Versatile Mage - Chapter 1188

Published at 24th of April 2020 12:55:09 AM

Chapter 1188: 1188

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The flames created a space without the black worms again . Mo Fan was so worn out that he was struggling to lift his hand . His energy had depleted and his mind had reached its limit .

The worms filled up the space again in no time . They soon lunged at Mo Fan and tore at him with their sharp teeth .

Even his demon flesh could not avoid being torn by so many worms at the same time . The worms started tearing through Mo Fan’s skin . Some smaller worms even dug into Mo Fan’s body .

Mo Fan no longer felt any pain . He slowly fell into the world of darkness as the army of worms devoured him .

He had indeed fought until the very last moment, except he still wanted to hug Xinxia again .

When Mo Fan was lying in the ocean of worms, a sad voice appeared in his mind .

Mo Fan slowly lifted his heavy eyelids and saw a bright light . It was blinding his eyes a little, but it felt extremely warm .

“Is this…” Mo Fan murmured . As he recovered consciousness, he realized that the shadow of the Flame Belle Empress had left him .

The thing ahead was a slender figure engulfed in flames . As Mo Fan realized what it was, the figure soared up above him . Mo Fan saw the Flame Belle Empress’ body disintegrating under the blinding light!

“Little Flame Belle, no, no, don’t do it, don’t…” Mo Fan realized what Little Flame Belle was trying to do, and screamed at the top of his lungs .

Flame Belle Empress rose to the highest spot . A great tide of Calamity Fire surged across the darkness the moment her body disintegrated completely!

The flames spread out wildly, like a howling tide, burning the black worms scattered in the surroundings to ashes before the flames even touched them…

Mo Fan clearly remembered the Fire Calamity that he had gone through at the North Burning Valley . It had set the entire place on fire, driving every creature that did not belong to the fire out . It indeed felt like a great calamity that the Heavens had brought to Earth .

Seeing how Little Flame Belle was summoning the Calamity Fire, Mo Fan finally realized the Calamity Fire did not originate from the Heavens nor the Earth . It did not appear out of nowhere, but it was Little Flame Belle’s life…

Little Flame Belle was burning her life!

Mo Fan could not move even a single finger . He lifted his gaze and saw Little Flame Belle burning her life force . His eyes kept moving, yet not a single tear was shed .

His sorrow was so strong that he could not shed a single tear . The huge Calamity Fire turned from a ring of flames into an unstoppable fire surging across the dark space . Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, billions of black worms were burned to ashes . Mo Fan was no longer surrounded by darkness and worms, but the Calamity Fire that had set Mo Fan’s heart on fire, a Fire Calamity that Little Flame Belle had transformed into by sacrificing her life!

Little Flame Belle turned into flames dancing wildly across the place before she could bid him farewell . The whisper of flames scattered across the place elegantly after wiping out the black worms . They were like stars in a night sky, yet they had filled Mo Fan’s heart with coldness and grief .

Rain was still pouring down on the Citadel of Athens, washing away the blood, the filth, and the remains, yet it could not wash away the greed and filth that were imprinted in the hearts of the authorities .

The Dark Execution Ground had disappeared entirely, but there was still a pool of water where the gate initially was…

No one dared to get any closer . Only Pang Lai, Song Qiming, and the others were nearby . They were still staring at the Gate of Hell that had closed up long ago in disbelief .

Suddenly, the ground turned scorching hot . A spectacular pillar of flame burst out of the black pool . The flames soared into the sky, evaporated the raindrops and split the stormy clouds in half…

The light shone upon the Citadel of Athens, bringing warmth to the drenched city!

“Is this…” Song Qiming was astounded . He stared at the flames that had appeared out of nowhere in disbelief .

The flames lasted for some time, their warm light shining down upon the area within a hundred kilometers, like a sacred ritual .

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Finally, Song Qiming and Pang Lai both saw two feeble figures being sent out by the fiery pillar . It was like they had ridden the current of the flames from another plane back to this world!

“It’s Mo Fan and Xinxia!” Song Qiming was the first to react .

Pang Lai was excited, and in utter disbelief, too .

Didn’t they already fall into the darkness? How was it possible for them to make their way back? Where did this abnormal pillar of flames come from? It was countless times purer and stronger than the flames that Mo Fan normally had!

Pang Lai and Song Qiming had countless questions, but they had to save the two first .

Mo Fan was carrying Ye Xinxia . He landed on the ground under Song Qiming and Pang Lai’s protection .

The fiery pillar slowly dissipated as soon as the two landed safely on the ground, as if it was there to escort them . The place returned to calm gradually .

Mo Fan placed Xinxia on the ground so Han Ji could treat her wounds . He walked toward the fiery pillar was .

