the countries that have joined the alliance! If we really try to help, we’re only going to be wiped out too! We know the people aren’t going to be happy about it, but at least we’re still in the match . Besides, we’re going to lose all the loot we’ve gained so far, and if we go out empty-handed, not only will we lose the upcoming matches, we’re going to suffer too! Who cares about those idiots, we’ll just say that we’re trying to preserve the ranking of our team, have our clans hire people to justify our actions, and people will simply side with us,” Zu Jiming sniffed .

Nanrong Ni pondered for a while to evaluate the potential gains and losses . She also agreed that it was better if they stayed out of it, since being scolded for a short period was better than losing everything…

“Wait a second, did they seriously just leave like that? I thought help had finally arrived, yet they really just left like that!?” Pang Lai slammed the table and rose to his feet angrily!

The others’ faces darkened, too . It was obvious that two of their teammates were surrounded by participants from other countries, yet they did not even bother lending a hand . Regardless of what the reason was, it was still very embarrassing to their country!

“That is quite disappointing,” even Chairman Shao Zheng spoke up .

When a person like him expressed his disappointment, it was not as simple as a disappointment .

The old chief of the Mu Clan, Mu Gong, was seated not far away, and had an extremely dark face . Even if he did not hear the comments and see the reactions of the authorities, he clearly knew the significance of their actions!

A disgrace, the girl was a disgrace to the Mu Clan! It was true that the Mu Clan was not really an upright clan, but they had done lots of work to preserve their image on the surface, and had earned quite a reputation . Otherwise, why would so many Mages be willing to serve them? The actions of Mu Tingying and Nanrong Ni turning around was surely going to result in serious damage to their reputation!

“You, go find some talented public officers and tell them to resolve the matter . Tell them to focus on the point that Mu Tingying is just being considerate of the bigger picture, do you understand? Don’t let our enemy use it as an opportunity to attack the Mu Clan by claiming that a member of our clan has abandoned her teammates for her own sake!” Mu Gong was an old cunning fox indeed . He immediately realized what was about to happen, so he immediately made the arrangements to minimize the damage .

However, despite the arrangements, people were easily influenced when it came to something like a person’s reputation . They had seen how Mu Tingying, Zu Jiming, Nanrong Ni, and Li Kaifeng turning around and left after being threatened by the enemy . A huge uproar of curses immediately took place among the spectators .

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The spectators were able to judge the situation on their own, too . What was right was right, and what was wrong would stay wrong . When they compared how Mu Ningxue and Ayleen had come back to stick with Mo Fan even though they had a chance to run away, and how Mu Tingying and her crew had abandoned their teammates without hesitation, the emotions of the people were stirred up like a tide, and soon exploded both in the stadium and in their homeland!

Under such a great tide, even though some rational people had stepped forward to explain that the four members had only abandoned their teammates for the sake of their team, their voice was too small to overcome the unstoppable wave that was already rolling fiercely!

Despite the curses, it did not alter the fact that Mo Fan, Mu Ningxue, and Ayleen were still surrounded by the enemy .

Jack, Pinole, Meos, Angelo, and the others were starting to lose their patience . The women were eying Mu Ningxue and Ayleen covetously too…

“I wasn’t too harsh on you guys when I robbed you . Well, what happened to Meos doesn’t count, so regarding the conflict between us…” Mo Fan did not give up on persuading the enemy .

“Hehe, do you think that’s enough reason to convince us not to beat the crap out of you?” Jack laughed .

“It seems like it’s impossible for me to persuade you otherwise,” Mo Fan’s tone shifted slightly .

“Absolutely correct, don’t worry about us, we’ll try not to break the rules when we’re turning you into a cripple,” Jack glanced at the others and smiled . “What do you say?”

“Of course!” the others agreed .

Mo Fan remained silent . He did not say a single word .

Jack was quite surprised when Mo Fan stopped talking all of a sudden, “What’s wrong? Are you scared?”

“I’m scared of your grandmother!” Mo Fan suddenly cursed and threw his right fist forward, which erupted into flames as it caught the air!

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When Mo Fan stopped talking, it meant he was ready for battle!

The Fiery Fist sprang forward . The fierce flames represented the restless, unyielding spirit in Mo Fan’s bones . So what if they had an advantage of numbers? If they were serious about turning him into a cripple, they must pay for it by having half of their group lying on the floor in the end . Mo Fan could guarantee that their fate would be worse than his!


Jack was infuriated . He did not expect Mo Fan would dare to fight back under the circumstances .

Despite Jack’s quick reaction, he was forced to activate his Shield Equipment when the Fiery Fist in the form of fiery dragons, stronger than an Advanced Spell, was coming at him!

The flames struck the Magic Shield and spread wildly across the place . Jack’s skin almost blistered from the scorching heat . Even though the attack did not really inflict any damage on him, he was still utterly mad still!

“Do you seriously want a few more wounds that will never heal on your crippled body!?” Jack’s face turned icy cold .

“Flying Creek Snow Wolf!” Mo Fan cast the Basic Spell instantly, and a lunar-white glow tore the space apart .

Mo Fan was extremely quick at casting Basic Spells . Even though the enemy had a Psychic Mage, they had no chance of interrupting Mo Fan’s channeling .

Besides, Ayleen was also a Psychic Mage . She had secretly set up a Spirit Wall, protecting the three of them so their channeling would not be interrupted easily!

Mu Ningxue and Ayleen were long prepared for the fight . Knowing that the enemy was ahead in numbers, Mu Ningxue did not dare preserve her strength further . She immediately unleashed her Nirvana Ice Domain, covering the ten-plus people on the enemy team to suppress them!

The formidable frost immediately summoned a great storm, shrouding the dim sky and the river nearby!

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