“How did you…” Han Ji was just about to ask .

Xinxia said in a soft voice, “It was Little Flame Belle, she sacrificed her life to summon the Fire Calamity . ”

Pang Lai, Song Qiming, Han Ji, and Zhu Meng realized what had happened . They looked at Mo Fan’s grieving back, not knowing how to comfort him .

Song Qiming was the most familiar with the Little Flame Belle . The little creature had grown up at Mo Fan’s side . She was intelligent, adorable, and charming . When the old Mages could not do anything to save Mo Fan and Xinxia, it was Little Flame Belle that had sacrificed her life to save them…

Mo Fan reached the spot . He could feel some heat on the ground still . He saw a tiny red leaf on the ground too . It was light as a feather, and had fallen before the Calamity Fire completely disappeared .

Mo Fan cautiously reached out his hands and held the last fire leaf that Little Flame Belle had left behind preciously .

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He kissed the leaf softly, yet it felt like his heart was being torn apart . It was so painful that he was struggling to breathe .

“Brother Mo Fan…” Xinxia’s voice came from behind him .

Han Ji helped Xinxia over to where Mo Fan was . Xinxia placed her hands on Mo Fan’s back before reaching for the fire leaf that Little Flame Belle had left behind . “Let me hold her,” Xinxia said .

Mo Fan raised his head . He did not speak as he slowly handed Xinxia the fire leaf .

Xinxia held it carefully and closed her eyes .

Glowing dust like tiny crystals flew out of Xinxia’s body . She was eventually shrouded by a sacred light as a blurry, godly figure appeared behind her…

Her hair slowly drifted up, revealing her perfect face . As her eyes sprang open, they looked completely different!

The girl was no doubt Xinxia, but she had such a stern expression that it felt like she had turned into a different person, especially the eyes that clearly did not belong to her!

Xinxia was glowing now, and gradually merged with the light . The others were utterly confused, but they soon heard the clear sound of a heart beating .

A small heart made of light floated out of Xinxia’s chest . It landed on Xinxia’s hands, and the fire leaf that Little Flame Belle had left behind .

The fire leaf slowly merged with the heart of light, turning into a fruit in Xinxia’s hands when the light eventually disappeared .

“It…it’s the Spell of Resurrection!”

“The Spell of Resurrection!”

“She has the Spell of Resurrection!”

The light of the Spell of Resurrection was so unique that every member of the Parthenon Temple could recognize it instantly . Many Adjudicators and Guardian Knights had surrounded the place . They had witnessed Xinxia use the Spell of Resurrection in person, they had witnessed how the Soul of the Parthenon Temple had descended upon the place!

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Who would have thought that the girl that was accused of being Salan, the girl that was dragged into the Realm of the Dead by Hayla, would possess the Spell of Resurrection!

The Guardian Knights initially wanted to apprehend Mo Fan and Xinxia, but they all dropped to their knees with their heads on the ground upon witnessing the scene .

The Adjudicators and the Mages of Faith half-knelt on the ground, too . The believers in the Hall of Faith were completely astounded . When some of the old believers who had seen the light of the Spell of Resurrection bowed sincerely, the rest of the believers began to kneel too!

The living had to endure the pain inflicted by death, and the only way to eliminate that pain was the Parthenon Temple’s Spell of Resurrection!

“Brother Mo Fan, ” Xinxia smiled . She never thought she would possess such power, nor had she ever been so relieved as when she had saved Little Flame Belle’s life .

Mo Fan was left in awe, staring at the Calamity Fruit .

Little Flame Belle was born from a Calamity Fruit . Did that mean Xinxia’s Spell of Resurrection had brought Little Flame Belle to reincarnate?

“Brother Mo Fan, she’s still the same Little Flame Belle, but she needs the purest and strongest baptism of fire to be reborn,” Xinxia cautiously placed the Calamity Fruit in Mo Fan’s hands .

Mo Fan held the Calamity Fruit . He could feel the heat inside the Calamity Fruit, and a rhythmic pounding like the beating of a heart .

“Xinxia, you…” Mo Fan immediately realized something . He raised his head and looked at Xinxia .

Xinxia let out the purest smile and shook her head, “It’s fine, we are sharing the same heart . I’m not with you always, but from today on, as long as Little Flame Belle is by your side, my heart is with you, too . ”

Her steps were slower . She could never catch up to Mo Fan’s pace . However, the Little Flame Belle would always stay by Mo Fan’s side . They would go on adventures, fight battles, share moments of joy and sorrow together… and now, she did not need to worry about Mo Fan and miss him so much .

It was the best ending that Xinxia could have hoped for!